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Anti-Flag Announces Retrospective movie Documentary


“It’s hard to sum up the life of a band in an hour and a half,” explains vocalist and guitarist Justin Sane of politically-fueled punk rock band Anti-Flag. We started Anti-Flag out of a passion for punk rock with the belief that punk music had the power to change people’s lives and have a positive impact on the world. With this documentary, we hope people will see that while life may not be as straight forward as that idealistic philosophy, it isn’t so far from the truth either. Regardless of what others take from this film, for us the experience of looking back on the history of Anti-Flag – sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes unbelievable – leaves us grateful to have had the opportunity to live a very rare and at times extraordinary life as part of this punk rock band.”

Beyond Barricades: The Story of Anti-Flag is being presented by Alternative Press and will make its debut on October 3rd via Veeps. Tickets for the livestream can be purchased here.

With direction from Jon Nix, the film tells the story of political punk band Anti-Flag by diving into the world of punk rock and activism while shedding light on the trials and tribulations of playing politically charged music for over 25 years. An inspiring look at a group of musicians dedicating their lives to fighting for human rights through their songs and outreach. With their endless drive to help others, they put empathy over apathy and fight cynicism with optimism but find that things could go tragically wrong at any moment.

It features interviews with the band as well as contemporaries such as Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Billy Bragg, Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Brian Baker (Bad Religion), Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners, Hot Water Music), Tom May and Greg Barnett (The Menzingers) and many more to help tell the story of a band whose drive to spread their message is truly unstoppable.

This is the second feature film produced by TurnStyle Films and Executive Producer Matthew Chojnacki (Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street, 30 years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story). TurnStyle Films co-produced Powerbomb, distributed by Indican Pictures earlier this year. They are currently in production on Don’t Fall In Love with Yourself, a documentary on Justin Pearson and the San Diego noise punk scene. The filmmakers and band members are available for interviews.

Beyond Barricades: The Story of Anti-Flag will make its debut on October 3, 2020 via Veeps.  

(band tjedna) Majkan i njihova vizija streetpunka


Evo nakon dugo vremena jednog posta na matičnom jeziku. Uveli smo novitet u zine koji se zove bend tjedna.  U ovoj prvoj epizodi predstavljamo punkrock/streetpunk bend iz Apatina, Srbija, a to je Majkan.

Majkan je punk rock bend iz Apatina, oformljen u siječnju 2019.g. Bend je u početku svirao obrade domaćih punk grupa, ali ubrzo počinju raditi i autorske pjesme. Prvi single za pjesmu  Ajmo u kafanu  su objavili u studenom 2019g.  Pjesma u kratkom vremenu postala hit i omogućila bendu promociju i brojne nastupe. Početkom 2020.g Majkan izdaje drugi single za pjesmu Dobro veče, kojim stiču još više publike. Poslije pauze izazvane pandemijom, Majkan nastavlja sa radom i krajem svibnja je izašao treći single Kao pre. Pjesma dobija dobre kritike i bend u lipnju održava nekoliko uspješnih koncerata. Krajem lipnja, objavljen je četvrti single za pjesmu  Laku Noć”. Spot sadrži kadrove sa nastupa iz Apatina, Novog Sada i Stapara. Sve  pjesme su snimljene pod producentskom palicom Nemanje Kalinića

Bend trenutno radi na novim pjesmama i uskoro se očekuje još jedan singl. 

Majkan čine iskusni muzičari koji su svirali u mnogim metal, punk i rock bendovima. Bend svoju pravu snagu pokazuje na koncertima gdje dolazi do velike razmene  energije između njih i publike. Članovi benda su : Igor Bukvić – bubnjevi , Nemanja Kalinić – gitara i prateći vokali, Rade Balać – vokal i bas. 


(review) They Stay Dead-REGRESSION E.P.


They Stay Dead  are hailing from Oklahoma and this is their new e.p. containing 3 songs.  Their Bandcamp says hard rock from retired skatepunks and that led me to something totally different than the music on this record really is. These three songs are pure melodic hardcore punk with speed, ferociousness, a bit metalic sound, I can even here some nwobhm in guitar work of Shiny Things. But, for me the best song on the record is fast, melodic and straightforward Zipped Up, being most hardcore punk song on this record. The third song Plague Bearer is kinda most complex with middle part of almost mathematical changes and metalic sounding. This one is good one. Go try!