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(horror movie) Clinton Road, the horror but not the way it was intended to be!

I love urban legends and stories about abandoned roads, haunted forests and I believe that there are many places on this planet that have some paranormal unexplained events which no one can imagine to exist.


I was very happy when I read about the movie which connects real urban legend stories about Clinton Road in New Jersey which they call one of the most haunted places in the world. When I read that former teenage star Richard Grieco(21 Jump Street tv series, Teen Agent) will direct this movie along with former cop and bodyguard turned movie director Steve Stanulis, I became a bit suspectful. Also, Eric Roberts and Ice-T are only the names for the dvd cover because Ice-T appears in the movie as the owner of the nightclub and I really don´t know what was his purpose for the story or the movie, maybe returning favor to the movie makers. Eric Roberts is even worse appearing as a cameo playing himself. Was that supposed to be funny, or charming? Well, it was not!

The real cast of this movie led by Erin O´Brien and James DeBello are total trash, under every average of decent acting. The story revolves around firefighter widow who needs closure and takes his friends investigating haunted Clinton Road where his wife disappeared. Then real confusion happens, ghost girl. some Rob Halford looking maniac killer living in the house with blue lights, psychic horror, all thrown in without any order or anything like screenwriter Derek Ross Mackay went insane halfway doing his work for this movie.

The characters run and wander around without any real goal, some dying, some staying alive, no real story is clear who, why or what is happening. The ending of the movie is equally sudden and bad and it is a mercy that it is not a long one. This movie is horror, but horror how someone can make such awful flick, not horror the makers intended it to be. Avoid this one!

(movie)SLENDER MAN(2018.)

Being fan of urban legends and myths, also legend of Slender Man, I waited to see what this movie would be like. I didn`t imagine it to be like that, but first things first!


The movie starts as your typical teenage college highschool horror flick with the group of girls organizing a party at one of their houses. When they heard that the guys at other party plan to summon Slender Man, the girls did it too. They went online and found instant how to summon Slender Man video hahaha, and then they started to have nightmares, felt being followed and started disappearing one by one. Slender Man has come to collect them and take them with him.

Now, the problems started also for me as a viewer I always hated the movies when they summon a ghost/demon/whatever from instant online video. Besides the spooky Ring vhs video which still gives me nightmares, all else was plain stupid. The characters in this movie are like plain white rice, edible but without spice. Acting is below average and the jump and scare tactics made for little kids. The ending of the movie was just as bad and disappointing, like everything else in the movie. Avoid this little fucker!






The only movie about astral out of body projection in the horror genre that I have seen so far is Insidious, so I was eager to see how Astral will turn out. Starring Frank Dillane(Fear The Walking Dead) and Vanessa Grasse(Leatherface), this movie is about the metaphysics student Alex who tries to cope with the death of his mother. When he tries to reach out to her through the astral projection, he gets way more than he wanted….

The one thing that bothered me a lot concerning this movie when watching is actual slowness. Nothing important happens in the first half an hour,. Then after Alex and his friends decide to record his alleged astral projections, weird shit starts to happen. There are some spooky scenes with shadow people starting to appear and making Alex and his friends desperate for help.

Suddenly, the shadow people follow Alex everywhere and the movie finally gets creepy and turns into a psychological horror or mindfuck horror.

The ending of the movie was okay, but a bit too sped up after dragging first half of the movie. Decent, but waay to slow!



(record review)Melodic energetic bomb from Serbia DOGHOUSE-“Never Cry Wolf”(Morning Wood Records)


Morning Wood Records quickly becomes one of the best European labels delivering strong melodic punk hardcore records all the time. This time, Serbian melodic punk hardcore band Doghouse released their new album and boy, I just cant get enough of it. Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, these fellows were formed in 1998.so next year I suppose will be 20th anniversary for these guys.

They were pretty successfull in their time, but in 2006.they went on hiatus only to be reformed again in 2013. They signed to Morning Wood Records in 2015.and released a great comeback e.p.”Dysfunction”.

Now, it is time for the new album. There are 10 songs on the new record, all great, fast paced punkrock with a lots of melody and energy, played with heart and conviction. The lyrics are in English language and I guess, from the listening that they deal with more personal issues. The whole vibe of the album is nice nostalgic nod towards 90-ies and punkrock scene then, but at the same time it sounds fresh and awesome. The other thing that I liked very much is the vocals. The vocals dont sound cheesy and snotty, quite the contrary, they are like rougher but singing great melodies at the same time. It is very hard to give the top songs from the record because they are all great, but I will try. For me, the top songs are: “Drone” and “Goodbye”. Great record for all of you who love your punkrock done that way.