(record review)ČOVEK BEZ SLUHA-Stanimo u gard

There is no global scene without supporting your local scene, so we are here with one band from our region, that is ČOVEK BEZ SLUHA from Serbia. I listened and reviewed their new album for our zine.


These guys were formed in 1994., some members including the main man Miki who plays guitar and sings are also playing or were playing in Six Pack, famous melodic punk band from Serbia. This record contains 9 songs in little under half an hour of quality melodic punkrock music. This is emotional, melodic heartfelt punkrock music par excellence. The lyrics are in Serbian language, they are mainly personal with some between the lines political thoughts thrown in with hearts and minds in the right places. The songs deal with lost love, friendship, taking care of each other, support and the whole album gives somehow hope for the future to endure in these sometimes dark and lonely era of living when you think that no one cares anymore. To me the favorite songs of this record are: the title track, Dobro u ljudima, Sad je kraj. Awesome album, check it out and give it a listen you wont regret it!



(column)Michael Myers-The phenomena of The Shape

Being avid horror fans, when we were kids we used to argue who is stronger and harder killer, Jason Vorhees, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers. I always somehow went for Myers, him being silent, personification of evil and darkness, character created by the legendary John Carpenter in the first Halloween movie back in 1978.


That movie and music scared the shit out of me as a little kid and still creeps me till this day. Why? Because of the relentless, merciless nature of Michael˙s pursue for his cause, killing his victims. We all know his history, I don˙t want to go into those later movies in which that cult made him as a killing machine, but in my opinion the true Halloween bloodline made of the first two movies, H:20 and the newest one, maybe including those two Rob Zombie˙s flicks which I love, despite many who don˙t. Michael is pure evil, but sometimes he brings out pity in me, disgust and pity mixing in me in some movie scenes. I never approve and never will his murder work, but I can somewhat understand him, his mask, his lonely darkened path. Being depressive and dark natured geek I am, I love Michael Myers, I love all Halloween movies, event that one, the third without Michael. I have a theory that Michael Myers somehow represents the darkness and evil in all of us, there is a little of Michael Myers˙darkness lurking in each and every one of us, denizens of this pitiful  planet.