ACTIONMEN (experimental Italian punk rock) to release new EP ‘Supa Baba!’

MCR-009 Digital Cover

Mud Cake Records is happy to announce the release of ‘Supa Baba!’ by Actionmen (Ravenna, Italy) available on 7” vinyl and on all digital platforms September 24th.

 ‘Supa Baba!’ is the follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed 2019 ‘Defections’ split with the UK’s Dead Neck.

Eight songs of experimental and truly unique fast melodic punk in just over thirteen minutes make up Actionmen’s eighth release – recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Pasini at Studio73, Ravenna (Italy).

 A pre-release single of the opening track ‘Steam Throne’ will hit digital stores on August 20th!

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(review) Stepped Out – Envy and Alienation


Stepped Out are from Split, Croatia and I interviewed them for this zine couple of months ago.

Now, the guys released their brand new e.p. containing four songs. Braveheart is a melodic old school hardcore song with fast and singalong parts that I can totally relate to, because I think it is about Bila´s Mom who passed away and I lost mine too. Abandoned is an emotional song with a more modern hardcore touch and melody with excellent lyrics about finding yourself and finding strength to carry on when all seems lost. Modern Plague is most harsh song on this record reminding me a bit of Strife back in the nineties. The lyrics are about media, gadgets and modern world which rules the lives of most people on this planet. Lost In Flames is for me besides Braveheart the best song on this little release me being in the scene for so many years and reminding all the glory days, heartaches, happy times and sadness. Superb melody, lyrics and spirit.

Great one. This band carries on the torch of hardcore in Croatia.


Power of the underground scene does not lie in social network!

This week on Thursday marks the sixth anniversary of this webzine. First, I want to thank all of you who read and are supporting this webzine since its inception till this day. We fought many battles and struggles together, attended festivals, gigs, met many new bands, labels, fantastic individuals who make this wonderful underground network or scene if you wish. Through many victories and heartbreaks we kept this small town in the north of Croatia on the map of the wide world underground scene. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and hopefully we will enjoy many more years and conquests together!

Second, this anniversary marks the beginning of a new era for this webzine, marking its return where it was spawned and meant to be, deeper in the underground and not in the spotlight of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar. As I stated above, power of the underground scene lies in individuality, creativity, imagination, creating a lot with little or nothing and still being the opposition to the usual and so called normal lifestyle. I am sick of social media, I am sick of people in the scene counting likes and clicks and who liked their posts and above all, I am sick of people watching gigs through mobile phones, posting their selfies to the social media during gig and watching how many likes are there and somehow all got lost in that shit.

This zine has a Facebook page which serves as a media between zine and people but it is useless. I do not care how many is the reach, how many people liked my post, because rarely someone opens the feature and actually reads it, they only click like and I really couldn´t care less about that. Also, there are stupid rules, stupid commentaries, stupid themes and music and ideas of the underground got lost in snowflakes, useless groups, liking, manic clicking and I am sick of that.

So, to conclude, Kraykulla Webzine is returning to underground and I will no more post features from zine to Kraykulla Fb page nor any other social media. Who wants to contact me can easily do that through mail address of this zine in the contact section of Kraykulla Webzine. Of course, bands, labels, partners and friends can share the material on their social media if they want, but I will not share it on this zine´s social media and I am abandoning that idea because I still believe in music, ideas, scene and not this insanity.

This also goes for my other webzine, namely North From Northern. Thank you so much and I will continue with this zine even stronger, you know where you can read the posts and find me. No more social media and social network, power of underground is stronger than that!

The Power Of The Underground