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(gig report) Debeli Precjednik – 10.07.2021.-Vintage Industrial Zagreb

Finally, after more than a year, gigs are back although not in a variant we would all love. But, at least they are not online. My opinion: Online gig is not a gig. There must be interaction, crowd, cheering, singing along, joy and energy. Online you can not get that watching a video.

Vintage Industrial Bar Zagreb hosted this Saturday on its outdoor parking a gig of Croatian melodic hardcore punk legends Debeli Precjednik. Everyone who reads this zine will know that I love this band since I first went to their gig back in 1995 and we also became friends through the decades. So, I was so happy when I found out that my first real gig after that covid shit will be precisely Debeli Precjednik. Gig started at 18 30 hrs sharp and Sun was still up and hot when Koca and company started their set with Marionette. All of their hits were present in slightly changed setlist since the last time I saw them live back in February 2020 also in Zagreb. Some old hits like Ready to Fight, Another Day Conquered, Still Breathing, Nights Underneath Your Window, Waste Of My Time, Guilty Conscience, but also some hits from the forthcoming new album which Koca announced that they finally recorded, only vocals need to be put to the album and then it will be ready. From the new songs, Nema me, Misery Loves Company and emotional tribute to the late but never forgotten Ivan Antolic – Ivek, whom we lost two years ago, song called Pičke ne vrište hit me somehow hardest. Crowd had great time, singing along, dancing as far as epidemic measures allowed, but we all needed that love and energy in the air. Of course, DP finished their set with songs in our Croatian native language, Subotom Kićo, Zaboravi, Puška ne ubija ljude, Moja su koljena….and of course Farmersko srce for the end of a little above one hour set. I saw this band playing really a lot of times, but this was one of their best gigs ever in last twenty or so years. Dostava Zvuka did a fine job with this gig, hope they will keep them coming.

(gig report) Rock in Marof MMXX


Gig at last! I waited a really long time for real gig to happen and yesterday night, Stara škola Novi Marof was the place to be! I don´t mean to slander anyone, but online gigs are not the real thing, devoid of crowd, sweat, some, beer stench and loud guitar and amplifier screeching.

Our expedition from Čakovec came at approximately at the same time as Bakterije and the rest of the crew was already there. It was nice to see and hang out with all the people that I didn´t see forever, all the people from Koprivnica, Varaždin, Novi Marof, Zagreb and all other places. The schedule for gig was already running late, so with all the hanging out I missed sludge set by Bogetz, but I heard that the guys delivered a mighty set like the last time I saw them at Bodale Napadaju in January this year in my hometown. Krah 1573 was next on stage, this band is made of old foxes in the scene and they delivered their set of a bit unusual and original indie punk hardcore metal, the people had good time during their set and everyone seemed to enjoy the gig, after so long without live sets here in the north. I saw Kurve from Zagreb two times live prior to this set and I must say that the band sounds tighter and more convincing than ever, these guys are musicians exquisite, especially the bass player and the singer Vito is real showman who had the crowd eat from his hand, so to say, and singing along every song with the band. For those who don´t know, Kurve play hardcore punk, a mixture of d-beat and garage rock influenced songs with lots of catchy guitar hooks and melodies sounding great. Of course I waited for my personal favorite song Trgaj stranice which the guys played of course, towards the end of their set. This set was bittersweet for Kurve because this was the last gig with their drummer Gago, who is leaving Croatia to work in Portugal if I understood well, so they will not play live until they have a new drummer. Bakterije headlined and they played their best of set from last two or three albums with all set must be-s being included, ending their one hour set with anthem Sam.

After the gig with our hearts full we went back to our hometown where the party continued till early Sunday morning hours.

What to say? This gig brought us back to good old times prior to this Covid shit, when the gigs were our everyday not the exception from the otherwise dull evenings. Congrats and hats  off to Filip and all the crew from Stara škola for making this possible. Cheers, guys, you made this Saturday special after really long time.

(gig report) Fakofbolan(Pula)+Saša 21(Pula)-22.02.2020.-Unterhund, Ormož(Slovenia)

Last year there was a great gig in legendary club Unterhund at carnival weekend, Fakofbolan from Pula, Croatia provided mighty set and I still remember it with a smile on my face.

This year, carnival weekend came again and what better way to celebrate than with punk gig, line-up package of two punk bands from Pula. Ormož is a lovely little town, circa 20 kilometers from our hometown, so we went there in the evening hours knowing that gigs usually start late in Unterhund. There were a lot of merry masked people over there, drinking booze, having fun and preparing for the gig start. Around ten thirty SAŠA 21 took their place on stage. This trio is relatively new band in the Croatian punk scene led by legendary ex Kud Idijoti guitar player Sale Veruda, who plays guitar and sings for Saša 21, with two younger guys on drums and bass, making them punkrock power trio. The guys call their music boogie punkrock, I don˙t really know what that means, but they provided nice 45 minutes of energetic melodic punkrock with lyrics in Croatian language. I don`t know their material, because they have one full length album out and it is only released on lp version so no digitals. They have only two songs on YouTube, so real underground hehe. Whether it is helpful or they damage their own band with such decision it is a matter of opinion. Some of their songs really reminded me of Kud Idijoti, guitar melodies and Sale˙s vocals. Although the response was not so eager and there were not a lot of people in front of the stage, as Saša 21 got deeper towards the middle of their set, the situation improved and I was happy to see with how great amount of energy and smiles on their faces all three guys in the band deliver their music although Sale Veruda is way over fifty years old the guy has a lot of explosive in his bones and much respect to him for that. The vocals are somewhat quiet in the whole mix but Saša 21 ended their set triumphantly with their single Vesna 2.

After a quick stage makeover there came time for FAKOFBOLAN legendary streetpunk band from Pula, Croatia, who are one of my favorite Croatian punk bands in last 25 years. This was my third or fourth time that I watch them live in one year and I still remember their fantastic set at last year`s Punk Rock Holiday. I am not one of those guys who shit and whine about the sound a lot, but the soundman yesterday night was criminal. The main vocals were too quiet for both bands, then Šapo˙s vocals suddenly grew louder, bass player` s back vox were too loud and I had non stop feeling that something is breaking up in the sound, like guitar falls out, or drums or bass, and this spoiled Fakofbolan`s set for me a little. This is not band`s fault because they played all of their hits from all of their releases from older favorites like Kota 313, Ropstvo je sloboda, Ostali smo, Da li znaš and similar to couple of songs from their last come back album which is now like six years old already. They tried one cover by Scuffy Dogs-Heroji which I had hard time to recognize hehe. I guess Fakofbolan is not for playing covers they have enough of their great songs, no need to try that. First couple of songs in the set were somewhat reserved by the band and the crowd, but somewhere in the middle of the set, party started and never ended until the last two encores, so there was over one hour and fifteen minutes of great streetpunk like we are used to get from the band. The guys were all smiles with people singing along, stage diving, doing all kinds of crazy dance and enjoying the gig. Apart from technical difficulties, this was another great night, great gig and much respect to all the crew in Unterhund who promotes and keeps the flame of the scene alive here.