Punk Rock Holiday 1.9. line-up almost complete!

One more Main stage band, warm up show band and couple of Beach stage headliners left to be announced and the line-up of this year´s Punk Rock Holiday is going to be awesome.


Besides Nofx, Propagandhi, The Descendents, Less Than Jake, Sick Of It All, Ignite, Pulley and many others, Pennywise is just added to the bill! Everyone who reads this zine knows that PRH is our favorite festival and definitely the place to be every year, so while you still can, grab a ticket and see you there!


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(photo report)PUNK ROMANTIKA 2019 edition once again sold out in Močvara, Zagreb

Every year, Punk Romantika festival in Zagreb delivers great fun and gigs with awesome lineup and atmosphere! This year, it was held in club Močvara, Zagreb. The line-up was Fiskalni Račun, Aktivna Propaganda, Fnc Diverzant, Kurve and Debeli Precjednik. Also, Denis & Denis played, but I never knew why awesome punk hardcore gigs must be spoiled with some pop and similar bands from the past. Okay, when you mix the genres within the underground scene, like punk, hardcore, metal, grind and similar at the same festival, but mixing pop, mainstream music, punk and hardcore is just shit.

Anyway, part of our crew was there and our Irina made this nice photo report so check it out.



































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(record review)BORN FROM PAIN-True Love(BDHW Rec)

Born From Pain are back with their new album out via BDHW Records and I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


These guys are European hardcore veterans being around since Summer of 1997. and they play modern version of hardcore owning as much to punk roots as also thrash metal roots.

The new record contains 12 songs of brutal in your face moshing hardcore with street smart attitude and lyrics. Born From Pain now sound like a cross between Slayer, Testament and Madball thrown in one blender. Freddy from Madball is performing as guest on Bombs Away, for me the best song on this record with me being more of faster punk hardcore than this modern metal beatdown they call hardcore nowadays. But, don´t get me wrong, there are good songs on this record like Suffocate or the title track standing out as great. If you are into modern street hardcore with metal influences, European way, don´t wait up, go get this record as soon as possible.







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Czech punkrockers The Junk Food released their new video in GTA style! Watch it here!

The Junk Food

Czech punk rockers The Junk Food have released a video for Rather Go. The track is taken from their 2018 e.p. released on British label No Front Teeth Records. You can have a watch below and stream their EPs at bandcamp.

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(record review)OPTIMIST-Vermachtnis(BDHW Rec)

Optimist come from Germany, Ruhr area and I listened to and reviewed their new record for our zine. The record is out now on BDHW Records.


This is the second album from the quintet who polished their unique aggressive sound to style between grindcore and hardcore. The record contains intro plus 10 songs. The lyrics are all in German language and as I understand German the lyrics are pretty bleak and without hope, apocalyptic and darkened. After the noisy and black intro which serves as an announcement of what it is to come, the song Das Ende Allen Seins is fast almost d-beat and grindcore song about the end of everything. There are some sludge and doomy influences for example in Wutrausch and again more fast straightforward aggressive songs like Lethargie. There are some Napalm Death like more metalic sounding slower songs like excellent title track or Rattengier. This music is not for everyone, but the fans of non happy, non merry go round smiling grind hardcore punk will adore this record and this band. I would love to check out this band live. Good one.






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TRADE WIND released their new single from the forthcoming new album on End Hits Records. Featuring members of Stick To Your Guns and Stray From The Path

Trade Wind are punk/indie band featuring members Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns) and Tom  Williams (Stray From The Path) just released their first single from their forthcoming new album  Certain Freedoms. The album is due out April 26th from Other People Records (North America) and End Hits Records (EU/UK). Check out the single and the tour dates in Europe!


26.04. BE – Merhout, Goezrock Festival
27.04. DE – München – Impericon Festival
28.04. AT – Wien – Werk
29.04. DE – Nürnberg – Z Bau
30.04. DE – Münster – Uncle M Fest
01.05. DE – Hamburg – Hafenklang
02.05. DE – Berlin – Musik & Frieden
03.05. DE – Leipzig – tba
04.05. DE – Köln – Volta
08.05. DE – Wiesbaden – Kesselhaus
09.05. CH – Aarau – Kiff
10.05. DE – Stuttgart – Keller Club
11.05. DE – Iserlohn – Dechenhöhle
Booking: Kingstar

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(record review)Disconnected Genius-Nirvikalpa Meow

Disconnected Genius have their second full length album out and I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


These guys are hailing from Melbourne, Australia and this is their second album, following Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales. I must admit that this is a rather strange album title and Nirvikalpa means Without Alternative in sanskrit and Meow is a tribute to the singer Jamie˙s cat. The album contains 11 songs. The music of Disconnected Genius sounds basically like emotional punkrock with a lot of indie and alternative influences making it melodic, atmospheric and easy to the ear. Yet, don˙t be fooled, the strongest side of this band besides the music are definitely the lyrics. I like them because they are very smart and poetic, but they also kept smart undertones with the themes like politics and anti religious hypocrisy being themes in some songs. The singing is superb, the production is great, although I would like it to be a bit more dirty, gritty and raw and this band could be one of the new stars in the underground music scene sky. Favorite songs: About Nothing, Kings & Queens, Quietly Into The Night.


Site: http://www.disconnectedgenius.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Disconnected-Genius-516922998335665/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Zen_Rockstar

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUAkxjMmZiSCvKW5Mb9jdqQ



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