Ukrainian folk metal Teren released new single!


Ukrainian folk metal band Teren released new single. This song is about the tragedy of a person who becomes a monster against their will. Every time she looks in the mirror and sees that she turns into a monster. Her life will never be normal again, she will never be herself again. Everything that was dear, hated, or even what she was indifferent to – everything will disappear.

When? Soon.
For a long time? Forever …
Everyone has their own monster. Someone is afraid of losing beauty, memory, wealth.
But perhaps the worst thing is to lose yourself.

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(book review) Paul Stenning: IRON MAIDEN 30 Years Of The Beast-the complete unauthorised biography

I love Iron Maiden. That was the first band I heard from metal and so called harder scene when I was a 14 year old kid. I got my hands on No Prayer For The Dying tape and discovered the whole new world and listened to it until it got so worn out that it hardly played. Then I discovered that this band has more albums that came out before this one and even better albums than No Prayer…Nothing was the same anymore for me. Later on, my friend made me a tape, side A was Slayer, side B was Kreator and that is how I got into more harder side of metal and nothing was the same anymore, later discovering punk rock through Bad Religion, Gorilla Biscuits but that is another story.

This is great book, telling Maiden story from the early start and ending after Dance Of Death was released so couple of years are missing because this book is a bit older. It is an interesting story, through line up changes, victories and setbacks caused by departure of Bruce Dickinson from the band and triumphant return, ups and downs and never giving up thus becoming one of the most famous metal bands in the world. Through story there are also interesting interviews with contemporaries, former band members, caterers, roadies, cover artists, so it is really worth reading. But, I feel like a little bit is missing, don´t really know what, but this book did not hit me in the eye like some do. So, it is an interesting read, good one, but only 4/5.

(review) THE FLY DOWNS – At This Point In Time

It´s been a long time since I listened to some good pop punk and The Fly Downs released their new full length, so it was about time for me to enjoy some great melodic punk. Trio from Ottawa released 13 songs on this record. Music is melodic punk leaning more heavily on pop punk influences than on faster skate punk side of things. That means punk rock guitar riffs with strong and fantastic melodies, sweet vocal lines that I love and backing vocal harmonies and above all good songs. My personal favorites are Raving Reviews, Crashing Down and Nowhere To Go somehow the most on this record. Vocals remind me at times of Russ Rankin of Good Riddance especially at faster awesome songs like Head Held High, one of the songs having more faster almost a bit hardcore punk vibe. Lyrics are personal but, some songs are pure fun, but I can totally relate to most of them. Go listen this great album.


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