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(review) FAUST – Cisza po Tobie

Poland has such great underground extreme music scene. Faust have been around for 25 years now and this is their brand new, fourth studio full length opus. These guys and girl play, as they say for themselves thrash/death metal, but for me it is more sounding like thrash metal with folk and doom metal influences, especially in epic sung parts, courtesy of Karolina Matuszkiewicz, who also handles folk instruments that appear here and there and whose voice perfectly interplays with singer Maciej Bartkowski, whose singing style reminds me at times of Grip Inc. His voice is clean yet at the same time aggressive and lyrics can be heard which is another plus in my opinion. Those guys are in no way strangers to the scene with drums being handled by Paweł “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz (Batushka, ex Vader, Antigama). There are seven songs on this opus, with lyrics being sung in Polish language. Couple of songs reminded me more of thrash groove modern school, with street smart vibe, but what I love on this album are more death metal blast beat oriented songs like Iskra pod sniegiem or Jakbys gryzla zwir which carefully mix aggression of thrash death riffing and atmosphere and melody, I dare say melancholy of doom/folk thus creating perfect metal storm. I can also hear nineties style death metal influence in song structures, Morbid Angel old school death metal and similar bands, but Faust are not clones. This is a great record from great band and great scene!

(review) Dead Dog Summer – A Place of Someday

My hometown Čakovec was always a fertile ground for hardcore punk bands and since nineties many great bands and great releases came from our town. Dead Dog Summer are new band in our scene with this being their debut album, but members are active and have played in many glorious bands such as Youth Against, Senata Fox, Farewell Reason, Implicite, Motorno ulje and many others. This band was created when pandemic lockdown created kind of boredom and killed the scene so, three friends decided to meet and create new music as kind of amalgamation of music they listen to and music they played in their previous bands.

As a little hardcore kid, I must admit that this kind of hardcore punk would never be my cup of tea, because I was, and still partially am, old school redneck who likes his hardcore fast and furious, but now, at 45 years of age and almost thirty years in the scene, I learned to appreciate some other styles, but this is all hardcore isn´t it? Well, Dead Dog Summer play melodic hardcore with some post hardcore influences and I am awed with production of this record, which was recorded in vocalist/guitarist Igor´s studio and mixed and mastered by Ivan Jakić who also did awesome job. There are 10 songs on this record. Lyrics are in English language and I can safely say, everyone can relate to. Some of them feel like grown up hardcore kid midlife crisis and relations about death, loss, existence, envy, selfishness, giving to others, creating today for yourself, but as you can see, those are all everyday themes that make us better persons, and that is the point of hardcore for me. I love the transformation of vocals, from great melodic singing to anguished screaming and back. My personal favorites are anthemic Today, also Time, but real gems for me are more up tempo punk rock songs like Diamonds and Thorns, No Regrets. Musicianship is tight and sometimes when listening some of the guitar work reminded me of more slower Ignite songs, minus vocals of course, also I heard some Debeli Precjednik influenced riffs in some songs, but maybe it is just me hehe. Anyway, check this one out. Support your scene and listen to great music and love your life because it is the only one you will have.


(review) The Crimson Ghost – Curtains of Fear (Gotama Studio)

October has started and Samhain/Halloween is close, so what better way to start festivities than with horrorpunk. The Crimson Ghost are from Bergamo, Italy and have been active for ten years now. They are not to be mixed with better known The Crimson Ghosts from Germany due to name similarity. Anyway, Curtains of Fear is their second album and it contains eight songs of horrorpunk with girl on vocals who sings quite great and has very strong yet melodic voice. The music is not your typical Misfits/Blitzkid clone, no this album is varied in style ranging from more straightforward old school horrorpunk with Werewolf in Blood, but also more bizarre haunting groove of Lost in the Dark, my personal favorite The Curse of Mummy which was previously released as e.p. prior to this album and wisely chosen as single. But, what surprised me the most is a horror ballad Devils In The Dark which is a metal power ballad with almost thrash metal parts thrown in there for good measure. So, if you like your horrorpunk more varied, melodic yet metalized then this one is for you. It is a small scene, yet quite tight and support it.