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(review) From Today-From Today


From Today are coming from Poland capitol Warsaw and this their debut album. Although the band was formed in 2016., the members have been active in many bands in Polish hardcore punk scene throughout the years. They changed line-up and stability came, so it was time for debut full length to see the light of day. This record contains 11 songs of street hardcore in the vein of all those NYHC bands we love so much meaning Madball, Agnostic Front, but also Rykers, Brightside and similar Eurocore bands from the nineties I love so much. That means faster and more aggressive material, with songs like Energy Gain, Stay True or This Is Our Mission being my favorites. If you love your hardcore fast, at times moshing hard and with singalong gang backing vocals, this is the right one for your. Nothing new, nothing revolutionary, but done with style.


Belgian skatepunks F.O.D. released new video from the forthcoming album!


Belgian melodic punk rock outfit F.O.D. is releasing its widely anticipated fourth full album “Sleepville” on 20 March 2020.

Sleepville is a story telling album that takes its listener on a journey through time. In their announcement the band writes that they will be ignoring the boundaries of punk rock for this release. If that does not spark your imagination, I don’t know what will…


The album will be out on CD and on 12” colored vinyl (4 exclusive colors) and released through Bearded Punk Records (BE) for Europe, Wiretap Records (US) for the US and Thousand Islands Records (CAN) for Canada.

Each record will come with an actual book that has its own artwork, which contains the story of the quiet town of Sleepville and its inhabitants. For the last year it’s been quiet around the Belgian foursome, but now they’re coming back with a huge bang. To start it all off, they are planning a release party for the album on March 20 at Cinema Plaza in Lier, Belgium, together with 4 supporting acts. Keep your eyes peeled for more news about this very special release.

The band released it’s first single called ‘Thirtysomething and Counting‘ which you can watch below!

facebook F.O.D.:


(review) Amygdala-Our Voices Will Soar Forever


Amygdala are from San Antonio, Texas and they play fantastic hardcore punk with screaming, angry and desperate vocals. This record contains 11 beautiful songs of rebellion and energy. From fast and straightforward Born Into Abuse, across more heavier, atmospheric and slower, but hard hitting songs like Why Can`t I Heal?, to full speed power violence speed of It Takes A Village, Amygdala deliver for sure one of the best hardcore punk records I have listened for a long time. The lyrics are great, music is fantastic and I am really happy that I have listened and tried to tell you how much I love this one, maybe you will listen and share the same feeling with me. This is hardcore punk par excellence.


(review) Cliffhanger-S/T


Cliffhanger are melodic punk/pop punk band from Chicago and this is their new e.p. that I have listened and reviewed for this zine. The record contains seven songs of beautiful melodic punk with a lot of pop punk influences. They remind me a lof of Face To Face, but maybe in more slower and especially vocals remind me of Face To Face, maybe it is only me. The melodies are nice, song arrangements and structures are cool with a lot of harmony, nice singalong lines, anthemic choruses and good lyrics. Thus, making this release a really enjoyable for us melodic punk fans. It is hard for me to choose a song, but somehow the ones that worked best for me are: Diane, After Sunrise, Forever Ago.


(new video) O.Y.D. released new single video– Nanohopes from album Indigo.

thumbnail_PROMO BANNER

The idea of creating a band took place in Kalamata, Greece early in 2012.

The debut album of the band is named “Deep Breath” and has been recorded in Sound Emporium Studios, Nashville TN. It is co-produced, mixed and engineered by Toby Wright in November 2014 and is mastered by Andrew Mendelson. It was released in the Fall of 2015 by Pavement Entertainment .

By early 2018, the decision about the 2nd album was made and this time the band travelled to Gothenburg, Sweden at Fredman Studios. This time, Fredrik Nordstrom (Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, In Flames) would be the producer of the album. The band’s second album is called “Indigo” and was self-released in March of 2019. Currently, the band is looking for opportunities to promote “Indigo” worldwide.


The Devil Next Door:You never know if your neighbour is a war criminal.


I recently watched the five part series The Devil Next Door. It is a documentary about the arrest and prosectution of US citizen of Ukrainian descent John Demjanjuk for alleged war crimes. During WWII, Demjanjuk was an operator in gas chambers of infamous death camp Treblinka, called Ivan The Terrible by the inmates. He used to stab with his sword people on their way to death in gas chambers and cut off their body parts to make their deaths even more horrible. He worked in Ford factory in America, but was extradized to Israel to be processed there for his crimes. He defended himself that he was not that man, that he was framed for his Ukrainian anti Soviet movement sentiments. The crucial and almost only proof besides testimonies of the survivors was a photograph from the old ss identity card. This documentary series is heavy, heartbreaking when seeing actual survivors of Treblinka and other death camps stating their testimonies at the court in Israel. It is also a story of morality, ethics, how far could you sacrifice your ideals for money and what would you do for survival. Me personally wasn´t sure that the guy was Ivan The Terrible indeed, but as the series progressed and finished, now I am sure that the guy was a war criminal, whether that guy or some other ss camp killer it is not so important. Does war crime ever ends being important issue? Never! I have many old people in my neighbourhood, I often caught myself thinking while watching this series, how much do I know them? Maybe that smiling, old nice man was indeed a beast in human form killing thousands couple of decades ago. This is not light to watch, but it is important issue, never being out of importance.

Dutch punk rockers F.U.A. present their new guitarist!


F.U.A. are proud to introduce their new guitar player Ray!


Band statement:

“We met Ray through a co-worker, (funny how life works) and we immediately liked the guy! His sense of humor and dedication to music is exactly what we like in F.U.A. So it was an easy choice for us to ask him to be our new guitarist.

We are so happy F.U.A. has transformed from a 4-piece band to a 5-piece band again! Ray is going to have his debut on stage with us on the 7th of February and has been working very hard the last couple of weeks to learn the set!”


Ray stated:

“I joined the band a month ago, because I was looking for a punkband that had a little bit experience. So my friend told me about how his co-workers were part of F.U.A. and that they recorded a great album with WormholeDeath two years ago!

So for me it has been a nice challenge to learn all these great songs before our next gig. I hope we will give some great shows in 2020 and to begin working on new songs for our next record. The band now has an extra guitarist and I’m curious what kind of new music this will create”. – Ray

F.U.A. released their debut “Socially Transmitted Disease” in 2018 via Wormholedeath Records.