(record review)OTHISMOS-Separazione

Everybody carries the dark side in themselves, so I am no different. There is a dark side that separates us from the others, Othismos do not care about the music boundaries with their darkened hardcore crust. I listened and reviewed their record for our zine.


I already wrote a couple of times in this zine, how I love and respect the vast and mighty Italian underground scene. Formed in 2009., Othismos were straightforward hardcore punk band in their beginnings. They evolved through the years of their journey in darkness and nowadays they play darkened hardcore with sludge and black metal influences thrown in. This record contains 8 songs and although some of the material has a lot of chaotic song structures, there is still enough dark atmosphere and vibe to make it pleasent like in Tale of a righteous man which is for me one of the best songs on this record. The lyrics are in English and Italian and the songs are perfect soundtrack to the apocalypse, to the end of this miserable world. What I love about these guys, is how they managed to combine the old school vibe of Negazione, Arturo, Crunch and other Italian hardcore bands with darkness and blended it into modern soundtrack to the armageddon.






(record review)Monoxyde/Monsieur SAMOU-Split(PCT musique)

PCT musique is an awesome little underground label with so many great music coming out right now. This time I listened and reviewed Monoxyde/Monsieur SAMOU split record for our zine.


Both bands gave 4 songs for this record so there are 8 songs in total here. Monsieur SAMOU are punkrock trio from France and they play old school melody punkrock just the way I love it. The vocals are rough, but sung and the guitar riffs are anthemic with awesome chorus like in Genevieve for example. Both bands sing in French, so I really can`t understand what they are singing about, but the music crosses the language borders and speaks for itself. Monsieur SAMOU songs have that streetpunk vibe that can be felt in the songs atmosphere and I just love such bands.

Monoxyde are from Canada and they play similar music to Monsieur SAMOU, only a bit harder and a bit rawer in my opinion on their side of the record. As I said, they also sing in French language so I can` t understand what they are singing about, but I love the music, the hardcore punk faster and more aggressive side of songs, the strong guitar riffs and a bit darkened atmosphere. But, still there is enough melody in the songs like in awesome Sans Sens Sur which is for me the best song on their side of the record. Great release, check it out!