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(review) Greg Rekus-Death and Taxes


Canadian punk artist Greg Rekus is no stranger to the pages of our zine, we interviewed this fantastic artist couple of months ago. This time, we had a wonderful chance to listen and review the brand new record, out this January. The record contains 13 new songs of melody, drama, heartbreak and catharsis. I smiled, laughed, felt happiness and sadness all the while listening to this one. Not Too Late To Change is the nice song with a message and beautiful chorus. Besides standard punkrock and acoustic song structures, there is also saxophone used on this record like in beautiful Time. Greg˙s voice sounds just made for the music he creates and I personally think this new album is the crown in his work until now concerning the lyrics which everyone can relate to and catchy emotional punkrock music for the heart. One of the best songs on this record for me is Smart Ones, anthemic chorus, uptempo and clever use of sax making it my favorite. Also, Take A Stand and A Newer Hope are the songs that somehow stand out for me, that doesn˙t mean that the rest of the songs are not awesome. Go get this one!


Blacked Out announces new Wasted Breath EP, reveals music video for title track!


Vancouver thrash-infused Skatepunk crew Blacked Out has announced the release of a new EP entitled “Wasted Breath”. The new offering is due out March 27 on CD and vinyl format via Thousand Islands Records, right on time for the band’s tour with legendary skatepunk unit, Belvedere.

Pre-orders will soon be available, in the meantime you can find below the video for the title track, the album artwork and tour itinerary.

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miu9ByQWieQ&feature=youtu.be

About Blacked Out:

Blending a solid mix of skate-punk and thrash, Blacked Out is what happens when four old friends get together to play music they would have been stoked on when they were teenagers.

Facebook | Thousand Islands Records



(more good news) Demons Run Amok announced signing of Bull Brigade


Photocredit::Stefano Guidi

Demons Run Amok announced the signing of Bull Brigade

Stay tuned for more infos .
The new record will be out in March 2020.

Read on for the statement:

Today is a very special day for DRA! We´re finally able to announce the signing of one of the most loyal, dedicated and hard working Bands in the european Streetpunk and OI Scene!
We´re glad to walk the path with these fine gentlemen for a long time!
Please welcome Turins antifascist ultras Bull Brigade!

First release will be a 7“ called STRONGER THAN TIME. Expect the release in March – preorders starts soon! More releases will follow!!

Bristol Booze Cruise new band announcements!



If you weren’t impressed with the insane array and diversity of bands on the festival’s first announcement… check out the second wave of bands!

Attika State – UK
Brutalligators – UK
Disaster Jacks – ES
Free Throw – USA
H_ngm_n – UK
Higley – USA
La Moxie – UK
Lone Wolf – NL
Peach Club – UK
Restorations – USA

If you missed it, the initial announcement looked like this:

Aerial Salad – UK
All Better – UK
Alright – USA
Antillectual – NL
Burnt Tapes – UK
Darko – UK
Empire Me! – DE
The Gay Agenda – USA
Good Friend – IRL
Goodbye Blue Monday – UK
Hit Like A Girl – USA
Jabber – USA
Late Bloomer – USA
March – NL / BE
The Menstrual Cramps – UK
Mikey Erg Band – USA
Moonraker – USA
Ramona – USA
The Run Up – UK
Sewer Rats – DE
Shoreline – DE
The Social Club – UK
Teenage Bubblegum – IT
Trophy Jump – HR
Pardon Us – UK
Witching Waves – UK
Tickets are on sale now here but the early bird tickets have SOLD OUT.
You can stay up to date and get more info visiting the site and following the festival socials:


(gig report) Bödale napadaju vol.6-Prostor Čakovec-03.01.2020.-DAY ONE

This is already the sixth edition of this fine festival which keeps the diy spirit alive in this regions, delivers tour de force of extreme underground music and it is fantastic because it homogenizes the scene and makes it alive with pumping fists in the air.

This year´s edition was organized in our hometown, namely Prostor and the line-up for two days was just superb.

When we arrived at the venue it was filled with metalheads, punks, just people seeking for good music and friends to enjoy the Friday night. Like almost everytime the schedule was late because the soundchecks were still going on, but no matter, we had fun talking to the friends we haven´t seen for a while, from different towns here in Croatia, also from Slovenia.

Finally, it was time for the first band of the evening to start, they were Bögetz, new band from Varaždin, I found out this was their second gig. In fact, this band consists of three Senf members on guitars, bass and vocals, plus different drummer. The music totally surprised me and blew me away, we got half an hour of sludge metal/punk, like a crossbreed of Crowbar, EyeHateGod and hardcore punk. The guys also played fantastic doom sludge cover of a famous song from legendary cartoon Čarobnjakov Šešir(Sorcerer´s Hat). Nice band and gig indeed.

Zvgator were next. I saw this guys play live only once like a year or two ago, when they played as trio-vocals, guitar and drums without bass player, now they have one. Zvgator delivered half an hour of chaotic and drunk black/thrash/speed metal and the crowd in decent full club really enjoyed their set.

Guests from Slovenia, Reach are different from the rest of the bands there, playing brutal and modern version of hardcore kinda like Madball, Risk It and similar bands and they were for me the best band of the evening sounding really superb and energetic. Their original vocalist left for New Zealand, so the singer from Laid To Rest, another Slovenian hardcore band took over the vocal duties and he did a killer job. They played circa 40 minutes of the songs from both of their e.p-s.

Senf from Varaždin are one of the bands that played all of the editions of this festival with guys from the band being involved in promoting this gig, so I knew what to expect with their crossover they play, but I can safely say this set was for me the best I have seen and heard live yet from Senf. They worked a lot, played a lot of gigs and you can feel how they enjoy playing on stage with dual vocals, courtesy of Ivda and Blaž, fast drums and melodic but hard riffs. Their set will be definitely one of the festival highlights. The set was made from all Senf hits hehe, plus Rectal Destroyer and Mikrofonija covers.

Bezdan are four guys from four different cities. They play their vision of old school black death/thrash metal and they always deliver the goods. This time was no exception, the unholy four played a mighty setlist with all their hits like Palermo, Dark Messiah and all the rest. It is fascinating watching the drummer sing and at the same time drumming to fast and technical songs. I always am awed with how much darkness these guys can deliver with their set.

Unfortunately we missed Naekoj this time, but no matter, the festival´s first night was fantastic and extreme music scene is alive and well.


Bristol punkx The Run Up Announce Japan Tour!


The Run Up who have a reputation for constantly touring have announced their first tour of 2020 and Japan is their destination.

Their latest record ‘In Motion’ came out in October  via Gunner Records / Real Ghost Records / La Escalera / Swamp Cabbage before their USA and European tours and the band look to continue to play even more in 2020.

‘In Motion’ made it into a lot of top Album of The Year and they will carry on their tradition of blowing people away with their live performance.

Stay upto date with the band as we are sure they will have more tour news soon.



Bandaid Brigade (Zach Quinn of PEARS and Brian Wahlstrom of Scorpios, Gods Of Mount Olympus) Releasing Debut Full-Length ‘I’m Separate’ on January 21, 2019!


Bandaid Brigade the musical project of Zach Quinn (PEARS), Brian Wahlstrom (Scorpios, Gods of Mount Olympus) and friends Paul Rucker (Armchair Martian, Street Dogs, Drag The River) and Chris Fogal (The Gamits) will release their debut album ‘I’m Separate’ on January 21, 2020.

Recorded at Black in Bluhm Studios in Denver, CO, and co-produced with Fogal, the album finds the members of Bandaid Brigade stretching beyond their collective punk roots with ambitious songwriting, polished arrangements, and a throwback sound that draws some detectable influences from early progressive rock, a heady mix of Springsteen’s attitude, Elton John’s artistic balladry, and classic pop-rock disco grooves echoing ABBA and Earth Wind & Fire.

Bandaid Brigade says: “It’s quite possible that this is the best album ever made. We hope you like it as much as we think you think we think we do.”


“I’m Separate” Track Listing:

1. Everything

2. Travel Light

3. Attila

4. Stay Busy

5. Treat Me Like A Christmas Tree

6. Losing Light

7. I Think it’s Going to Rain Today

8. Holding Steady

9. Break the Grid

10. Nothing Matters

11. Nothing


‘The First Tour’- West Coast

1/9/2020 Santa Cruz // The Crepe Place

1/10/2020 San Francisco // Bottom of the Hill

1/11/2020 Reno // Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor

1/12/2020 Portland // High Water Mark Lounge

1/14/2020 Seattle // Funhouse

1/16/2020 Sacramento // The Press Club

1/17/2020 Las Vegas // Evel Pie

1/18/2020 San Diego // Acid Vault

UK / Europe Tour (more dates TBA)

1/29/2020 Surrey // The London Stone

1/30/2020 Leeds (UK) // Wharf Chambers

1/31/2020 Edinburg (UK) // Banshee Labyrinth

2/1/2020 Dundee (UK) // Red Apples

2/2/2020 Stafford (UK) // Red Rum

2/3/2020 Exeter (UK) // The Cavern

2/4/2020 London // New Cross Inn

2/5/2020 Canterbury (UK) // Lady Luck Bar

2/6/2020 Paris (FR) Venue TBD

2/7/2020 Mechelen (BE) // De Club

2/8/2020 Lennestadt (D) @ OT Grevenbrück

2/9/2020 Solothurn (CH) // Kofmehl

2/10/2020 Zurich (CH) // Hafenkneipe

2/11/2020 TBD

2/12/2020 Weinerstadt (AT) Triebwerk

2/13/2020 Linz (AT)// Sputnik

2/14/2020 Zwiezel (DE) // Jugendcafé

2/15/2020 Saarbrücken (DE) // Devils Place

Bandaid Brigade is:

Zach Quinn – Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Brian Wahlstrom – Keys, Vocals

Paul Rucker – Drums

Chris Fogal – Guitar


Saxophone – Joe Cardillo

Cello – Lief Sjostrom

Violin – Olivia Shaw

Vocals – Sandi King

Zach Quinn made his name fronting critically acclaimed New Orleans-based hardcore punk band PEARS. Brian Wahlstrom is a classically trained opera singer and pianist whose touring and recording career is rooted firmly in punk rock and has included frequent collaborations with Joey Cape (Lagwagon).

Quinn and Wahlstrom connected on a tour produced by Cape’s label One Week Records, which brings artists into a high energy, week long write-arrange-record process that culminates in a completed album and follow-up touring. The pairing fully leverages the combination of Quinn’s raw edge, Wahlstrom’s finesse, and the lyrical power of dual songwriters.

Website: https://bandaid-brigade.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bandaidbrigadeband

Instagram: www.instagram.com/band_aid_brigade

Spotify: https://sptfy.com/4Es6

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/album/id/1469413711