(record review)TUKATUKAS-Red Blood

The beauty of underground lies in its diversity within the subgenre. I love the scene and love to discover good new bands. French scene is one of my favorite in the world and I listened to TUKATUKAS record and reviewed it for this zine.


This band plays unusal blend of hardcore punk with psychobilly and horrorpunk influences, at least that is how I heard it while listening to their record. The record contains 15 songs that are pretty much fast paced and have some weird melodies thrown in the song structures. The music is aggressive, melodic but also at times weird with Zombies, Elephant killer and Red blood being my favorites on the record. There are some moments that I don˙t really get, that is what made this band even more interesting and nice to listen. This is not your skatepunk or hardcore this is imaginative punk hardcore with lots of cool ideas implemented in their music, so it deserves your listening.





PUP have a new single and video out! Tour dates announced for April!


Excellent punkrockers PUP have a new single on Rise Records and also a video out.

Taken from their forthcoming new album Morbid Stuff out on April 5th

PUP – live 2019
16.04.2019  BEL- Brüssel- AB Club AUSVERKAUFT
18.04.2019  DE- Berlin- Cassiopeia Club
19.04.2019  DE- Hamburg- Hafenklang
20.04.2019  DE- Köln- MTC Club AUSVERKAUFT
21.04.2019  NDL- Amsterdam- Upstairs at Paradiso
Booking: FKP Scorpio

Album-Pre-Oder: https://riserecords.lnk.to/MorbidStuff

Rise Records, www.riserecords.com


Cokie The Clown song premiere and pre-order! Fat Mike´s alter ego has completed the first full length album!


Cokie The Clown, Fat Mike’s alter ego, has completed his first full-length album, You’re Welcome, and it will be available on April 26th! The nearly year-long recording sessions are a glimpse into what lies beneath the madness and genius of Fat Mike. Here he lays open his deepest regrets, fears, and experiences in a raw and thoughtful manner. It is not a happy record; however, today is the day that you can listen to perhaps the most uplifting song on the album, “Punk Rock Saved My Life.” YOU’RE WELCOME! Because after this track, it is all going downhill.

Comprised of ten tracks, the album features a who’s who of A-list talent that assisted him throughout the nearly year-long recording sessions. Danny Lohner (Nine Inch NailsA Perfect Circle) produced You’re WelcomeBlink-182’s Travis Barker played drums on the album; even Dizzy Reed of Guns N’ Roses contributed keyboards! Probably France’s best kept musical secret is Baz, who Fat Mike collaborated heavily with on You’re Welcome.

Cover art painted by the talented Natalia Fabia. For our pre-order we have two versions (one standard, one alternate in a deluxe bundle). Quantities are limited, so don’t delay. Head here for all the details which also includes a Cokie The Clown t-shirt!



Slenders Reveal A Video For The New Single “Nastya”


Italian pop-punk act Slenders has revealed a video for “Nastya”, second single taken from the album “Angry Youth” available NOW via This Is Core and directed by Luca La Barbera. About the song, the band says: “This song is about love, of that particular intense youthful love but which, like a match, is consumed in a moment. Love is a fundamental part of youth, and it is perhaps being so passionate to make us so angry at injustice. We wanted to get excited, and we chose to talk about a girl in a video where the music and the emotion of the concert are sovereign”.




Brick By Brick will be touring Europe in March for the first time as they are part of the Rebellion Tour with bands like Madball , Born From Pain and Death Before Dishonor.


All dates can be found here:

07.03.2019 – Leipzig, Conne Island (GER)
08.03.2019 – Amsterdam, Melkweg (NL)
09.03.2019 – Paris, Le Gibus (FRA)
10.03.2019 – Aarburg, Musigburg (CHE)
11.03.2019 – München, Backstage (GER)
12.03.2019 – Nürnberg, Z-Bau (GER)
13.03.2019 – Essen, Turock (GER)
14.03.2019 – Berlin, SO36 (GER)
15.03.2019 – Hamburg, Kronensaal (GER)
16.03.2019 – Coesfeld, Fabrik (GER)

Upstate Records online:










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Liars & Thieves reveal „Thaumatrop“ Artwork and Tracklist




After more than a year of hard work, “Liars and Thieves” release their first LP “Thaumatrop” through Bastardized Recordings, recorded by Markus Esch and mastered by Aljosha Sieg at Pitchback Studios.

“Thaumatrop” deals with issues such as social and environmental wrongdoing, as well as issues that urgently need a solution, but receive little attention. People who do not conform to the norm are stigmatized for social, religious or political reasons. The album wants to be thought-provoking while remaining in the head.

A dark dystopia of atmospheric sounds and harmonious melodies. Progressive Hardcore accompanies melancholic lyrics. Catchy choruses and dynamic song structures set the tone.

The concept of the LP is based on the idea of a medal with two sides. So begins

the album with the first Song called “I’m Alive”. This heteropalindrome is readable on both sides,

where the opposite direction of reading give a different meaning and only

with the last title “Evil am I” unfolds its full meaning. The two sentences are an equation and are closely connected.


Mockups Design



Bastardized Recordings






Time to go old school sci-fi with the 4-D Man(1959.)!

When I was a little boy, I liked to stay up late, when my Dad allowed it and watch with him some old school sf or horror movie. It was another state called Yugoslavia then and there were not many channels on our television sets, so we used to watch almost all such movies on Austrian ORF television. I didn˙t know German at that time, so I used to question my Dad a lot, I always bothered him with questions what someone said, why someone yells or cries and stuff. Now, I think I was a pretty bothersome little anus at that time.


Aside from horror that was and still is to this time my first love, I love sf movies, especially the old school ones, not loaded with state of the art cgi effects like today modern ones, but that added more weight to the story than to the effects.

I was happy when I put my paws on 4D Man from 1959. Tony Nelson is a failure as scientist that tries to put two objects in one place at the same time so when he burns his laboratory down travels to the scientist Fairview research base where his brother Scott works.

There they enjoy work and company until he falls in love with his brother girl Linda. Things start to complicate when he starts his work there and Linda falls in love with him too. They experiment with metal called cargonite for military purposes and Tony claims he has blended metal with wood only with the power of his will. Scott started to have brain damages due to radiation when working. Linda decides to tell Scott that she is leaving him for Tony, but Scott leaves for laboratory and has a horrible accident that made him the 4 dimension man from the title of the movie. At first he can pass through metal with his hand and steal mail from the mail locker, but afterwards it gets serious to the point of no return…

This movie was not one of the best ones in the genre, far from it, but it is a decent flick from the screenplay by Theodore Simonson(The Blob among others..) and Cy Chermak( Star Trek:The Next Generation among others). Classic sf story of experiments gone wrong and the scientist turning to monster spiced with love triangle story. The acting was decent, Robert Lansing( mainly tv series actor) was good as Scott Nelson and I developed affinity towards his character apart from the opportunist Tony(James Congdon) whose character I disliked from the first minutes of the movie. Lovely Lee Merriwether was the best star of this movie as Linda and her character was nicely written and I liked her character because her love for Tony was real. The deterioration of Scott is nicely layered from the good scientist to the killer and monster he became in the end, due to desperation, bitterness and anger. The effects are good for that time of the movie making. The soundtrack is big band swing time music and fits nicely to the movie and the moments when music plays. If you love your sci fi old school way, see this one!