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(review) Krešo i Kisele Kiše-Musik fur Idioten I


Time for another band from our Croatian scene to grace the pages of this zine. Krešo i Kisele Kiše from Rijeka are back with the new, hm, first half of the album hehe. The new release contains 7 songs. The music is still their recognizable trademark melodic punk mixed with ska core and skatepunk creating awesome melodic anthems just made for singing along live and their shows are fantastic, I have been to couple of them and they never let me down. What immediately comes to my mind on the first listen to the record is, somehow darker overtones in the new songs. I don˙t think they changed, there are still enough songs about drinking, joking and fun, but also about hypocrisy in the scene, selling out, trying to survive in these crazy times etc…There is also a cover of famous cult band Haustor, the band I hate, but KKK version here is fantastic. The lyrics are in Croatian but it doesn`t matter, let the music take you on the higher level. Recommended songs: Dalibor, Režimske kurve, Bože čuvaj Hrvatsku(Odoh Ja u Njemačku).

(review) Mal Aux Yeux-Sequestre par le futur(Gargouille Asso)


Mal Aux Yeux are coming from northern France and this is their debut album that came out with Gargouille Asso.

There are 13 songs on this record and they are all but one being sung in French, so I don`t understand what are they about, but I let the music speak for itself. The music is harsh and rhythmic complex hardcore punk, not your straightforward charging, but with smart song structures, complex guitar and drum parts, yet still being enough catchy and melodic to appeal to the fans of more melodic side of things, like my favorite song on this record En pleine rue. Faster, more aggressive parts mix with almost math core precise riffs, and angry shouted vocals, sometimes diving into melody fit just perfectly to the music like in awesome Detruire mon corps. There is an interlude almost in the middle of the record to add to the heaviness and atmosphere of the record. Good one, French hardcore punk scene is one of the best in the world.

(review) The Shorts-Tango e.p.(Thousand Islands Records)


Thousand Islands Records continues with releasing fantastic records and bands. This time, The Shorts from Australia deliver their brand new e.p. Punkrock trio delivers six songs of melodic, heartfelt punk with some fast skatepunk parts thrown in for good measure. I love the more faster songs like great Shady Ladies or The Drugs being one of my favorites on this record, short and sweet, but Sherlock and its midtempo is also great. The vocals are good, I love the harmonies on backing vocals, everyone who reads this zine knows how much I love harmonies, they are done perfect in awesome K Man, making great chorus, almost pop punk. Walls reminded me a bit of Nofx, early albums, being perfect midtempo energetic powerful punkrock song. The longest song on the record is a bit weird Gerard Never Made It To Brim, midtempo nice song with almost country touch I heard at the beginning, but evolving into nice interplay between vocals and backing vocals, don´t really know what the lyrics are about, but rather personal I think. The title song is also fast skatepunk anthem that need mentioning as one of the best on the record. I can`t wait for the full length.

(review) Off With Their Heads-Character


American punkrockers Off With Their Heads released their new one, called Character. What we get here? We get 8 shiny songs of melodic, emotional, heartfelt punkrock. This is not music for the fans of speedy and uptempo skatepunk hardcore, this is emotional pure punkrock done from heart and having recognizable, perfect voice to follow the song structures, guitar and bass lines. This material is, I don˙t know how to put it, more calm, makes me wanna smile and enjoy the sunny day and have a break from all the rebellion, punk no bullshit middle finger in the air stuff, just hold my breath and enjoy the music. Keyboard in the songs, like in Always Alone, makes the melancholic and yet happy vibe all the more in the front of listener. Also, acoustic parts, like in Take Me Away are atmosphere pure. Great record. Check this one out.


(review) The Great Lie-Defying Extinction


Time for another hardcore band from New York to grace the pages of this zine. The Great Lie are from The Big Apple and this is their brand new e.p. What we get on this record are six songs of brutal hardcore with metal influences, also streetpunk in some song arrangements. My personal favorites on the record are Devilbox and Island, My Island. The guitar riffs are noise influenced at times and song A Game Of Horseshoes reminded me a bit of 108 in some parts. The vocals are angry and screaming and fit perfectly to the songs, also spoken word in Island, My Island connects atmosphere and emotions with aggression perfectly. This is great e.p. and I would love to see these guys play live to check out how this material sounds and interacts with the crowd.


(review) Antillectual-Covers e.p.


Legendary veteran Dutch punks Antillectual released their brand new e.p. consisting of four cover songs done in an interesting way, and interesting choice of bands. The cover of the single is a beatiful take on original covers, done by Andy from Satanic Surfers. The choice of covers is interesting, being Blondie, Police, Stooges and Ramones. The Ramones song is somehow least interesting for me, being too similar to the original version, although it is an everlasting anthem. The best one is Police cover and Stooges cover, like these new versions gave the new energy and new vigour to the originals. Nice bringing these evergreen hits to the crowds of the new kids in the scene. Good one.

(review) Partleki-Engele, bengele banda svira


Partleki are band from my hometown that has been in existence if I am not mistaken since 2010. I think I watched then their first show while they were supporting then little known band from Zagreb called Brkovi in club Prostor in my hometown.

They released their first debut album in 2013.called Posto, kume, lonac? They took their time with this second new full length since seven years has passed since the debut. The new record contains 14 songs. Why are Partleki special? Because they are in fact cover band doing only children songs, from cartoons, kid shows, kindergarten child popular anthems and similar songs. Their material spans from known songs like Spuzva Bob Skockani(Sponge Bob theme song), to songs from popular Yugoslavia show Kocka, kockica called Carstvo u drugarstvu which is one of my favorite songs on this record beside Ni medu, ni zeku, hit from the obscure tv show called Normalnofobija which went circa 15 years ago on one local tv channel. Overall feeling that I get  with this album is that it sounds more powerful, more stronger, production is awesome, although they recorded both albums in the same studio this one sounds a lot more convincing and has more drive. Lazar˙s vocals are better than ever, his trademark oi barrel voice is great, but his real power is the clean more demanding vocal melodic parts, which he sings great, I wish he would do more clean vocals and more higher harmonies because he does it great. Guitarist/backing vocalist Ivan and drummer Marko are otherwise members of long time standing hardcore punx Bakterije, so the musicianship is great. Also, I love that the guys did bits of known and less known punk songs and bands incorporated to their songs here and there, I won˙t tell you which ones, discover it for yourself. Two more songs I must mention being my favorites on this record are Cokoladna Kisa and Macak Maksim. Go see this band live, they are tons of fun with these songs on stage and hopefully we will not wait again seven years for next album.