(record review)The triumphant return of Propagandhi-Victory Lap(Epitaph Records)


In the second half of 1990-ies, we first heard Propagandhi through their albums How To Clean Everything and Less Talk More Rock.  Then they went more metallic and lost that skate punk feeling of their first two albums and the lyrics remained ultra political speaking against fascims, multinational corporations, slavery, homophobia…

Fast forward to 2017.and couple of studio albums later. This Summer I went to Slovenia to Punk Rock Holiday which is the best festival in the world that I have ever been in my life and I have been to many, believe me(you can read Punk Rock Holiday festival report here). There I saw Propagandhi live headlining the last day of the festival and they melted my face off and their gig was awesome. They played one song off their new album coming soon and I waited eagerly for the album.

Finally, here it is. The album contains 12 songs of political melodic hardcore punk. They somehow managed to hold on to metallic touch that they had on previous albums but they also have a lot of melodies and that primal hardcore punk energy off the first two records, making it the best Propagandhi record in last ten years. The lyrics are smart, but also in your face tactics recognizable as a punk shock tactic. For me, the best song on this album are the title track and of course Failed Imagineer for which they released a video and last but not least In Flagrante Delicto.

This album has no weak side and no fillers and I listen it on repeat since I got it, so this sure is album of the month September in this zine.


Listen to the full album: http://bit.ly/2xyjepf “Failed Imagineer” by Propagandhi from the album ‘Victory Lap,’ available now Order at https://propagandhi.com/

Official Site: http://propagandhi.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/propagandhi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Propagandhi

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(record review)Return of noise to Osijek, HARVO JAY-Sok od Agonije


Besides having great melodic punk bands that somehow became trademark for that Croatian city, Osijek was also having a strong noise scene in the 90-ies with bands like Why Stakla and Cog coming to mind. The last ten years it kinda watered down and there are rare, if any new bands coming from that city which is kinda sad.

But, there is not all lost for their scene, at least there is one new(er) band and this is their new record. HARVO JAY released their debut album, after one ep and one live ep and there are 9 songs of as they say meth rock with a lot of noise influences. This music is usually not my cup of tea, and as a kid lets say 15-20 years ago, I would only laugh with contempt at such bands but nowadays I listened to this album and it is okay to hear. There are couple of songs that were not so good because they all sounded kinda mellow and boring but the majority of the songs have enough noise energy to keep them good and interesting to listen to. I love that the lyrics are all in Croatian language, not many bands does that nowadays. This is definitely not music for listening on everyday basis, but it is alright if I spin this record from time to time. The album is free to download and support the guys and hear the record, drop them also some nice words and dime.




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(record review)Tortured black metal Croc Noir delivers a blow with “Nuit”

I just love French underground scene, with many great bands in metal and punk hardcore emerging every day to fill my ears with sweet delightful brutal sounds.


Croc Noir is a black metal band hailing from Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorrain area of France. Formed in 2016.this is their second e.p. containing 5 songs of uncompromising raw and brutal black metal, old school made with a modern touch that is somehow unavoidable in these days. The lyrics are in French with some personal demon themes and occult, anti christian thrown in as far as I understand French.

The vocals are harsh but in some parts they reminded me off some early Burzum tortured screams and I loved it. The whole atmosphere of the e.p. is very dark and glacial as black metal should be. Black metal must have atmosphere, emotions but also must be brutal and unforgiving. That is the beauty of the music. Croc Noir managed to have some brutal fast parts and combining them with more slower atmospheric passages, they managed to gain dark and brooding atmosphere making this great black metal record! You can get both of their albums on Croc Noir Bandcamp page for free, or you can leave some money to show support to the band!


Page: https://crocnoir.bandcamp.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CrocNoirBM/

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Tonzonen Records: LES LEKIN Announce New Album “Died With Fear”, First Track Revealed!

Heavy psychedelic rock Trio Les Lekin announce new album Died With Fear for a December 1, 2017 release on Tonzonen Records!


Listen + share the lenghty yet insanely dense track Morph here: https://leslekin.bandcamp.com/track/morph


A room in an industrial area in Salzburg, Austria. Tuesday evening, 8 pm. After the neon suns have gone out, only candles light the place. You hear the high-pitched whine of the fully opened Marshall, the Ampeg fan going at full blast, and the rattle of a snare drum. The whine builds up more and more into a room- filling feedback noise. A fist hitting the body of the bass fills the space between with deep frequencies. The cymbals’ attack becomes louder and louder. Then… silence… a stroke at the snare- drum. Three people throw out all they have, all they are, and all of what they have in them. Inspired by the desert and the moon, sand and space. Welcome to the heavy-psych-three-piece-noise-machine that is Les Lekin.


Died With Fear new album from Les Lekin will be available from Tonzonen Records on limited edition blue marbled gatefold vinyl of 500 copies with download code as well as on CD and digital.
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Satyricon unleashed new video!

Norwegian black metal legends Satyricon just unleashed upon us a brand new video To Your Brethren In The Dark, song taken from their new album Deep Calleth Upon Deep out now!

“I wanted ‘To your brethren in the dark’ to be a director’s interpretation of the song, rather than a band performance type of thing. Seeing what we do through the eyes of another artist is always interesting to me and just like the song, the video has become a little bit of a journey on it’s own. ‘To your brethren in the dark’ is definitely one of the flagship songs on the record. It is about emotion, our nature, the spirits, the autumn, the somber and rainy days, those who we lost and the ones who we have not met yet. You could say it is a tribute to the sorrow in man and to the drama of the nature we surround ourselves with. A song for the dark towers of the past and those who will rise in the future. Pass the torch to your brethren in the dark.” Satyr, 19/10/2017

Satyricon is on tour now:

20.10.17 SE – Gothenburg / Pustervik

21.10.17 SE – Stockholm / Klubben

31.10.17 MX – Guadalajara / C3 Stage

01.11.17 MX – Mexico City / Circo Volador

02.11.17 CR – San Jose / Pepper’s Club

07.11.17 CL – Santiago / Blondie

08.11.17 AR – Buenos Aires / Uniclub

10.11.17 BR – Belo Horizonte / Stonehenge

11.11.17 BR – Sao Paulo / Clash Club

12.11.17 BR – Rio De Janeiro / Teatro Oddiseia

22.11.17 NO – Molde / Gamle Kulturset

23.11.17 NO – Trondheim / Byscenen

24.11.17 NO – Oslo / Sentrum Scene

25.11.17 NO – Tromso / Driv

29.11.17 NO – Bergen / Hulen

30.11.17 NO – Stavanger / Folken

01.12.17 NO – Kristiansand / Kick

02.12.17 NO – Hamar / Gregers

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(record review)German melodic metallers strike back after spending seasons in the black-RAGE-SEASONS OF THE BLACK(Nuclear Blast)

First that I heard about these German melodic power/speed metal legends was in 1996. when I first listened to their famous Lingua Mortis album. After that I listened to couple of albums more but nothing kept me returning to them.


Now, more than twenty years later, I ran into this, their new album that came out on Nuclear Blast, so I said to myself, lets listen to this and see how they sound now. I was in for quite a surprise. What I heard upon spininning this album in my speakers was excellent melodic power/speed metal with anthemic choruses, fast paced drumming and lots of energy feeling when listening. Peavy Wagner and his two bandmates sound tighter than ever. The album contains seventeen songs(at least mine version does). Couple of highlights or the best songs on the album in my opinion are Serpents In Disguise, Justify and Walk Among The Dead. The only song that was too much on the album was Gaia, which feels somehow too much. In all, great album for all of you who love melodic and fast metal.


FOLLOW RAGE: http://www.rage-official.com




ORDER ALBUM Nuclear Blast: http://nuclearblast.com/rage-sotb

iTunes: http://nblast.de/RageSeasonsBlackIT

Amazon: http://nblast.de/RageSeasonsBlackAMZ

Google Play: http://nblast.de/RageSeasonsBlackGP


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(record review)Dutch melodic punksters Ink Bomb new e.p. Swim

Ink Bomb is a melodic punk hardcore band coming from Nijmegen(Netherlands). Their new e.p.contains 4 songs of melodic punkrock done with heart and soul and emotion.


The lyrics are in English and I dont have lyric sheet but as I understand they are personal, emotional heartfelt lyrics with a slight political touch thrown in. The music is not so fast paced with fast drumming, although there are some faster paced songs. This is smart punkrock with head and tails and everything on this e.p.belongs right where it should be. What I like most on the record are the vocals, maybe it is just me, but I hear 80-ies synth pop bands, mainly Depeche Mode in the vocals of this band. I am sure it is just me, but I listened to this record at least four times in a row and that was the way I heard it.

Top songs on this e.p.for me are The Bleachers for which there is a video already featured on the pages of this zine and my personal favourite song is Heavy Crosses which I listened on repeat many times. To be sure, this is nothing new, nothing revolutionary, but it is punkrock with heart and soul and such bands will always have an impact on me.




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