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(book) Život s Idijotima-book about one of the most important punk bands from our scene and a document of a time gone by.


I remember when I was a kid and went to Monte Paradiso festival in Pula for the first time ever back in 1997. I was fortunate that my band played the first day in Uljanik back then and I was so nervous because we opened the then four day event of punk hardcore in such a mythical place for me. Having grown up with punk bands from Pula such as Kud Idijoti, Fakofbolan, Frontalni udar, Think, Pasmaters and many others, I was honoured to be there, had awesome time. I always argued with my friend Lazar about which band is better Hladno Pivo or Kud Idijoti back in the days. He was always for Idijoti and my choice then was Pivo when they were still punk band, not the band they are today. Now I know I was wrong. Kud Idijoti never sold out. Kud Idijoti always kept their integrity, their ideals until the very end with singer Tusta passing away too soon!

This book is bassist Dr Fric´s reflection of the time spent in the one of the most important punk band of this region with a lot of anecdotes, stories, and can easily serve as excellent history document of punk and alternative scene of former Yugoslavia and later Croatia, with dark times of war and rising nationalism, when Kud Idijoti were a beacon of normal thought in times of thick darkness. The book is excellent in that part, but I was somehow disappointed with the ending. It ends too abruptly and without real closure, like it was cut and all those quotations of other people and contemporaries is no way to end this book. I felt somehow cheated not getting closure and the ending of the story no matter how hard and heartbreaking it could be. But, I guess Fric had reasons to write it that way. This book is inspirational, easy to read and fantastic document of the time I was in a way and still am part of. Get and read this one!

(record review) Stray From The Path-Internal Atomics(UNFD)


Long Island˙s Stray From The Path released new album with UNFD. These guys worked hard for over ten years to become a respected well known name in the modern hardcore scene and this new album is a proof of their persistence, zeal and willingness to bring their message to the crowd. The ten new songs are angry, in your face testament to the rotteness of today˙s world and problems that we need to change fast. Stray From The Path created their own sound with some obvious RATM influences but took it to the higher level with rap influenced angry shouted and screamed vocals, heavy hardcore and deep metalic riffs and political and social sensitive lyrics. This album is a great modern hardcore album with songs Second Death and Beneath The Surface being highlights for me personally, but album as a whole is a very strong record indeed!


If you like pop punk watch out for The Kanz! Here is the new single!


We always love to introduce new bands and new music to the enthusiasts out there so we are very happy we can present you London based pop punk band The Kanz. 

These guys recently released their brand new single called Carpe Diem and it is a nice piece of combination between punk ferocious riffs, pop sensibility and great melody just perfect for humming along while walking around and making your day better. So, go support the band on their Fb page, and listen to the single and share it around. Remember: Support your scene! Without your local scene there would never be a global scene! Every one of your favorite bands started somewhere!


Ink Bomb are about to release another charity cover song. This time it is Bad Religion´s song!


Photo: Matthijs Mekking

Melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb from Nijmegen (NL) will once again be selling a cover for charity this year. The foursome will release an entirely unique acoustic version of the song Cease, originally by punk rock veterans Bad Religion. It will be released on December 18. The band will donate all proceeds to Brigada de Alter, a volunteer fire brigade that tries to extinguish the forest fires in the Amazon.

Instore tour in Nijmegen
To garner more attention for their annual charity cover Ink Bomb has scheduled a number of
instore tour performances in the city center of Nijmegen on December 22. “The great part is that people then cannot only donate online but also in real life,” says bassist Arina Banga. “We are big fans of books and records, so we are looking forward to perform our acoustic set in the midst of these things!” The locations of the instore tour are library De Mariënburg, record store De Waaghals and comic store Señor Hernandez. The schedule will be announced later.

Brigada de Alter is a voluntary fire brigade, partly consisting of member from an indigenous tribe living in the Amazone. Since the election of new Brazilian president Bolsonaro the rain forest is
more under pressure than before. “The funds we collect with the Cease cover will be used to buy safety gear, oxygen masks and helmets, so that the volunteers can protect themselves,” according to Banga.
“We discovered this organization through Minor Operations Bookings,” adds singer Joost Hoedemaeckers. “These are people who organize punk shows in the Dutch city Haarlem, one of which we got to play last November. They also have a fund raising organization that collects for several different charities: Minor Operation Donations. In the last few months they have been collecting for Brigada de Alter. We wanted to raise money for an environmental charity so we are happy we could work with them. It is also important to us that the proceeds are used in a very concrete, direct way so we can show people who buy the single how their money is being used.”

Earlier donation covers
This is the fourth time Ink Bomb is selling a cover for charity. Last year the Nijmegen band covered Black Me Out by Against Me! for the LGBTIQ+ organization Outright Action International. In 2017 and in 2016 the proceeds went to the Surf Project and Kledingbank Nijmegen respectively.

When the members of Dutch melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb stepped in their practice space for the first time in 2015, they never met before. Fast forward a few years later and the band released two EPs, three singles for different charities and finally their debut album Fiction (August 2019). Fiction is the culmination of their hard work over these past few years and showcases the band’s trademark sound: fast, aggressive songs that might not always follow standard song structure, but always features great melodies with a healthy dose of melancholy.

The release of the EPs Invincible Summer (2016) and Swim (2017) piqued the interest of people from many corners of the earth, leading to shows in multiple countries as well as praise in a variety of magazines, websites, radio shows and podcasts. The band has been compared to scene veterans such as Bad Religion, No Fun At All, Pulley and Ten Foot Pole.

Another defining trademark of Ink Bomb is their preference to do everything themselves: recording and mixing songs, writing press releases, booking shows and releasing records. This might originate from the DIY ethos in the punk rock scene but is probably a result of their stubbornness. The effort that the band puts in creating Fiction, resulted in a record that is above all a perfect representation of everything that is Ink Bomb.

(review) Blindspot-Final Allure(Pee Records)


Australian scene is alive and well, triving and pulsing with excellent bands and Blindspot from Perth released their long awaited second full length album with Pee Records. The new record offers ten beautiful songs of energetic not too fast melodic punk done with heart and soul, the material reminded me a lot of Face To Face, especially one of my highlights called Zuckerpunch. The vocals and harmonies are great, sharp but melodic, some great song structure solutions like fantastic Dark And Stormy get under your skin and just refuse to leave from your head long time after listening. These guys have done a superb record, I am sure it can safely enter top ten best records released this year in melodic punkrock scene. Check out songs like All Fall Down or Middle Class if you don˙t believe.


(review) Authority Zero-Live At Rebel Lounge


Time flies, who would have thought that this is already 25th birthday of our favorite Arizona sons called Authority Zero. What better way to celebrate than with live album which represents practically all parts of their career, hits that made them loved and respected by hordes of fans in the world. What I love about this live record that it captures all the rawness of hardcore punk this band provides in their basics added with all the melody and reggae parts and of course tight musicianship making them one unstoppable force to reckon with. The non stop singing along by the crowd made goosebumps on my skin while listening to this one. All the older hits like One More Minute, Over Seasons, Mesa Town, Revolution are here, but also new hits like When We Rule The World and Broadcasting To The Nations. This is a great document celebrating the birthday of this much loved band.