(record review)THIS MEANS WAR-Heartstrings(Demons Run Amok/Pirates Press)

This Means War is a new band and this is their debut album, but they are in no way new guys in the scene, they played in bands like Discipline, Convict, Backfire!…I listened and reviewed their new record for our zine.


The record contains 11 songs of melodic streetpunk with some hardcore influences. That means strong guitars, galloping drum beat, melodies, anthemic gang vocal choruses and lyrics about friendship, struggle, keeping the pride, streets and similar oi/streetpunk/hardcore themes. The songs that are outstanding for me are Why We Fight, old school punks song with great melodic line. There are lots of old school oi vibes on this record like in Pressure that reminded me of Cock Sparrer a lot. Hardcore vibes are here with songs like Hang ˙em High. For me, the real gems on this record are I Found The One and Forever, great streetpunk anthems. This is a great piece of record, new streetpunk for 21st century with respect to the roots and old school. 8/10





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