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(review) Stepped Out – Envy and Alienation


Stepped Out are from Split, Croatia and I interviewed them for this zine couple of months ago.

Now, the guys released their brand new e.p. containing four songs. Braveheart is a melodic old school hardcore song with fast and singalong parts that I can totally relate to, because I think it is about Bila´s Mom who passed away and I lost mine too. Abandoned is an emotional song with a more modern hardcore touch and melody with excellent lyrics about finding yourself and finding strength to carry on when all seems lost. Modern Plague is most harsh song on this record reminding me a bit of Strife back in the nineties. The lyrics are about media, gadgets and modern world which rules the lives of most people on this planet. Lost In Flames is for me besides Braveheart the best song on this little release me being in the scene for so many years and reminding all the glory days, heartaches, happy times and sadness. Superb melody, lyrics and spirit.

Great one. This band carries on the torch of hardcore in Croatia.


Break The Silence Announce Vinyl Release of 2003’s Near Life Experience


Chicago’s Break The Silence (Ft. Dan Precision of 88 Fingers Louie) have announced the first ever vinyl release of their 2003 Hopeless Records debut album, Near Life Experience.

Due out November 26th on Thousand Islands Records, the pressing limited to 300 units includes redesigned artwork by ECH, comes in two different colored variants with download code including bonus track “Comfort In Cold Blood”. Additionally, a thematic skateboard deck has been announced. Pre-orders are live now.



About Break The Silence:

When former 88 Fingers Louie and Rise Against guitarist Dan Precision joined the little-known Chicago-area hardcore project All Else Fails in 2002, it set off a chain reaction that formed a whole new band. Precision came on board just as All Else Fails’ vocalist was leaving, so he and AEF members Brian Phee (guitar), Jay Gronwick (bass), and Mike Ford (drums) decided to start fresh. Renaming themselves Break the Silence, the band tapped area vocalist Dan Wintercorn and settled on a sound mixing California-style punk revivalism with melodic and hardcore elements. Break the Silence signed with Hopeless Records after a 2003 showcase at South by Southwest, and headed out on the Warped Tour the following summer. Near Life Experience appeared in February 2004, and Break the Silence supported the album with road dates throughout the rest of the year. Precision then left the band in the fall of 2005 to concentrate more fully on his production career.

Break The Silence: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Thousand Islands Records: Website

(review) Scarecrow – Splatterpunk


Scarecrow from Finland play their vision of metal hardcore horror punk for more than twenty years now and they became one of my favorite bands of this genre. This time they deliver their first concept album opus and it is excellent, maybe the best album of this entity up to date. This one contains 16 songs of fast, raw and gory hardcore horrorpunk with metal influences and some synth underlayers which only emphasize the dark atmosphere of this bomb of a record. Fast, strong, but also melodic and melancholic in a way only Finnish bands can do. Songs like Mark Of The Werewolf, Witchfuck, In The Name Of Nothing, Gruesome Twosome are my personal favorites. I strongly recommend this record with all my dark black heart. This is for sure one of the best releases that came out this year.