(record review)Hateseeker-Witch House

New Zealand as punk hardcore or horrorpunk scene was totally unknown to me on the other side of the world until I discovered one band called Horror Story, I love their horrorpunk. They are unfortunately defunct as I know, but there is still new hope for that scene in the shape of Hateseeker, great band whose new record I listened and reviewed for this zine.

cover morse

Witch House is the name of the new record with 13 songs in total. The music of Hateseeker is horrorpunk, classic but with some metal influences in guitar riffs and hooks and song structures. This is not your generic horrorpunk Misfits clone, quite the contrary, this is enough brutal music to appease more harsher liking fans, yet it retains enough melody and atmosphere to appease also melodic side of fans. If I must compare it to someone, that would be Cancerslug, although not in vocals department, only musically. The lyrics of the songs are your horror heaven fantasy and with some of my favorite songs on this record like for example Black Death, Dead By Dawn or the title track you just can`t go wrong. This record is interesting both for brutal loving horrorpunks and melody lovers because it took the best from both worlds and blended it into one perfect nightmare in the witch house.





(record review)Shadows Of Defeat-Too Little, Too Late

Wow! That is only I can say after listening and reviewing for this zine the new record by Shadows Of Defeat. Read the review and listen to their music, you won˙t regret it!


First of all, and probably least important, I totally love the name of the band, so dramatic, yet so cool somehow. These guys are hailing from Zurich, Switzerland and this record contains 10 songs of fast and energetic melodic hardcore punk. The music of Shadows Of Defeat is like all those 90-ies skatepunk and melodic hardcore bands that we all love, yet transpired into new millenia and new century, sounding fresh, energetic, and above all technically well played with a lot of fast straightforward parts, but also many brakes, shift changes, memorable hooks and tight musicianship. The vocals are excellent, also backing vocal harmonies are done so nice. Last but not least important are political and aware lyrics that are at the same time in your face, but also smart and personal. The songs that I love the most are A Thin Line, Humanity Out Of Town, One Life To Live. Awesome, strong record!






(movie)SLENDER MAN(2018.)

Being fan of urban legends and myths, also legend of Slender Man, I waited to see what this movie would be like. I didn`t imagine it to be like that, but first things first!


The movie starts as your typical teenage college highschool horror flick with the group of girls organizing a party at one of their houses. When they heard that the guys at other party plan to summon Slender Man, the girls did it too. They went online and found instant how to summon Slender Man video hahaha, and then they started to have nightmares, felt being followed and started disappearing one by one. Slender Man has come to collect them and take them with him.

Now, the problems started also for me as a viewer I always hated the movies when they summon a ghost/demon/whatever from instant online video. Besides the spooky Ring vhs video which still gives me nightmares, all else was plain stupid. The characters in this movie are like plain white rice, edible but without spice. Acting is below average and the jump and scare tactics made for little kids. The ending of the movie was just as bad and disappointing, like everything else in the movie. Avoid this little fucker!




(record review)DISBAJA-Time is…Cruel Master!

Finally, the second release by Disbaja is out now. I listened and reviewed this record for our zine.

Disbaja are crust/hardcore/metal/punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, although the members of the band originally come from couple of Croatian towns like Požega, Županja, Rijeka…The music has no boundaries, so it doesn` t really matter where is someone from.

Having some lineup changes, Disbaja parted ways with their singer, so that was a little setback in recording this album, but in the end, it turned out just fine with original guitarist/vocalist Atlija resuming the vocal duties, like on their first release.

The new record contains 13 songs of infernal metalised hardcore punk with crust and d-beat thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are a mix of poltical and personal, all of them in English. I just love how Disbaja emproved from their debut release. This sounds powerful and harsh, just the title track is in my opinion a perfect amalgamation of every band these guys played prior to Disbaja, all the music that they love, all their experiences, to form an apocalyptic soundscape. Personally, I am not avid fan of d-beat bands, but Disbaja is far from being captured into scene boundaries and fences, their music went far beyond that, evolving to apocalypse, but the kind we crave, delivering mayhem but providing catharsis, leaving us in the wasteland of human psyche and physics. Awesome album.





(record review)DAVE SMALLEY AND THE BANDOLEROS-Join The Outsiders

Dave Smalley, besides being punk hardcore legend and icon from his work with the legendary bands like Dag Nasty, DYS or Down By Law, is also one of the most hardworking guys in the scene. This time, I listened to the new record by Dave Smalley And The Bandoleros and reviewed it for this zine.


This is a new band which Smalley formed with three Spaniards and one Argentinian dude to make some nice and crazy music. The record contains 11 songs of warm and melodic punkrock with hardcore excursions into faster songs like for example Eye Of Fire. I love the simple but smart sincerity of Better Make It Count and My Funeral Pyre, also the title song is awesome too! Who loved Dave˙s work with his previous and current bands will also love the music on this record. It is not complicated, on the contrary, this record takes us back to some simpler punkrock times that we sometimes lack in the scene nowadays and we definitely need to connect ourselves again with hardcore punk in our hearts and souls and ask ourselves, do we still believe in the values and the scene? I know I do! I still love hardcore, a lot! And I will carry this love until my last breath. This record is pure love!







The only movie about astral out of body projection in the horror genre that I have seen so far is Insidious, so I was eager to see how Astral will turn out. Starring Frank Dillane(Fear The Walking Dead) and Vanessa Grasse(Leatherface), this movie is about the metaphysics student Alex who tries to cope with the death of his mother. When he tries to reach out to her through the astral projection, he gets way more than he wanted….

The one thing that bothered me a lot concerning this movie when watching is actual slowness. Nothing important happens in the first half an hour,. Then after Alex and his friends decide to record his alleged astral projections, weird shit starts to happen. There are some spooky scenes with shadow people starting to appear and making Alex and his friends desperate for help.

Suddenly, the shadow people follow Alex everywhere and the movie finally gets creepy and turns into a psychological horror or mindfuck horror.

The ending of the movie was okay, but a bit too sped up after dragging first half of the movie. Decent, but waay to slow!



(record review)Hillview-The law of averages(Morning Wood Records)

00 - Hillview - The Law of Averages-Digipak

Hillview are relatively new band from Los Angeles, California, this being their debut album. But, they are in no way new regarding the members˙ experiences playing in hardcore punk bands. This band is made of experienced people from Union 13.





The album contains 12 songs of awesome energetic fast paced hardcore punk. I can surely say that the music of Hillview is a sum of the members experience playing in other bands plus what they privately love and listen. Besides being melodic and neckbreaking fast hardcore punk, these guys are not afraid to sail into restless metal waters in many song structures making it one very nice and technically perfect whole. But, not all is in technical song structures, so Hillview´s main advantage are beautiful melodies, great sung vocal lines courtesy of Eddie Carasco, the guitarist for well known Union 13. The vocals, which are very important for me in such bands are just perfect, so are backing vocal harmonies. While I listen to this album, I just realize how awesome it is and how perfect the songs are. If I must name some songs that worked for me above others which are also great, that would be Pictures Of You, The Law Of Averages and Find The Way. Perfect album!