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(gig report) 3FF Festival – Day two – Čakovec 03/09/2022

I must say hats off and thank you so much to all Cezam and 3FF crew keeping this festival in center of our hometown alive and what is even better free for all these years. This year was a two day event, like any other year, but for me line-up of second day(Saturday) was a reason to attend, Friday was not possible because I was returning from my vacation at Adriatic sea.

Line-up was fantastic and BKD from near Varaždin opened up the evening. These veteran trio delivered their set of oi punk with lots of anthems to drinking, living a working class life and vocalist/bassist Ida managed to bring early front of stage crowd to good fun, some pogo and singing along. What I love about this band is that they also deliver great dose of humor between the songs and interaction with crowd.

There was a lot of people from other places and it was really nice to see park of our town filled with punks, skinheads, metalheads and people eager to hear good music. What I do not like it some asshole nazis that attended the show, not hiding their swastikas and nazi iconography but they were ignored and addressed soon.

Our hometown veterans BAKTERIJE were next. These guys play for more than 25 years now and crowd was great in numbers and enjoyed their set of fast hardcore punk which was filled only with sure hits from their albums for tonight. Songs like Sam, Zaboravi me, Dižem svoj glas, Apatija, Sistem were superb. They also addressed all asshole nazis by playing Antifa Hooligans cover and ended triumphantly their set with Mir.

NULA from Šibenik were the band that I waited most eagerly. Since they have re-union and play again I was psyched to see and hear them again after almost twenty years. These guys and their music were a great part of my punk hardcore upbringing in the nineties with their anarcho hardcore punk with dual vocals and strong messages and I got goosebumps listening live to songs Tupilo, Pobjedimo laž, Kurvini sinovi, Ljubavna, Kaos Media and as a finisher Revolucija cover of legendary Scuffy Dogs song. For me, Nula was best band of evening. But, I can not get away from the thought that Nula are relict of the past, like myself and all of us who enjoyed their set, because today´s kids were not so much into their music. But band and us enjoyed it anyway, very much. I talked to Vedran, the drummer and he told me they prepare a new record to come out some time in the future.

ALERGIJA from Zadar are also nineties punk veterans fronted by undestructible singer Stipe and although through all the line-up changes, all turmoils, this band still manages to sound better than ever with their punk/street oi with lyrics in Croatian, so crowd ate from Stipe´s hand, so to say and all the hits were there: Antišminkerska, Četvrti stalež, Socijalne razlike and all others classic Alergija songs, also some newer stuff. They finished their set with guest vocals by Alen from Šank, taking on Cock Sparrer cover Pijemo.

ŠANK from Zagreb were headlining and for a reason. This band has some controversies with some fans that attend their gigs, the band never clearly said, no we deny and we do not want to have anything with those people and it is a mistake on their side, at least in my opinion, but let us continue with music, shall we? Well, Šank proved why they are so successful and great band in twelve years and four albums they put out, plus new singles. They delivered mighty set of street punk/rock with songs and lyrics I can relate to and although I missed some of my favorites, hits like Ne odustajem, Metak za kraj, Vatromet, Crni oblak, Zagreb gori, Grad je naš….were all their. Crowd was most numerous and sang every word to every song from beginning to the end, so it was a fantastic ending to a great night.

So, as I said, thank you 3FF crew for making it possible once again and see you next year again.

(gig report) Lagwagon/Mašinko/Trophy Jump – Boogaloo Zagreb 07.06.2022.

After two years of hiatus due to circumstances that everybody knows, yesterday evening made it everything alright again. Why? Because this was first like bigger gig that I attended after all of the pandemic shit and proof that all is alright again and gigs and festivals are under way with hot and storm filled summer heading our way.

Well, our expedition(three of us) got on the road to 90 km destination around half past six in the afternoon with gig due to start around eight in the evening. The trip went well, with three of us joking and having fun on the way, talking about what songs Lagwagon will play, how many people will attend, usual banter before the show, excitement and all.

When we got to Zagreb, we found the Boogaloo club almost immediately and saw black tour bus parked in front and people starting to gather more and more. We drank some refreshments and I was startled to see that water and beer have same prices in the club. Well, my friends drink beer so there was I think four deciliters of beer for price of 20 kuna, but I am straight edge, so I drank half liter bottled water which was also 20 kuna. I mean, WTF? 20 kuna for bottle of water? Hmm? We entered the club and looked around merch table and t-shirt prices for Lagwagon tees were 200 kuna and I think Mašinko was 100 kuna for a shirt. I just looked, bought nothing, and proceeded to in front of stage, because gig was about to start.

First band that took the stage were TROPHY JUMP from Zagreb. I watched them about ten days ago in our hometown when they headlined, so I was eager to see how they will handle on big stage and they delivered their cca half an hour set with precision. I am fascinated how many people knew the lyrics and danced to the songs. The setlist was a bit shorter this time, but all of the hits were there. From faster, more straightforward skate punk songs, to more technical and pop punk songs, that reminded me a bit of Weezer. Bunch of nice guys, great songwriters and musicians in a nice band. I enjoyed it a lot.

After their set finished we went outside to catch some air because it was damn hot in there. While we were out there in front of the club, it was nice to catch up and talk with dear people from Zagreb, Osijek, Koprivnica and all around, some of them I did not see for almost three years, so it was a bit emotional too for many of us. Hugs and fist bumps, also handshakes and glistening eyes were in order.

Next up, punk rock heroes MAŠINKO were on stage and started their set. I last saw those guys play live before their new album Danas ću sutra ću came out, so I was eager to hear some songs from the new album in their set. This was a third and last day of their mini tour through Croatia, but they were not tired at all. Singer Šulc was active on stage and interaction with the crowd was just fantastic. Although I saw them play many times, both in Croatia and Slovenia, Mašinko set in their home town is a must see. This was one mighty damn fine set. Three guitarist, bass player and singer do vocals, different and harmonies are so fantastic. Set list of their 45 minute set was made of some songs from new album like Tu smo gdje smo, Ona stoji na vratima, but also Srkijev san, Punim Plućima, Odzvanjala je pjesma, Djevojka s prosvjeda, Erupcija sreće, Rijetka sprava went just fantastic with the crowd who sang along, danced, moshed. The highlight of Mašinko set for me were 041, Kada vjetar kaže stani gave me goosebumps with sing along, they finished the set with Potjeh…probably their most known and greatest hit ever. This was a hats off set for these melodic punkrockers.

Afterwards, outside again to catch air, we saw storm clouds gather, so it was perfect time for LAGWAGON to start their European gig with first gig in Croatia. Boogaloo was filled with by my estimation about five hundred people and it was damn hot and atmosphere was right for intro and then Joey Cape and company stood on stage and started their set with After You My Friend. First couple of songs(Weak, Falling Apart) there was not so much talking between the songs, but then crowd and band started to relax and everything erupted in fantastic gig. Joey Cape was in a mood and jokes were flying from stage, guitarists Chris Rest and Chris Flippin were smiling all the time and bassist Joe Raposo was delivering his bass lines, being one of best bassists in punk rock. Lagwagon soldiered on with their set, mixed with songs from all periods of band, from oldies Give It Back, Bombs Away, Violins, Heartbreaking Music, Sleep to hits from last two albums Bubble, Surviving California, Cog In The Machine. I was so happy to see how Lagwagon enjoyed being on stage na playing again and Joey mentioned couple of times how thankful they to us, fans and friends for coming out, singing along, some stage diving, dancing and holding our fists in the air. My personal favorites and singing along favorites were To All My Friends which all of us sang along to, again gave me goosebumps. They finished regular set with Razor Burn, but came out on encore to deliver mighty Alien8, Making Friends and of course finished with May 16, my best song of Lagwagon ever!

When it was all over, we went home, because it was already almost Wednesday and next day is a working day, but we had to drive slowly on a highway because there was whole lot of rain. Great gig, great to be able to tour and go around again! I am loving it!

(gig report) Trophy Jump(Zg) + iLLeagle(Kc) – 27/5/22 – Prostor (Čakovec)

Long time no gigs concerning punk rock here in our town. Thanks to tireless crew of Cezam, Prostor received finally its dose of beautiful punk rock with two bands this Friday evening.

iLLeagle are from Koprivnica and this was the first time I have listened to this band that consists of former members of many bands from Koprivnica hardcore punk scene and I love every single second of their half hour set. These guys play fast and melodic punk/skate punk like it was done in the nineties and they have lyrics in Croatian language which is another plus for me. If I must compare their music to some bands, it would be Ateisti from Varaždin, Six Pack and Overflow, especially concerning one atmospheric ballad they played amongst their, mainly fast punk oriented setlist. The crowd enjoyed their set, even singing along to final song. I can´t wait for these guys to record something and having a release out to listen.

After them, all out storm and rain started outside, so it was about perfect time for Trophy Jump from Zagreb, to start their I think first set in our hometown. These guys did couple of European tours, have couple of e.p.-s and one full length out and they are experienced how to deliver energetic and mighty set to the crowd. Trophy Jump play pop punk with touch of fast old school melodic punk here and there, also some indie and alternative song parts, creating one energetic, harsh and melodic vibe, with great lyrics in English. Frontman/guitarist Antun has remarkable stage persona, and I am so happy to be able to see how much these guys enjoyed playing their, almost one hour set, smiling and playing all along, and rest of us knew how to appreciate it and give it back to the band. Maybe, there were not so much people attending, but we all enjoyed Trophy Jump set as one, with the band delivering all of their set list favorites plus some emphasize on newer material from the actual full length album that dropped couple of months ago. This is what we needed. That was an excellent punk rock evening on a stormy Friday.