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(book) Život s Idijotima-book about one of the most important punk bands from our scene and a document of a time gone by.


I remember when I was a kid and went to Monte Paradiso festival in Pula for the first time ever back in 1997. I was fortunate that my band played the first day in Uljanik back then and I was so nervous because we opened the then four day event of punk hardcore in such a mythical place for me. Having grown up with punk bands from Pula such as Kud Idijoti, Fakofbolan, Frontalni udar, Think, Pasmaters and many others, I was honoured to be there, had awesome time. I always argued with my friend Lazar about which band is better Hladno Pivo or Kud Idijoti back in the days. He was always for Idijoti and my choice then was Pivo when they were still punk band, not the band they are today. Now I know I was wrong. Kud Idijoti never sold out. Kud Idijoti always kept their integrity, their ideals until the very end with singer Tusta passing away too soon!

This book is bassist Dr Fric´s reflection of the time spent in the one of the most important punk band of this region with a lot of anecdotes, stories, and can easily serve as excellent history document of punk and alternative scene of former Yugoslavia and later Croatia, with dark times of war and rising nationalism, when Kud Idijoti were a beacon of normal thought in times of thick darkness. The book is excellent in that part, but I was somehow disappointed with the ending. It ends too abruptly and without real closure, like it was cut and all those quotations of other people and contemporaries is no way to end this book. I felt somehow cheated not getting closure and the ending of the story no matter how hard and heartbreaking it could be. But, I guess Fric had reasons to write it that way. This book is inspirational, easy to read and fantastic document of the time I was in a way and still am part of. Get and read this one!

(news)Punk Rock Holiday added Bad Religion to the line-up! Festival celebrates ten years!


Punk Rock Holiday added Bad Religion to the line-up for the tenth festival birthday. Who would think that this festival would become one of the nicest and best festivals in the world. The line-up looks fantastic, so go get your ticket while you still can!

FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/2376391189116763/


Australian punks The Phosphorous Bombs have a new single out!


Australian punk band The Phosphorous Bombs have a new single out! …Against You! is a raw and energetic hardcore punk anthem with some melodic undertones to make you smile and pump your fist in the air at the same time! You can listen to the song and download it if you want here:  https://thephosphorusbombs.bandcamp.com/album/against-you-single

(review) Tsunami Bomb-The Spine That Binds(Alternative Tentacles)


Cult Californian punk band Tsunami Bomb is back with brand new record with Alternative Tentacles and I listened and reviewed it for our zine. After some line-up changes the strength is renewed and they are back with a blast with 11 new songs delivering in your face their original mixture of melodic punkrock with pop and darkened gothic influences. This is how melodic punk would sound like if Edgar Allan Poe wrote it. The songs are fresh, anthemic sounding powerful with catchy riffs, superb melodic dual lines, harmonic backing vocals and songs like Sinkhole or Dead Men Can`t Catcall are sure to win you over. If you are an old fan, you will love this, if you are new fan, welcome to the fantastic world of Tsunami Bomb, darkened melodic punk powerhouse! 9/10



(new single) Tim Loud released new single, Things That Matter with TNSrecords!


The theme of the song looks at how each individual has their own personal struggles within the direction that life takes them. It concludes that if we were all a little more understanding of this, then it might promote more empathy and unity.

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by longtime producer Kurt Wood at Cornerhouse recording studios, Keighley. The accompanying video was directed by Celina Baluch who also wrote and directed the video to 2018’s Salvation.


A first for TNSrecords, the single is available with BeeBombs or an A5 artwork print. The BeeBombs contain a selection of 18 wildflowers native to the UK and confirmed as “Perfect for pollinators” by the RHS. Easy to plant and distributed in sustainable packaging. The artwork is hand printed on white A5 card.

The single is available for download from Tim Loud‘s bandcamp and all your download/streaming platforms.

(review) EVA RAS-Meni nije svejedno/It`s not whatever


It is time to support our own regional scene here on Balkans and EVA RAS released the new record, so I listened and reviewed it for our zine. Named after famous Yugoslav actress, painter and writer, this band plays darkened emotional hardcore mixed with powerviolence. There are 6 songs on this record and it represents the first half of a double e.p. The songs are short, in your face like they were supposed to be, chaotic yet beautiful in that chaos, giving away primal simplicity of decay, degradation and accepting the inevitable in fighting and recognising your inner self, your flaws and your virtues. The lyrics are in English and I can find myself in most of the songs, so it was really a pleasure to listen to this record.


(News) Rising Anger release new video for Passing The Past

Rising Anger released a new video of  their upcoming record “I AM”
The song is called “Passing The Past” and it´s the second single/video release.
The full length will be out on Feb. 7th via Bastardized Rec.
The video was released via Dreambound.

Listen to Passing The Past:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2JIezWJ
iTunes: https://apple.co/36qXpXb
Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/2NypBif
Youtube: https://bit.ly/2Q8cF5
Rising Anger

Bastardized Recordings

Photocredit: Kevin Spielmann