(review) Punk Rock Factory – A Whole New Wurst 2

Punk Rock Factory is a skatepunk/melodic punk cover band formed in South Wales. Concept of melodic punk cover bands is no unknown constant, thanks for example to Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, punk rock supergroup who play covers. Well. Punk Rock Factory are a bit different, because this album is a part two featuring covers of songs from Disney and I think Pixar feature length cartoon hit movies like Little Mermaid, Encanto, Goofy and similar. Since I am not so keen on watching such cartoons, these 13 songs are a bunch of beautiful melodic punk rock songs with awesome melodies, nice vocals, backing vocal harmonies and although they are covers, these songs are instant hits in my ear making me explore this band´s back catalogue immediately. I mean, I listened to couple of songs, but never listened to their whole albums, I mean to correct that mistake now. My personal favorites: We Don´t Talk About Bruno, Almost There. All I Want. Fun album and good band.

(review) Rise Against – Nowhere Generation II

Rise Against decided to surprise us with their brand new e.p. containing songs that were actually recorded in the same session as previous full length album Nowhere Generation, So, these five songs continue where the last album stopped, delivering blistering melodic hardcore with politically charged lyrics that are somehow also personal and talking to each and every one of us. Last Man Standing and This Time Is Personal are somehow my personal favorites with Tim´s vocals being trademark that you recognize anytime you awake in the middle of the night. This band just can´t disappoint with their music. Unfortunately I have never witnessed them deliver their mighty set live, but I plan to correct that mistake one day. Great surprise by great band.

(review) Real Friends – Always Lose

Illinois has always been fertile ground for great melodic pop punk and punk rock so Real Friends are hailing from there and this e.p. contains three songs, one being an acoustic version. This is ultra melodic punk rock with pop punk sensibility which successfully mixes aggression of punk riffs with melody, harmony in multiple vocals and great lyrics. Always Lose is my favorite of these three songs and this little e.p. just engaged my appetite for listening to this band more and more. Now I am going to check out their other releases for some more quality pop punk.

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