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(review) Various – VIII – Immortal Euphoria

Besides being great PR agency for bringing underground metal to hearts of legions of brothers and sisters out there, Metalmessage also releases music and their compilations are something to watch out for. I remember when I was a kid starting in the scene, there were tape trading days which created a network that is still active today in many ways. One of the means to discover new bands were compilation tapes and I loved listening to them and discovered new bands, sent a letter, got to know new friends, help bring bands to my area and I am active in the scene now, thirty years after that. This is already eighth part of Metalmessage compilation and this time they deliver fifteen bands from the underground and one common thread is that they are all high quality music and each of them represented here is fantastic, depending on your personal taste. Since my personal taste is somewhere in more blacker specter of scene, my favorites on this compilation are Antrisch, awesome black metal, Lovecraft inspired doom Cult Of Salem, Varus from Germany, being energetic black folk metal, but you will have to listen and find your own favorites, I am sure you will. Go check it out!


(movie) Witches in the Woods is a solid psychological horror.


I must admit that I had absolutely no expectations from this one. I thought to myself, this is another teen horror slasher or something, just one in endless row of bad horror, like it is delivered in recent couple of years. But, fortunately I was wrong. The story evolves around group of friends who drive with their SUV somewhere in shithole back country and learn that some witches were hung there in the woods. Like it usually is in our beloved genre, instead of moving on, they decide to go there. And what happens? Their SUV breaks down. They are stranded in snow and all the psychological issues start to come out as something lurks for them in the darkness and cold. Is it witches or only their psyche? Well, this one had some spooky moments for me. There are almost no gore and bloody scenes, just a little, so you gore fiends skip this one. This is pure psychological mental break horror and I loved it. The ending could be better and it left some questions in the movie unanswered but I guess that is the way it must be in movies such as this one. The acting is not well, but decent and Jordan Barker directed this one okay and I have nothing against this movie. Not special, but decent.


(movie) For We Are Many-horror anthology!


Horror anthology containing 13 filmmakers that were asked to do their contribution to the movie inspired by demons, Lovecraftian cosmic horror, afterlife, ghosts and similar themes. This movie is poor clone of V/H/S franchise, also ABCs Of Death franchise and similar modern horror movie anthologies. When you have cheap budget, you can still make a great movie by writing superb story. Like similar anthologies, this one also has some great segments, especially those found footage subgenre segments, this subgenre being my favorite horror subgenre besides slasher horror. There are also badly written clicheed fillers, without any sense. Central segment which connects the movie is without any sense at all. I counted seven great segments, against six bad ones, so that makes this movie barely decent mark. Acting is criminal but there are some decent actors here and there. Gore effects are lousy or none this being direct to dvd cheap production. But, I have recently watched that Glenn Danzig`s Verotika and compared to that, this one is an Oscar winning material hehe.