(review) Ablaze My Sorrow – ‘The Loss of All Hope’ (Black Lion Records)

Ablaze My Sorrow from Sweden were one of the first melodic Swedish death metal bands that I have listened to in the nineties with their opus ‘If Emotions Still Burn’. I was very happy to see that they are still active and releasing opuses, last two full lengths being in 2016 and 2021. This is brand new e.p. out with Black Lion Records. This one contains 4 songs and band now continues where it left off last couple of years. ‘Transfiguration(The Way Of The Strong)’ starts with fantastic clean vocals and atmospheric parts only to turn into full blooded melodic death metal like we are used to from these legends. ‘Boundless’ starts with synth intro and turns into my favorite song on this e.p. having such genial and memorable guitar main melody theme, not being too fast song, but hits you in the eye with its power nonetheless. I love how this band manages to mix almost sad and lonely dark vibe with all known aggression of death metal making me remember why I love Swedish death metal more than American school of death metal. Lyrics deal with inner battles, depression, suicide and misery, being something I can relate to last couple of years definitely. I must also mention ‘Rotten To The Core’, fastest and harshest song on this record, reminding me a lot of At The Gates in many parts, not being a clone, but as an influence. ‘Enclosed In The Crystals Of Ice’ ends this one like it should, icy, dark and melodic. Nice one, indeed!



(news) What does great industrial song and video has in common with wrestling? The answer is Ivan King!

Industrial musician and artist (creator of the AEW superstars ‘The House of Black’ masks) Ivan King, has released a new single named “Extinction” with a sci-fi/horror themed video, directed by himself, at the following link:

The songs is the first of the new singles following up the success of the debut EP “The Ballad of the Dead Man” released in 2020, which is reaching 1M listens.
You can follow and find more about the artist at the following link:


(review) Eva Ras/give.me.the.gun. – Similar Genes, Distant Relatives

Now, for something from this our regional scene. Eva Ras were already in this zine, it is a one man hardcore punk/screamo band/project. This time, Eva Ras released split with similar one man entity from Novi Sad, called give.me.the.gun. Eva Ras side features five songs, one being Kobra Khan cover and delivers what we are used to from this band, being short and raw, noisy hardcore punk screamo songs with clever use of noise parts and some samples. My favorites are ‘Ja Sam Eks Ju Mesec’ and ‘Da Se Podsetimo’. This is dark hardcore screamo par excellence, especially the dark story featured in ‘Voala/Se Moa’. Vocals are tortured screams mixed with sampled parts, whispering and talking, like horror movie soundtrack. Give.me.the.gun. side contains four songs in English, one also being IWHACIYY cover. This is also one man band/project from Novi Sad, which I never listened to before. This side sounds more like a rehearsal record, being very raw, but also very atmospheric and having some great melancholic melodies, like in ‘Burning Bridges’ instrumental. There is also a sample of two of noise atmosphere cleverly thrown in. But, there is also sheer hardcore screamo brutality and rawness in ‘Hello, I Hate Myself’. For my taste, Eva Ras side suits me a bit better but this is a nice release, so go support your local scene.


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