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(movie) The Fear Footage(2018) is an anthology found footage horror!

Director/writer Ricky Umberger managed to create a superb movie with little budget but great story. This is an anthology horror done in found footage style, not unlike some of the V/H/S sequels. Story goes around deputy Leo Cole who vanished without trace while investigating a house that was demolished but reappeared. The footage is from his body cam. While investigating the house Leo watched couple of segments of this anthology movie. In almost every anthology horror, there is one or couple of fillers, but not in this one. All of the segments are interesting, gory, from creepy clown story, across cultists to abandoned demonic church in the woods, all of them just rule. The overall wrapping up of the main story is also done great and left me wanting for more. This proves how little money you need if you have a great story and know your horror. Hats off!

Young LA thrashers SEIZURE release a new video!

When searching for fantasy themed metal, Los Angeles may be the last place one might look. However, formed in 2017 by lead guitarist / vocalist Joey Love, Seizure developed an ever-evolving sound that fused the raw thrash metal style of the Los Angeles underground metal scene, with influences from some of Europe’s most melodic metal bands. Fast and heavy riffs, melodic solos, and lyrics filled with strange tales of wizards, ghosts, and dragons are an abundant part of the Seizure sound and aesthetic.

Seizure has worked with many musicians including Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren and ex-Heathen guitarist Ira Black. Along with this, the band has played all over California. Venues like the Whisky A Go Go, the Viper Room, and the Rainbow Bar and Grill have welcomed Seizure with open arms and the underground shows frequently demand Seizure’s return. On top of all this, the support for Seizure from the fans (who they call “Wizards”) has been so overwhelming. The Wizards span not just California, but also the entire United States, and parts of Europe and South America

Since releasing the Grandmaster Wizard EP (2018) and Born in the Dark (2021), Seizure has been hard at work bringing the public their wicked dose of Fantasy Thrash Metal.

(review) FAUST – Cisza po Tobie

Poland has such great underground extreme music scene. Faust have been around for 25 years now and this is their brand new, fourth studio full length opus. These guys and girl play, as they say for themselves thrash/death metal, but for me it is more sounding like thrash metal with folk and doom metal influences, especially in epic sung parts, courtesy of Karolina Matuszkiewicz, who also handles folk instruments that appear here and there and whose voice perfectly interplays with singer Maciej Bartkowski, whose singing style reminds me at times of Grip Inc. His voice is clean yet at the same time aggressive and lyrics can be heard which is another plus in my opinion. Those guys are in no way strangers to the scene with drums being handled by Paweł “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz (Batushka, ex Vader, Antigama). There are seven songs on this opus, with lyrics being sung in Polish language. Couple of songs reminded me more of thrash groove modern school, with street smart vibe, but what I love on this album are more death metal blast beat oriented songs like Iskra pod sniegiem or Jakbys gryzla zwir which carefully mix aggression of thrash death riffing and atmosphere and melody, I dare say melancholy of doom/folk thus creating perfect metal storm. I can also hear nineties style death metal influence in song structures, Morbid Angel old school death metal and similar bands, but Faust are not clones. This is a great record from great band and great scene!