(record review)Wrathborn-Black Wind

I just love discovering new bands in the scene and I love to discover some band from the country that I usually dont know much about. I know a few bands from Mexico but I havent heard a lot of music from their underground scene.


Wrathborn are hailing from Mexico City and they play death metal. Black Wind is their first studio full length album. The album contains 9 songs and Wrathborn border more on melodic edge of death metal. The opener title track can testify how good and tight this band is, containing fine melodic hooks on the chorus and great guitar solo. The vocals are guttural but you can understand in general what is being sung. Wrathborn in general own a lot more to their European death metal influences than to American part of the genre. I love how they incorporated keyboards to add more atmosphere to the song structures and how they added in thrash and heavy metal solos without having to compromise the death metal vibe. All the tracks on this record are good and time passes by when you listen to the record and it leaves you with a smile on your metal heart.



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(record review)THANX 4 ALL THE SHOES-“Another Ride”(White Russian Records/NoReason Records/Disconnect Disconnect Records)

Three years after their last album, Thanx For All The Shoes recently released their brand new album and the album is a blast.


The album contains 10 new songs of technical well played energetic mixture of melodic hardcore and thrash metal skatepunk.

What strikes first while listening to this band is how tight the musicianship is on this record. The guitar solo in the beginning of “Declaration of War” blew me away and the song is absolutely one of my highlights on the record because I have a feeling that I am listening to some great thrash metal band. “Decade” is one more highlight being the perfect mix of cleanly sung vocal melodies and brutal metal parts. As I see it, the lyrics are pretty political and straightforward, so that is one more point for the band that I like. I absolutely loved “42042” and its excellent harmonies on backing vocals and anthemic chorus. “Postcard from Kobane” is a beautiful and sad political song reminding me a bit of Propagandhi but more melancholic and sad. I listened to it again and again. It is very hard to put one song on this album above other because it is one of the best albums of the year and a shining gem in European hardcore punk crown.





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(record review)RIFFOCITY-“Under a mourning sky”

There is something in Greece, something that makes the bands there so varied, but also so wonderful. Maybe something in the air, or water, or climate, I dont know.

Riffocity front cover

Riffocity is a thrash metal band formed in 2013.and this is their first full length, self released album. Wow! That is the only thing I can utter from my astonished mouth after listening to this masterpiece. Lets gather our thoughts and somehow go from the start. The album contains 10 tracks. The music this band plays is a mighty combination of rough urban thrash metal, not unlike Bay Area bands and melodic heavy metal with a nod to the masters from the 80-ies that probably influenced this band. If I must compare the band to someone, I would like to say that to me Riffocity sounds like a combination between Machine Head and Iced Earth. Why Iced Earth? Because the songs and the overall vibe of the album has that darkened and sad note, mixed with aggressiveness of the riffs and drums. Underall there are awesome melodies that made goosebumps on my skin, which no band has done for a long time now, upon the first listening. The beautiful vocal lines on  “Arnis Oblivion” and “Fortunes of Death” stand out as the highlights of this album, but dont be fooled, all of the tracks are excellent and this is one of the best albums that I have listened to in a long time. If you have a label and read this, check out this band and sign them, because I cant wait for the next records, this guys will make it far in the underground scene!


Follow Riffocity on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RIFFOCITYbandgr/


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(record review)Visions Of The Night-“Supreme Act Of War”

Visions Of The Night started in 1999.as one man band project but evolved through the years into the ferocious live show in which the founding member Wolvesblood is accompanied by session musicians. Their live shows include a sniper, an alcoholic doctor and the air wall of death where the audience members are given WWII airplanes to throw at each other during the wall of death.


This is their second full length album. This Canadian outfit plays brutal blackened death metal with war themed lyrics and it is bloody grim and good. The album contains 9 tracks of rolling greasy Morbid Angel kinda riffing, apocalyptic drumming, screamed and growled tortured vocals that show all the bloodiness and bleakness of war. As for the lyrics,  with song titles like “Western Trench Line”, “Allied Airpower”, “Yamato” you just cant go wrong. The album also features guest vocals by Mirai from Japanese legends Sigh and awesome drumming by Todd Hansen(King Parrot/The Berzerker). War is a dirty and bloody business but Visions Of The Night do it good.





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(record review)SUBURBAN STEREOTYPE-“Leitmotiv”(Hardcore Pride Records)

I just love discovering bands and albums from the scenes that I am not really familiar with, like South America for example.


Suburban Stereotype come from Brasil, Pelotas area. They are playing fast melodic hardcore punk with a lot of skatepunk thrown in for good measure. The album came out on Hardcore Pride Records, contains 14 songs and provides a lot of good times and energy while listening. The song structures have catchy and melodic guitar hooks, fast paced drumming and some songs like “Horizonte Vertical” reminded me of Satanic Surfers somehow. There are also nice anthems like “Modelo Cultural” and “Somos um So”. Vocals are nice, not snotty but also not too mellow like some bands have and too mellow vocals tend to spoil the whole record. Fortunately that is not the case here. The lyrics are sung in Spanish or Portugese, but I think it is Spanish, so I dont understand them much, but as far as I understand, they are a perfect mix of political and personal with a sad undertone. When you look at it, this is a fine record and I am really happy that I discovered this band.





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I saw the new Star Wars movie-warning:spoilers ahead!!!

After the relatively different but not bad Episode VII: The Force Awakens and excellent expanded universe Rogue One movie, the time came for the Episode VIII:The Last Jedi and I was eager to see what will happen next in the Skywalker saga.


Two weeks ago I went to the cinema to see the movie and I am not disappointed. The people who read this zine know that I am big SW universe fan, having read more than fifty books from the expanded universe, whether the new cannon as Disney named it or the old SW legends universe. What bother me that they took a completely new road with the story not paying mind to the book storyline, where Chewbacca died a long time ago, where the Solos have three kids, the twins Jacen and Jaina and young Anakin. In the books Luke Skywalker and his wife Mara Jade Skywalker also have a son called Ben and there is no First Order, no supreme leader Snoke and least of all no spoiled emo turned evil Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo! For this boycott of the Skywalker book storyline I will forever hold grudge to Disney and Lucasfilm.

This episode continues right after the last one, with Rey reaches out to Luke Skywalker on the deserted island. Gotta admit that Mark Hamill looks like a tired hobo in the movie doesnt he? He is also depressed and tries all the time to be wise, but we dont know really why is he so angry. Meanwhile, First Order tries to kill the remnants of the Resistance led by Leia Organa. Here I must say one more thing thats been bothering since the last episode. What is Resistance? After the Rebels dethroned the Empire they formed the New Republic. What happened to that? We have seen the Starkiller destroy the Republic in Force Awakens, but what republic? Anyone who expects to have answers about forming of First Order and Snoke will be left with no answers. It was very heartbreaking to see Carrie Fisher as Leia for the last time. But her character has a decent farewell in the movie.

Laura Dern was decent, the ex stormtrooper Finn too. BB8 was more funny and reminded me of R2D2 very much. The action scenes were nicely done and time passed quickly watching the movie. Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo still has some of the most irritating facial expressions while he is angry and tries to be mean and evil. Snoke was right, he will never be another Vader. The movie is a mix of Return of the Jedi(see confrontation Snoke-Rey-Kylo in the throne room) and Empire Strikes Back(the attack on the Resistance base, planet similar to Hoth). The motto of this movie is that you have to kill the old and in with the new. I like that motto and where Disney is heading with this. Now comes the young Han Solo movie and then the closure in Episode IX. Who will live, he will tell!


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(record review)AntEater-“Smashed Antholes”

AntEater are skatepunk from Canada and I must admit that I have never heard of this band prior to listening to this record.


This record contains 8 excellent skatepunk songs with a lot of hardcore and metal influences and if I must compare their music with some band it would be Straightline because both bands are playing awesome and really know their music and are very metalic and the vocals are shouted and screamed but the song structures never lose energy flow and they make you wanna slam all over your room and stage dive from your favorite couch in the living room. From the brutal “Too Soon?” with almost metalcore vibe to more melodic and anthemic and heartfelt “Cant Wake Up” and “Jacks Hill” which is my personal favorite on the record, this album is non stop music, energy and anger held in one little universe and I am really very happy that AntEater made me part of their universe while listening to their record.






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