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Love Equals Death have a new single and lyric video!

Love Equals Death was founded in the depths of California, fittingly on Halloween to create a band that mixes Horror Punk with Skate Punk. The first Love Equals Death album Nightmerica was release by Fat Wreck chords and had the trio around Chon Travis tour with bands like AFI and Tiger Army all around the globe.
 After releasing a split record with their buddies The Static Age and a B-sides compilation – both on SBÄM records – they are now ready to unleash their brand new album “Gravity and Grace” on July 17.
 The first single “The Letter” is out on May 18 as well as the cool lyrics video created by Dominik Geiger.
 The Letter is about broken trust. When you go all in for someone and realize that it’s not reciprocated. Not only that, they didn’t respect you enough to tell you to your face, but instead, left it all in a letter. 3420 came together in the studio. We needed another song, but didn’t have lyrics. We were trying to come up with ideas, so I started to think about people that I know or have met in my life that stood out to me, and my friend Shelby came to mind. The rest is history.   Gravity and Grace is a lifetime away from Nightmerica. There have been so many obstacles since then just to get to this point in releasing a new album. The gratitude that I hold for aIl those involved is overwhelming. I can’t think of a better time than now for this musical and life expression.
  – says singer and guitarist Chon Travis. The Letter can roughly be described as Bauhaus meets The Clash!

(review) A Wilhelm Scream – Use Your Delusion

Finally, long awaited new album is here. A Wilhelm Scream is a band that I got to know only six years ago, at Punk Rock Holiday festival in Slovenia where I witnessed their high energy fantastic set and immediately fell in love with the band. A Wilhelm Scream play basically fast and melodic hardcore punk but mixed with technical skate punk and executed with might and precision of well oiled machine. These 11 new songs offer that and so much more. With trade mark voice that is rough but melodic, lightning fast guitars, thundering drums and bass and above all, well written songs that are anthems for singing along and dancing, moshing and stage diving at shows, this is for sure one of the candidates for the melodic hardcore punk record of the year. My personal favorites: The Enigma, Figure Eights In My Head, Be One To No One, but I find new favorites upon every listening, so go check this one out.


Sardinian hardcore FOR DIFFERENT WAYS released new song and video!

For Different Ways born in 2015 starting playing gigs around all the island before stopping in 2017 for recording their first EP “About Life And Choices” that is released in 2018. The first of the 4 tracks to be released is “Listless” which comes out with a video clip on the band`s Youtube channel.

The EP is also released on all the platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, BandCamp and Deezer.

The band records and releases a new single, “By The River” in 2019, planning a tour to follow that unfortunately the band has to cancel as the pandemic has started.