(review) Accident – Hasten Through Decay


New Accident is out now! This band from Zagreb, Croatia is no stranger in this zine because I already did an interview with them a while ago and couple of reviews.

After a pause and some line-up changes within the band they area back with eight songs in with lyrics in English language. The music is still ferocious, fast, no holds barred hardcore punk with dual vocals, courtesy of Lea and Bart. I love Accident because their music reminds me a lot of old school hardcore punk bands that I listened and watched live a lot when I way younger back in the nineties, namely Verbalni delikt, Nula, DHB, Građani drugog reda, Optička varka, Bad Justice, Radikalna promjena and others. Yet, Accident carries that old school flame but also retains firmly with both feet in this century with good lyrics, political and survival lyrics through prism of looking through person´s own eyes. This is high energy well played, angry hardcore punk with melody thrown smartly in the song structures here and there, the way it should be done, so go listen this one and support your scene and hardcore cause worldwide! My personal favorites: Fall For It, A.T.D., For Free.


(review) Fallstar – Sunbreather (Facedown Records)


Fallstar are coming from Portland and they have a new record with Facedown Records. This record offers 11 songs of interesting and different modern approach to hardcore. The traditionalist in me, grown up in the nineties hardcore scene with nod to youth crew hardcore bands of eighties would discard this record upon first listening. But, hey, I am 43 years old now and take things differently in music.

Fallstar have a pretty original approach to songwriting, cleverly mixing hardcore punk, post hardcore, spacy dreamy vibes, electronics, pop punk and even metalcore in some song parts making one original and soundscape which will take you somewhere to some different dimension while listening to this record. My personal favorites are Cloud Chamber, Waiting and the title song. If you love your hardcore done a bit differently, with lots of melody and intensity at the same time, this record is the right one for you. Do not be scared to check out different things within hardcore scene, diversity makes us strong, we are a small scene in the beginning so there is no need for elitism and quarrels. Support the cause worldwide.

The Fly Downs announce debut LP, At This Point In Time, reveal video for Crashing Down


Ottawa alt/punk trio The Fly Downs have announced the April 16th release of their debut LP, At This Point In Time. The 13-track offering was recorded by Scott Burniston at Apartment 2 and mixed/mastered by Topon Das. It’s being released digitally and on colored vinyl via Thousand Islands Records.

As a preview of what’s to expect, the band unleashed the lead single Crashing Down, with an accompanying music video, check it out below and pre-order the vinyl HERE.

Crashing Down is the idea that we’re all born wet and crying and we all end up under the ground at the end of it all. Whether you’re rich or poor, black or white… were all the same in the grand picture. – Jesse, vocals


Til Death Do Us, Party

Somewhere Around There

Raving Reviews .

Crashing Down

You Can’t Quit Me, I’m Fired!

Head Held High (feat. Patrick Youldon)

Nowhere To Go

Life 101

Teddy’s Revenge (feat. Anndy Negative)

The Ballad Of Richard William Johnson

Dead Ringer

Fire Up The Press

This Is Who I Am Right Now


About The Fly Downs

Ottawa’s own Alternative-rock-infused Pop Punk band, The Fly Downs, have been making waves since October of 2016. A little over a year later they would release their well-received first EP, “Pockets Out”. After a release party and a couple more shows, Alex would join in January of 2018, joining forces with Jesse and Shane to bring a new dynamic to the rhythm section, helping set the stones for the future path of the band.

The Fly Downs have not really been compared to other bands, since their style is something of their own. Inspirations from all 3 bandmates mesh into one solid state and contribute to the overall sound and style. Inspirations include many of the bands they have shared the stage with: This Is A Standoff, Ten Foot Pole, The Human Project, The Mahones, W!nslow, and Down By Law to name a few.

The Fly Downs strive to entertain audiences and fans with a high energy and inclusive performance, often igniting group chants and sing-alongs with the audience. Never compromising catchiness for complexity, their songs are composed with a healthy blend of both. The lyrics often have outward-looking subject matter that many can hopefully find themselves in.

With the recent teaming up with Thousand Island Records and subsequent release of their debut full-length album, “At This Point In Time”, The Fly Downs are eager to hit the road again to share their music and make many more friends along the way.

The Fly Downs: Facebook

Thousand Islands Records: Website

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