Dead Dog Summer: Croatian post-hardcore trio released new song – A Place Of Someday!

Croatian Dead Dog Summer is a post-hardcore band from Cakovec formed in late 2020 and “A Place Of Someday” is their second single from the upcoming album that is planned to be released in spring of 2022 as digital and vinyl.

Band was formed last year but the whole idea of new songs and new band was in their heads for a long time, as members of the band were active in the scene during first decade of the 00-ies playing in bands like Nikad, The Farewell Reason, Senata Fox, Implicite and many others. Band members are: Igor Bistrovic (guitars/vocals), Kreso Zerjav (bass, vocals) and Boris Strahija (drums).

“A Place Of Someday is a song about procrastination, this band was something I procrastinate for a long time, I was writing music, recording, playing music for a long time in my home studio and was always thinking, when I do that, then I will play in a band, I will form a band when I finish that etc. So A Place Of Someday is a place where you will never be if you don’ t start today and start by your self, nobody will do nothing for you, nobody will come and save you so that is why we started this band during the pandemic and lockdown in Croatia.” says Igor Bistrovic.

When we try to describe the music of Dead Dog Summer it would be easiest to say it is some kind of hardcore that was played in late 90-ies (they used to call it emo or screamo those days). Their sound is a combination of sparkly and heavy guitars, screaming and singing vocals and tight performance of rhythm section.

A Place Of Someday is available now on all streaming services.

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NEVER AGAIN – new music video by metalcore band TOTAL RECALL!

Milan-based metalcore band Total Recall releases today the video for Never Again, third extract from the LP Always Together released worldwide on July 16th, 2021 by Australian label 1054 Records.

Never Again is the result of a deep introspective journey between the darkest and most hidden parts of our personality. Directed by Brace Beltempo, the music video recalls and further develops this concept – as opposed to the other singles released by Total Recall so far. In fact, the energetic band performance scenes are interspersed with bloody shots of frontman Andrea “Ronda” Rondanini and model May Padme.

Regarding the single, singer Andrea “Ronda” Rondanini declares “Never Again is like a really bad trip. You are going to be dragged into the deepest void”. To this, guitarist Stefano “Bleed” Bigoni adds: “Never Again have always been my go to song off the new record. It’s brutal and very percussive, and it moves a lot of air when played live. It is definitely the song that produces the most severe damage among the crowd in a live situation. I absolutely love it!

Most remarkable about the birth of Total Recall is the deep personal friendship and respect between its founding members.
Vocals are performed by Andrea “Ronda” Rondanini – Rise Above Dead, Crushed to Dust -, while guitars are masterfully played by Stefano “Stef” Anderloni – Face your Enemy, Die Trying, Traces of You, K-again – and Stefano “Bleed” Bigoni – Rise Above Dead, Thunder Brigade -. Bass player Luca “Pigo” De Simone – Embrace Destruction, Samaritan, K-again – and drummer Daniele “Danny” Calleri – Embrace Destruction, L’Oceano Sopra, Monalisabay – takes care of the rhythmic section.

INFECTED CHAOS • Death Metal band released lyric video for When Yonder Calls My Name!

The band comments on the background of “When Yonder Calls My Name“:
“The song contains the first lyrics written for ‘Dead Aesthetics’. Thematically, it’s about that very special moment when you realize that this existence is now over and a new journey begins. The call of the afterlife becomes louder and louder and the spirit dives into completely alien spheres.”

The Austrian-South German Metal commando INFECTED CHAOS holds a giant mirror right in front of the rotten, perverted part of humanity. Yes, the truth, it is painful.

Creatively, these hard steel enthusiasts are just as ruthless, and that hits like a forge hammer on an anvil!

The delightfully rough riffed and at the same time really colossally rhythmic DEATH METAL of the perfectly coordinated shock troop shows itself on the new and third long-player “Dead Aesthetics” from the most varied and most coherent side.

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