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(book) Život s Idijotima-book about one of the most important punk bands from our scene and a document of a time gone by.


I remember when I was a kid and went to Monte Paradiso festival in Pula for the first time ever back in 1997. I was fortunate that my band played the first day in Uljanik back then and I was so nervous because we opened the then four day event of punk hardcore in such a mythical place for me. Having grown up with punk bands from Pula such as Kud Idijoti, Fakofbolan, Frontalni udar, Think, Pasmaters and many others, I was honoured to be there, had awesome time. I always argued with my friend Lazar about which band is better Hladno Pivo or Kud Idijoti back in the days. He was always for Idijoti and my choice then was Pivo when they were still punk band, not the band they are today. Now I know I was wrong. Kud Idijoti never sold out. Kud Idijoti always kept their integrity, their ideals until the very end with singer Tusta passing away too soon!

This book is bassist Dr Fric´s reflection of the time spent in the one of the most important punk band of this region with a lot of anecdotes, stories, and can easily serve as excellent history document of punk and alternative scene of former Yugoslavia and later Croatia, with dark times of war and rising nationalism, when Kud Idijoti were a beacon of normal thought in times of thick darkness. The book is excellent in that part, but I was somehow disappointed with the ending. It ends too abruptly and without real closure, like it was cut and all those quotations of other people and contemporaries is no way to end this book. I felt somehow cheated not getting closure and the ending of the story no matter how hard and heartbreaking it could be. But, I guess Fric had reasons to write it that way. This book is inspirational, easy to read and fantastic document of the time I was in a way and still am part of. Get and read this one!

(record review) Stray From The Path-Internal Atomics(UNFD)


Long Island˙s Stray From The Path released new album with UNFD. These guys worked hard for over ten years to become a respected well known name in the modern hardcore scene and this new album is a proof of their persistence, zeal and willingness to bring their message to the crowd. The ten new songs are angry, in your face testament to the rotteness of today˙s world and problems that we need to change fast. Stray From The Path created their own sound with some obvious RATM influences but took it to the higher level with rap influenced angry shouted and screamed vocals, heavy hardcore and deep metalic riffs and political and social sensitive lyrics. This album is a great modern hardcore album with songs Second Death and Beneath The Surface being highlights for me personally, but album as a whole is a very strong record indeed!


(review) Blindspot-Final Allure(Pee Records)


Australian scene is alive and well, triving and pulsing with excellent bands and Blindspot from Perth released their long awaited second full length album with Pee Records. The new record offers ten beautiful songs of energetic not too fast melodic punk done with heart and soul, the material reminded me a lot of Face To Face, especially one of my highlights called Zuckerpunch. The vocals and harmonies are great, sharp but melodic, some great song structure solutions like fantastic Dark And Stormy get under your skin and just refuse to leave from your head long time after listening. These guys have done a superb record, I am sure it can safely enter top ten best records released this year in melodic punkrock scene. Check out songs like All Fall Down or Middle Class if you don˙t believe.


(review) Authority Zero-Live At Rebel Lounge


Time flies, who would have thought that this is already 25th birthday of our favorite Arizona sons called Authority Zero. What better way to celebrate than with live album which represents practically all parts of their career, hits that made them loved and respected by hordes of fans in the world. What I love about this live record that it captures all the rawness of hardcore punk this band provides in their basics added with all the melody and reggae parts and of course tight musicianship making them one unstoppable force to reckon with. The non stop singing along by the crowd made goosebumps on my skin while listening to this one. All the older hits like One More Minute, Over Seasons, Mesa Town, Revolution are here, but also new hits like When We Rule The World and Broadcasting To The Nations. This is a great document celebrating the birthday of this much loved band.

(review) REACH-More Than Us


We have already featured Reach on the pages of this zine. For those who don˙t know, these guys are coming from Pomurje region, Slovenia and play hardcore. This is their brand new e.p. This new record contains 6 songs of modern urban, streetsmart hardcore with a lot of breakdowns, two steps, singalongs in gang vocal shouted choruses and good lyrics. This is not your idiotic macho I kill you, you kill me back hardcore, no, on the contrary Reach has nice and lyrics with a message to which all of us can relate to. The music is very aggressive, made for moshing, stage diving, pogoing and delivering all the hardcore energy we all love so much. The lyrics deal with battling some personal demons, friendship, the scene and trying to survive in this modern, fast paced world. The vocals remind me a bit of Rick Ta Life in some parts. The guys also have some awesome guests on this record, for example Gregor from Risk It, Dario from In-Sane and Matic from Laid To Rest. So, go support your scene and listen to some quality hardcore.

(review) Booze & Glory-Hurricane


At, last here is the new Booze & Glory album. After the tumult with recent years line-up change and taking another road with the band and music direction of the newer material, here is the first full length of the new line-up marking ten year anniversary of the band. Many fans turned their backs because the band no longer sounds the same as before, no longer playing skinhead streetpunk, but they rather chose a more melodic and many say they jumped on skatepunk bandwagon creating some sort of bastard child of streetpunk oi, pop punk and skatepunk. I like this album, but it has one problem, the first half of the album has much stronger and greater songs than the second half. Never Again, Live It Up, Ten Years, Ticking Bombs, The Guv´nor are fantastic and I really enjoyed the record until the second half. There are couple of songs that are not so strong there like Three Points, sorry but I think that many punk bands choose to write songs about West Ham United because it is hit to do so. Also, Elton John´s I´m Still Standing is rather boring cover, plus Goodbye and Darkest Nights that pass you by without notice, decent songs, but nothing special. My Heart Is Burning has superb guitar main melody riff, but there is no memorable anthemic chorus, so I always feel that this song is missing something. I know that guys in the band have special relationship to the song Too Soon, but I gave it a chance, believe me, ten times, but it is just too cheesy pop ballad for me. Much respect to the dead and I don´t mean to slander anyone, but this song just doesn´t work for me. So, this fifth album could have been superb record, but it is only decent one.

(review)AGNOSTIC FRONT-Get Loud(Nuclear Blast)


NYHC legends Agnostic Front are back with brand new studio album, four years after the last one called The American Dream Died was released. The new record containing 14 new songs in a way continues where the last one left off, delivering in your face old shool hardcore with a lot of fast songs reminding me a lot of the old days of this band. The first single Spray Painted Walls and its anthemic riff deliver the right beginning of the record, before fast old school hardcore miniature Anti-Social sets in. The streetpunk and oi roots of Agnostic Front are more than obvious on every record band makes, so the title track is pure streetpunk oi anthem with main bass line being the skeleton of the song structure. Conquer and Divide is a bit more metalic fast song, reminding for example of songs written for Another Voice or Warriors albums.

The second single I Remember is sure to become one of live favorites with catchy main riff, great sing along part at the end and Vinnie Stigma delivering some vocals along with Roger. Dead Silence is another AF song styled like all the material from the last couple of albums, metalic, yet having that familiar streetsmart vibe.  AF Stomp is a short instrumental ideal for live intro. The song that connects on Stomp, namely Urban Decay is another great streetpunk anthem nodding head to old school street oi punk with great lyrics, as always. Snitches Get Stiches is probably the greatest song title I have heard in last couple of years, sounds cheesy, but AF always lived what they sang about, along with Cro-Mags, so this is great hardcore anthem. Isolated is a song about being angry, alienated and discarded from society. In My Blood is for me absolutely one of the highlights on this album being a song  about why we are all still in this music and scene and I am sure this one will also be favorite live. Attention is a song that would fit equally in Madball opus, being hard, groovy and aggressive. Pull The Trigger actually reminds me the most of One Voice era songs and I love it. Devastated is a hardcore anthem for singing along and wanting more.

This is one of the top five AF albums and one of the best in last ten years or so.