(record review)THE SOBERS-The Sobers IV

I must admit that I have never heard of The Sobers prior to this record, but now I am so happy that I did after I listened and reviewed their new record for our zine.


The Sobers are punkrock band from Marseille, France and their new record contains 13 songs. I was blown away at the start of the album how greasy and dirty it sounds and how easily it evolves into beautiful melody in the first song D.L.D. So, the music these guys play is dirty, but still melodic punk with mainly personal, but also good and smart lyrics. I would definitely love to hear how this material sounds live. Damn! Vocals are harsher sung, but still enough melodic and appealing, backing and harmony vocals are awesome too, so all of you who read my reviews know how important are the vocals for me in such bands. There are some songs that were more outstanding for me, those being: Shitty Halo, It Could Have Been A Better Day, Blood Feud. This is a great album for the fans of rawer, yet melodic punkrock.





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(movie)THE NUN(2018.)

I don`t know why most of the horror fans went mad for The Conjuring movies, but they somehow didn˙t work out for me. They were okay, but nothing special, like all or most of the modern horror cinema mainstream movies. Now, The Nun is featured in cinemas, being the spinoff from The Conjuring universe, based on spooky nun character from the second Conjuring movie. I was eager to check out this one.


It started promising with a suicide of a nun in a remote Romanian monastery and a priest and the nun to be are sent to Romania to see what went on in that monastery. I love how the greyness of the surrounding and the music fit well in the scene with decent acting and the first half an hour of the movie was just fine in my opinion.

There are some really spooky moments like encountering the reverend mother upon arriving to the monastery and the night attack at the old graveyard. Great stuff! Taissa Farmiga(sister of better known Vera Farmiga, known for her role in American Horror Story tv show), was great as sister Irene, Demian Bichir(The Hateful Eight, Machette Kills) too, as father Burke. Their characters somehow add to the overall sinister atmosphere of the movie. They both had some personal torment, which is an important factor in the whole story.

The second half an hour of the movie started with us learning the background of the main characters and spooky and scary events happening in the remote monastery. At that moment my thoughts were that this movie is non stop action packed thrilling ride! I loved absolutely every minute of the first half of the movie! The last third of the movie is reserved for clarifying to us the viewers the history of the cursed monastery and how the nun apparition came to be. The grand finale was good for the movie of this kind. I was so afraid that they will ruin it all in the end, but it was pleasure to see that was not the case. The Nun left some space for the sequel and for couple more thing to be scared of, so I have mixed feelings that the sequel could spoil all the good scares that this movie gave me. Great movie for mainstream cinema horror!




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(record review)DOWN MEMORY LANE-Release(Thousand Islands Records)

Down Memory Lane are melodic hardcore punk from Montreal, Canada, and they just released their new record through mighty Thousand Islands Records, so it was about time for me to listen and review it for this zine.



These guys were formed in 2015.in the suburbs of Montreal with a goal to play the 90-ies melodic punk and since then they released three e.p.-s sung in different languages. This new record contains 6 songs of great, fast and 90-ies styled melodic hardcore skatepunk. One of the best songs on this record is funny titled A Song About This Song, being fast, anthemic, making you pump up your fist in the air and sing at the top of your lungs. The other songs that are top of this record in my opinion are Xenophobic and Catch And Release. The vocals on records such as this are very important to me, so Down Memory Lane have great singer and nicely done backing and harmonic vocals. This record again shows the strength and multitude of Canadian punk scene making it one of my favorite scenes in the world.







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(new video-hardcore) Born From Pain new video “Antitown” out now!


‘ANTITOWN’ new Born From Pain Video online.


Taken from Born From Pain‘s upcoming full length ‘TRUE LOVE’ to be released as CD/Digital on February 15th and Limited Vinyl on March 1st, 2019

Pre-Order launch January 11th, 2019 at bdhw-shop.com

Video by Daniel Prieß

Watch the Video here:

Born From Pain
BDHW Rec. 



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(gig report)TRASH AND BURN Winter Edition-08.12.2018.-Metalac Industrial Bar Čakovec, Croatia

As all of you who read this zine know, Trash and Burn festival of American cars, music, kustom culture is one of our favorite destinations every Summer at the end of June. This event celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, so once again congrats to Neven for persisting so long and making all of this possible.

Couple of years ago, Neven started to organize winter edition of Trash and Burn, promoting the cult pin-up calendar that is the trademark of every year`s Trash and Burn. This winter editions of the festival are a blast, so this year it was held in lovely Metalac Industrial Bar in our hometown.


Upon arriving to the festival site, the first thing we saw were awesome kustom culture makings, especially the great kustom made bikes, courtesy of Sanchez and all the other great mates from Magna Rota BC Slovenia. Also, many other great stuff, like Guerrila Garage, tattoo artists, barber shop, and the people were chilling and having fun around drinking some beer and the whole atmosphere was so nice and relaxed and I loved every second of the time we spent there.



We spent time in the company of friends from Slovenia whom we haven´t seen for some time, so it was nice to chat, laugh and spend some time together. Time passed fast and it was time for the first band to take the stage. CLOCKWORK PSYCHO from Ljubljana, Slovenia played first. I saw this band play live couple of times in the last 5 years, and I haven´t checked them out live since the end of April this year, when they supported Michale Graves in Zagreb, they had superb set there, so I knew we were in for great music.


When the psychobilly punkabilly trio took the stage, the first thing I saw is, that always fascinates me, how much they enjoy the gig, every minute of it. They play ferocious punkabilly and their set included songs from all three of their albums that they released so far. The only thing that lacked is a bit more response from the crowd in front of the stage. I mean, there were enough people there, but when the band plays their hearts and souls out on the stage, the crowd should give back something to the band, not only stand still and watch.



It doesn´t matter, all of us who love this band had a blast when they delivered their mighty one hour set. I love the connection and interplay from all three members, how every one of them sings and the characters they present when on stage. Great show!

Midnight was well behind us when the second band on the tonight´s bill took the stage, EIGHTBOMB from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I never saw those guys play live, I love their earlier songs and they still promote their new album that came out earlier this year. Eightbomb play more rockabilly oriented music, with sometimes faster psychobilly influences in the songs. The guys also played their hearts out, but the crowd remained the same as when the first band played, meaning only clapping, occasional cheering between the songs and nothing more. Nonetheless, Eightbomb played fine mighty one hour set and all of the hits from their releases were there and as I saw them, I think they were satisfied with their gig.




After the live shows, the party continued long into the night with dj-s, and I can only say, congrats Neven, you did it again, we had a blast!


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(gig report)Š.T.B.K./BKD/BREZ VPRAŠANJ-07.12.2018.-Klub Prostor Cezam Čakovec

Long time no punk gigs in our hometown, since In Memoriam annual gig, so I was really happy when this gig was announced to take place on a Friday night.

Three bands on the bill, three relatively similar, yet different punk visions and I expected kids to go crazy in front of the stage. But, when me and my friend Lazar arrived to Prostor, not much was happening. There were still soundchecks going on, and in front of the club relatively small number of punks and skinheads were doing what they do best when awaiting the gig to start, meaning drinking some booze, smoking and joking around.

Almost on time according to the schedule, guests from Slovenia BREZ VPRAŠANJ took the stage. I never listened to the band, although I know some of the guys that played in a band called Malo Morgen couple of years ago, I even played with my former band together with Malo Morgen in Beltinci, Slovenia.


Brez Vprašanj play some kind of punkrock with a lot of streetpunk and some oi influences and their lyrics are in Slovenian language.  Some of the songs are just awesome and anthemic with a lot of great parts, and some were too slow and too rock n roll for me. But, in all, this band was just fine on this gig and I had fun watching their set and listening to their punkrock music. What impressed me the most is that all the members sing the vocal parts, even the drummer, so that was great to hear and see. They play in my opinion around 45 or 50 minute long set and during the second half of their set, the space in front of the stage started to fill in, and some of the guys even pogoed a bit and did some singalong and cheered the band, and they deserved it because it is a good band.

For me personally, the best band of the evening and absolute discovery were Š.T.B.K. guests from the south of Croatia, Opatija/Lovran/Rijeka area. This trio just blew me away with their ferocious yet at the times melodic hardcore punk. The guys sounded like a crossbreed between one of my favorite bands from the 90-ies, Nula from Šibenik, and oi/streetpunk influences.


With dual vocals provided by the guitarist and bassist, high speed energetic drumming and lyrics in Croatian, sung and shouted, these guys were in my eyes absolute winners of the evening. The only thing that in my opinion lacked in their set is a little more interconnection with us, the crowd. But, those guys were just letting their music talk for them and it was awesome.

The last band of the evening bill were BKD from Varaždin, our well known band from the pages of this zine. With a demo and a studio album they still promote, coupled with usual funny stuff between the songs, BKD brought smiles to all of the faces present at the gig.


Their songs about working class, fun, drinking, booze and again a little more booze were the winning recipe for the evening. Everyone sang along, danced, fooled around during their 40 minute set of oi drunk punk. They included a couple of new songs in their set, that are not yet recorded and judging by what I heard, the new material is great. After the finish of their regular set, couple of guys from the crowd and the band continued to play or try to play hehe a couple of covers and everyone went nuts and the party continued well in the early hours of Saturday.

Could have been a bit more people at this gig, but it was real fun to be there and listen to the three good bands.

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BACK GARDEN LIGHT ‘The Right Side’ New Single on Red Toad Music!


Back Garden Light is born in Bordeaux, France in early 2014. Band on the rise in the French alternative scene, their sound is a mix of modern pop punk such as Neck Deep or State Champs and a hardcore/metal side with bands influencing them like Issues or Volumes. The subtle mix between the genres makes Back Garden Light, add a touch of electronic sounds and original samples and you got the BGL sound. The band is taking a break from tour (they did Japan, Russia, UK, EUROPE…) to focus on their new album expected to be released in 2019.

The Right Side speaks of the duality present in any decision that may occur in their lives. Nothing is completely good or completely bad. Any action involves both good and bad consequences. By writing this song, they encourage the listener to be more open-minded, sometimes in an ironic way when they ask the question: “Are you sure you’re on the right side?”

Back Garden Light: “We chose to work again with what made our first clips, Van Espen. It is a simple and effective performance clip in which we wanted to add a touch of originality by incorporating neon effects reminiscent of Berserker’s clip.”




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