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(gig report) Bödale napadaju vol.6-Prostor Čakovec-04.01.2020.-DAY TWO

The second day of the festival was not so crowded although it was Saturday and I really don´t know why was that, whether people thought that Friday line-up was better or something else, there was not so much people in Prostor like the night before.

No matter, Ashine from Slovenia opened the second night. This band plays a mixture of Scandinavian melodic death metal and more modern approach to death metal and I am sure that I heard also some progressive influence in the songs. The guys were really a surprise, I didn´t expect set delivered with so much energy and so much passion. Their half hour and one encore proved that they are really a force to be heard in the near future. Great set, great band.

Attitudes To Human Extinction are from Koprivnica and if I am right, this was their first gig ever. This band has some familiar faces from other bands in the scene like Gemišt and Ogenj for example. They delivered about twenty or twenty five minutes of brutal technical death metal with dual vocals and lots of wicked and at times chaotic song structures, but all in front of the stage had good time while they played.

Next, groove/stoner from Zagreb, Sloanwall played their about fourty minutes set with lots of greasy riffs, upbeat and groove and it was great to see the guys on stage how they had fun while playing with Ivda from Senf delivering some guest vocals in couple of songs hehe. This music is personally not my type, but all people who watched Sloanwall play were satisfied with what they were seeing and hearing.

I had much expectations from Reverse Gangbang from Zagreb. I didn´t check them out online prior to gig, so I thought this was gonna be some porno grindcore or something judging by the name. The energetic singer was wearing only his underwear and screaming at the top of his lungs, while guitarist, bass player and drummer played like there was no tomorrow. The music is not grindcore as I thought, but some weird hardcore punk. Imagine a mixture of Black Flag, at times Madball riffs here and there then a bit of noise thrown in for good measure. Too bad, there were too few of us to enjoy this set a bit more.

Gemišt from Varaždin/Koprivnica are one of the hosts of this festival, playing each of the six editions until now, so we knew what to expect from their twenty five minutes set. This was my first time seeing them play live with their current vocalist and I can surely say that he is way better and more energetic than the guy who sang before. Energetic hellish grindcore set, one of the highlights of this festival for sure.

Unfortunately we didn´t catch Drone Hunter from Varaždin closing this year´s edition of the festival due to going home, so sorry, but there will be other times. What to say? This is a proof how diy scene lives and strives for more, fighting against the censorship and keyboard warriors who do nothing for the scene but poison it with their lies and gossip.




(gig report) Bödale napadaju vol.6-Prostor Čakovec-03.01.2020.-DAY ONE

This is already the sixth edition of this fine festival which keeps the diy spirit alive in this regions, delivers tour de force of extreme underground music and it is fantastic because it homogenizes the scene and makes it alive with pumping fists in the air.

This year´s edition was organized in our hometown, namely Prostor and the line-up for two days was just superb.

When we arrived at the venue it was filled with metalheads, punks, just people seeking for good music and friends to enjoy the Friday night. Like almost everytime the schedule was late because the soundchecks were still going on, but no matter, we had fun talking to the friends we haven´t seen for a while, from different towns here in Croatia, also from Slovenia.

Finally, it was time for the first band of the evening to start, they were Bögetz, new band from Varaždin, I found out this was their second gig. In fact, this band consists of three Senf members on guitars, bass and vocals, plus different drummer. The music totally surprised me and blew me away, we got half an hour of sludge metal/punk, like a crossbreed of Crowbar, EyeHateGod and hardcore punk. The guys also played fantastic doom sludge cover of a famous song from legendary cartoon Čarobnjakov Šešir(Sorcerer´s Hat). Nice band and gig indeed.

Zvgator were next. I saw this guys play live only once like a year or two ago, when they played as trio-vocals, guitar and drums without bass player, now they have one. Zvgator delivered half an hour of chaotic and drunk black/thrash/speed metal and the crowd in decent full club really enjoyed their set.

Guests from Slovenia, Reach are different from the rest of the bands there, playing brutal and modern version of hardcore kinda like Madball, Risk It and similar bands and they were for me the best band of the evening sounding really superb and energetic. Their original vocalist left for New Zealand, so the singer from Laid To Rest, another Slovenian hardcore band took over the vocal duties and he did a killer job. They played circa 40 minutes of the songs from both of their e.p-s.

Senf from Varaždin are one of the bands that played all of the editions of this festival with guys from the band being involved in promoting this gig, so I knew what to expect with their crossover they play, but I can safely say this set was for me the best I have seen and heard live yet from Senf. They worked a lot, played a lot of gigs and you can feel how they enjoy playing on stage with dual vocals, courtesy of Ivda and Blaž, fast drums and melodic but hard riffs. Their set will be definitely one of the festival highlights. The set was made from all Senf hits hehe, plus Rectal Destroyer and Mikrofonija covers.

Bezdan are four guys from four different cities. They play their vision of old school black death/thrash metal and they always deliver the goods. This time was no exception, the unholy four played a mighty setlist with all their hits like Palermo, Dark Messiah and all the rest. It is fascinating watching the drummer sing and at the same time drumming to fast and technical songs. I always am awed with how much darkness these guys can deliver with their set.

Unfortunately we missed Naekoj this time, but no matter, the festival´s first night was fantastic and extreme music scene is alive and well.


(gig report) Lagwagon/Satanic Surfers/Alo Stari/Fair Do´s-Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia-16.11.2019.

I love melodic punk and this zine is practically full of such music that I love and cherish above all. When I heard about this gig a while ago, it was a must go, because this package is indeed Punk Rock Holiday mini fest hehe, almost like winter edition. The three of us traveled from Zagreb in Irina˙s car, because we went there a day earlier on Friday evening to check out Inteliber in Zagreb, the biggest book fair in these parts.

We arrived in lovely Ljubljana around 5 pm and the gig was not scheduled to start until 7 30 pm, so we had time to eat something, so we found great little Mexican food restaurant and ate some delicious spicy food there.

When I entered Kino Šiška I was amazed with this gig space, it is a former cinema with a lot of space, what is more important, there is no smoking inside, so you don˙t feel like smoked salmon after gig and it is spacious, vast and totally great sounding venue. We greeted friends from Slovenia and Croatia and it was about time to enter because the first band was about to start. FAIR DO´S from UK are no strangers to the pages of this zine, because we reviewed their excellent record out with Lockjaw records some time ago and I was eager to hear the guys play live. Despite going on early they delivered fantastic half an hour set of neckbreaking fast and musically skilled modern melodic hardcore punk with some modern metalcore touches in one new song they presented to us. They reminded me of a mixture between Propagandhi and The Human Project, but they are deliciously fast and I saw such strength emanating from them while playing. Definitely fantastic band to check out live.

ALO STARI from Maribor, Slovenia were on next representing the local scene and I must admit that I am amazed by melodic, energetic pop punk they played with super frontman and lyrics in their own Slovenian language. I was later told that three of the guys played in Trash Candy, so they are no strangers to the scene although this band is relatively new, on scene since April this year with no album released yet. But they definitely showed why are they on tonight`s bill, because I am eager to see them play live again.

I saw SATANIC SURFERS play live a little more than year ago, when we witnessed their great set at Punk Rock Holiday and interviewed them there. It was cool to meet familiar faces again and talk to the bass player Andy and guitarist Magnus again, those guys are so friendly, down to earth and full of positive force. As for their set, the Swedes delivered 45 minutes of energetic fast hardcore punk with Rodrigo doing the drums again as well singing like in old times. The set was made of hits from their still latest album Back from Hell, like Catch my breath, Usurper and couple more, also old hits were in the set although some of the gems were missing due to limited time on stage. The communication with the full house was super, all of us really enjoyed their energy and music. They triumphantly ended their set with Head under water.

It was my third LAGWAGON gig in three years, so I knew that I was in for something great. The new record Railer is for sure one of the best releases this year. They opened their set with one of my favorites from that record being The Suffering. Joey Cape was singing okay, what he couldn`t manage, bass player Joe Raposo covered with fantastic backing vocals added by Chris Rest and Chris Big Bitch Flippin. It was nice to see the band smiling and enjoying their set of oldies Sick, Sleep, Coffee and Cigarettes, but also fantastic new songs like Surviving California, Bubble and Parable. The hits like May 16 and After you my friend were sung by all of us louder than band. This evening was special because it was Joey Cape´s birthday, also Andy from Satanic Surfers too, so they received two fantastic cakes on stage after regular part of the show finished with Razor Burn. Joey tasted cake, took guitar so we knew what was next. The evergreen anthem Alien 8 which we sang like there is no tomorrow and I wanted this show never to end. Such amount of love, good energy, great music, friendship and vibe bands returning to us fans and vice versa. Lagwagon ended their set with Making friends and Stokin the neighbours and I was smiling the whole time with joy after being there, witnessing the gig I will remember as long as I live. There is only one question remaining, why there is no such gigs in Croatia? But maybe it is better that way. I love Slovenia. I love gigs there.


(gig report) We Salute You VII: Mašinko(Zg) Tahijevi Kmetovi(Ka) BKD(Vž)-01.11.2019.-Prostor Čakovec


Every year at the end of October or early November, there is an annual in memoriam gig in Prostor Čakovec for all our fallen brothers and sisters that we have lost through the years. This year was no exception. The line-up this year was made of punkrock bands and when we arrived to Prostor just around 10 pm when the gig should start according to the schedule, there was enough people in front of the club and inside waiting for the gig to start. The first band of the evening were TAHIJEVI KMETOVI from Karlovac. These veterans are playing for four decades and with some lineup changes they endured until today. I saw them about a little more than year ago in Varaždin and they were not my cup of tea there. Now, I changed my mind when I was able to hear their set on good pa system, so the guys and girl delivered about half an hour of nice punkrock mixed with, that is only my opinion, some garage punk and hardcore influences. Their singer has great voice and sounds original, different than many of her peers in the world punkrock scene and that is great. They played mostly songs from their debut album, but I think there were four new unreleased songs in their set, and I love the new material, in my opinion much, much better than older stuff. They finished their set with Kud Idijoti cover Jebem ti rat.

BKD from Varaždin played our hometown not long ago, also here in the Croatian and Slovenian area a lot, but it is nice to see the trio expanding in the region having recently played great gigs in Serbia and Macedonia. Who heard this band and saw them play live knows what to expect from them. Jokes on stage, then punk oi songs about friendship, drinking, more drinking and then some drinking, a bit more jokes. I love this band and I know most of their lyrics so I sang along and had fun listening and watching them play. The finished their set with Kud Idijoti cover too, hehe.

I last saw MAŠINKO from Zagreb play live on Zmajevo fest in Zagreb last year, I think that they didn˙t play much gigs and paused afterwards because singer Šulc went to China or something similar. Now, they are back and they sounded better than ever. Their gigs are a challenge for every soundman because they have five men singing and they do it divinely. Vocalist sings his parts, the three guitarists and bassist sing different harmonies, every men something else and I loved every minute of their hour long set of street melodic punkrock and we all sang every chorus and every verse with them. Their set was made of the hits from all of their releases plus couple of covers by Mikrofonija and KBO! at the very end of two encores they triumphantly ended their set and party continued with hardcore and punk hits deeply in the night.

What to say? Another nice memory, another nice tribute to our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. If they watched, they would be proud.

(photo gig report) Celtic punks The Rumjacks visited Zagreb Vintage Industrial Bar!

Australian celtic punks The Rumjacks visited our country again as a part of their current European tour. They played Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb again and our Irina was there to witness the mighty gig. The Rumjacks delivered killer party set made of older and newer hits from their albums and all the fans that were at the gig were having good times, that is really what matters most. Here are couple of photos from the last night:


(gig report) Core System/Pale Origins-20.09.2019.-Metalac Industrial Bar Čakovec

Core System from our hometown had a record release party yesterday, celebrating the release of their second full length album called Contrast. As it slowly becomes annual tradition, the guys chose Metalac Industrial Bar as a place to do it. Also, they invited Pale Origins from Zagreb to support them for this occasion.

Upon arriving to the venue, which is in my opinion the most beautiful club in our hometown, we saw that there were not many people preparing for the gig. The guys from the bands were finishing last checks for the start of the concert and the people were relaxing with beer, soda and talking to each other, while the dj played a bit weird set. There is only one thing I can´t understand in Metalac club. There is a secluded smoking area for the cigarette smoking people and it is okay that way. But, why do they let smoking in front of the stage and everywhere in the club when the gig starts? What is the purpose of secluded smoking area when we non smokers all stink like hell from the cigarettes after the gig?!

Back to the music. Around ten pm Pale Origins from Zagreb started their set. I never listened to this band live, but I heard only praise for their music, so I was eager to check them out. I was not wrong. I am not an avid fan of this modern metalcore/hardcore, but these guys deserve all the praise. The music is brutal metalcore turning into atmospheric beautiful parts with both the singer and guitarist combining awesome clean vocals and the interplay of their voices is fantastic. Add to that some electronic loops and samples to enrich the whole song structures, you get the superb band. I am sorry that for the first two or three songs there was some trouble with adjusting the sound, but no matter. The interaction with the not so numerable audience was also on high level so that is another plus for this band. I loved their circa 45 minutes set and I recommend this band to all the fans of such music.

The headliners, Core System were next to enter stage. This was my fourth time to see them play live, and I love how they managed to upgrade their set each time I see them with something new. The music of their progressive metalised hardcore is the story for itself, with so many, atmosphere changes, the fantastic two singers, one singing brutal parts and the other having beautiful voice for clean, dramatic vocals. There was some trouble with the sound again during the first songs, because I just couldn´t hear well the brutal singer harsh vocals and there was also something wrong with clean vocals, but no matter, the problems were erased and their set continued with as expected, the songs from their new studio effort which represents fine progression from already cool first full length album. After their official set, they played Limp Bizkit and one more song from their first album as encore and left all the people there happy until next time. This is a band which gives much effort and input to their music and image, so they deserve more attention, so go check them out and show some support, I am sure the guys will appreciate it very much.