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(book) Život s Idijotima-book about one of the most important punk bands from our scene and a document of a time gone by.


I remember when I was a kid and went to Monte Paradiso festival in Pula for the first time ever back in 1997. I was fortunate that my band played the first day in Uljanik back then and I was so nervous because we opened the then four day event of punk hardcore in such a mythical place for me. Having grown up with punk bands from Pula such as Kud Idijoti, Fakofbolan, Frontalni udar, Think, Pasmaters and many others, I was honoured to be there, had awesome time. I always argued with my friend Lazar about which band is better Hladno Pivo or Kud Idijoti back in the days. He was always for Idijoti and my choice then was Pivo when they were still punk band, not the band they are today. Now I know I was wrong. Kud Idijoti never sold out. Kud Idijoti always kept their integrity, their ideals until the very end with singer Tusta passing away too soon!

This book is bassist Dr Fric´s reflection of the time spent in the one of the most important punk band of this region with a lot of anecdotes, stories, and can easily serve as excellent history document of punk and alternative scene of former Yugoslavia and later Croatia, with dark times of war and rising nationalism, when Kud Idijoti were a beacon of normal thought in times of thick darkness. The book is excellent in that part, but I was somehow disappointed with the ending. It ends too abruptly and without real closure, like it was cut and all those quotations of other people and contemporaries is no way to end this book. I felt somehow cheated not getting closure and the ending of the story no matter how hard and heartbreaking it could be. But, I guess Fric had reasons to write it that way. This book is inspirational, easy to read and fantastic document of the time I was in a way and still am part of. Get and read this one!

(great festival report) Brutal Assault 2019: What I did (or what I remember) from 5th of August to 11th of August.

I started writing this report in my darkened room, surrounded with black candles and blood red vintage wine in my hands. First thing that was going through my head, while I was sipping my first glass of my blood wine was SATAN.

A little bit of humour is always good. Actually my thoughts were what kind of music to listen to while writing this report or “What I did (or what I remember) from 5th of August to 11th of August”. So, as any 666trv666 metalhead knows the decision is not that simple, but I managed to make a music compilation based on Brutal Assault :D.

As my playlist was set, I was thinking how to summarize a festival as Brutal Assault. So, to cite Wikipedia:“Brutal Assault is an open-air extreme metal festival that takes place in the 18th-century army fortress Josefov, located in Jaroměř, Czech Republic. It is held each August early in the month from Wednesday until Saturday. The festival started in 1996, originally focused on grindcore. For many years, it was a small event with mainly Czech and Slovak bands performing. It changed location several times and grew into a large event by 2006, when over 7,000 people attended the festival in Svojšice. After moving to Josefov, attendances grew further to 15,000 in 2012 and the festival has operated two alternating main stages since with addition of 2 smaller stages. Currently, Brutal Assault features artists that perform all forms of extreme metal, including some of the genre’s most prominent figures, as well as artists with dark and intense styles from genres outside of heavy metal such as punk, experimental and electronic.” The festival motto is: “Against violence and intolerance”.

Why Brutal Assault?

It was 2012, when my good and big friend Pajdo the Dominator said to me –Do not be a pussy, let’s go to Czech Republic and go to Brutal Assault. Immediately I said, Let’s go! We took a car, drove almost 1000 km, after getting lost a few times, problems with tickets, we arrived in the night, set our tents and the rest is history. I fell in love immediately. The setup of the festival, the people, the music, the food, the beer and general feeling of belonging. First time I saw the entrance I said to my self – This is my beautiful hell!

So, each year I still go to this beautiful hell, now 8 years in a row. Each year the festival grows, not in number of people but in better organisation, improving in every aspect, from bracelets needed for entrance and payment for drinks/food/merchandise (Festival is for the past 3 years no cash festival), more food options (from meat to vegan), more beer and other drinks,

more music, more chillout zones

and other commodities such as old school gaming zone, mad max wasteland  and lot of quality merchandise.

This year me and three of my good friends and brothers in metal wet to 24th Brutal Assault.

After a long drive we arrived in our apartment (yeah I know, we are old fucks and we need our peace and quiet after all day filled with metal, beer, grilovana kita, Chinese nudlinz, langoshes and kurecky) and Shagec started making beans with sausages, while the rest of us started to relax and drink. This was our day zero, and nothing important happened that day 😀

DAY 1 (Wednesday)

The day started with healthy breakfast of Czech beer, Czech salami, cheese and bread, and important discussion about the bands we would like to see. So, we went to the festival (we parked at the same old spot as every year). As we received our entrance bracelets via mail, the entrance procedure was quick and very efficient. First person we met was our good friend and brother in metal (we actually met 8 years ago at Brutal Assault and have been friends ever since- so Brutal Assault connects people and brings love) Human Barrel or Matija Lackovic, Legend from Zagreb, 100 kg of pure love and sex. After a few drinks with him we went to see our firs band for the day.

And the first band we saw was legendary SLAPSHOT.

As always, their performance was brutal, old school hardcore. Lots of energy was there and in one point the vocalist was in such a state of adrenaline rush taht he split his head open with a microphone and continued to sing. As I said this was something unique to see and to be a part of it. Also this set the ambience for the whole day and I knew it was going to be extraordinary.

As any regular visitor this festival knows, there are always a lot of colourful people you can meet and talk to. This is one of the things I like at Brutal Assault. Not only the bands and organisation, but the variety of hominids you can encounter there.

After Slapshot, I went to see THE ARSON PROJECT at Obscure stage. Their raw, grind, powerviolence was ideal for a bit of adrenaline rush. They played for about half hour, but it was enough. After their performance I went back to meet with my friends and we went so see VOIVOD. What say about this band, personally I do not get their music. It is not my cup of tea. But lot of people like them and enjoy in their progressive sound. I respect them as they are legends and they have been playing for a lot of years.

As we found an ideal spot (close to toilets and bars), we stayed close to main stages. So next on the list was ENSIFERUM, Viking folk metal and their melodic death metal sound. As always folk/Viking metal is fun, and it is good to get Odin’s blessing as early as possible 😀 so you could have energy to fight Ice giants if necessary and to be worthy to enter Valhalla.

One of the interesting things this year that festival had to offer was Apocalypse warrior Mad max corner where you could experience the whole world of possible future. The offered various selection of interesting food, innovative artwork and very interesting people. It was great for relaxation with combined Brutal Assault gaming zone where you could play old school video games and test your skills against other players.

After Ensiferum, I listened to SOILWORK, alternative melodic death metal. To be honest, I only listened to a few songs and went for a beer and a meet-up with EYEHATEGOD, with whom I did a short interview. Soilwork is a band that has been around for 20 years or something, fans have mixed feelings about them regarding what is their best work, but the always create something new and their music evolves.

Right after the interview I practically ran to main stage to see a rising Ukraine star in metal, a band that has sold out almost half of their concerts in upcoming European tour, with one of the most versatile vocal performers, the one and only JINJER. One must see them live to experience what this band has to offer. Their vigorous performance, their live energy and their music is something everyone has to see. They are touring through Europe and I recommend you see them. 45 minutes of groove, death and progressive metal, left everyone speechless especially when their vocal Tatiana started to growl. In October they have a new album “Macro” coming out.

So EYEHATEGOD. What to say about New Orleans sludge legends? They formed in 1988 by Jimmy Bower, are a part of the NOLA metal scene, the play harsh misanthropic music. Their sound is heavy, detuned with blues riffs and punk attitude, which can be experienced in tortured vocals by Mike Williams. All band members, during the band existence, had some kind of problems with law and drugs, and they use this experience as inspiration for their music. Mike Williams was struggling with heroin addiction, but he overcame this evil with help of his friends, bandmates and with great help from Phil Anselmo. I had the privilege to talk to them at Brutal Assault. The interview was kept short as they had to prepare for their performance. We talked about being in a band such as Eyehategod, and they told me that music inspires them and gives them energy to go on. Performing is not easy but it is a job, it is a lot of sacrifice, and it can take a toll on your personal life, can push you to the dark side with drugs, alcohol and bad living but they do not regret a thing, the still play shows and have fun. They told me that they take inspiration from everyday life and from their surroundings so you have to make people think and say fuck it from time to time and live.

Also, I talked with the singer Mike about his new life. He suffered from alcohol addiction, drug abuse, partying and living the rockstar life, but in 2016 he almost died because of this. His way of life destroyed his liver. When he found out he just said “Ok, it figures but I do not regret anything. I’m glad I’ve lived the way I did. I still live hard “. And that was the same thing that he said to me, Fuck it I do not regret it. I have been sober for almost 2 years now, I am recovering, and starting a new life. As he stated out in an interview for Decibel magazine ( “Anybody getting sober after a lifetime of drinking is going to tell you it’s not easy, “You just have to fight through it. You come out the other side happier because you know you beat something you struggled with. I feel stronger for it. I think addiction is a disease, heroin or alcohol; it’s there and who knows why people do it, but when it gets into your bones, you’re screwed, but you fight through it. It’s all about the willpower, man, and how strong your mind can be.” Talking to him gave me something to think about. He said he didn’t expect to live this long, but he is over 50 years old, still performing, with second chance in life, and life is good. He was smiling the whole time and was generally happy to talk about life.

During the writing of this report I have read the news that Jim Bower has left Eyehategod. Statement from the band says: “In accordance with the chaotic lifestyle that is everyday reality, EHG will continue to tour the USA while Jimmy Bower seeks help for visions unknown”. EHG are still touring regardless.

And now a little about their performance. Their show as on Obscure stage. First day of Brutal Assault was hot, humid, with lots of smoke in the air and had proper New Orleans vibe. They started aggressive, fast and loud. There was a lot of energy in the air, people were headbanging and feeling the harsh, negative, sludge music. Their 45 minutes performance was over in an instant almost like a meditation. For me, it was one of the few that was really great.

After Eyehategod, I had to take a break and have a few drinks with my friends, and also to eat something, so we saw half of the performance of THERION, legendary symphonic metal from Sweden and their opera like performance. They are a good band to see for a little bit of leisure and just to be immersed in their performance.

Next on the list was PRONG, alternative trash metal. They have been playing for almost 30 years and their age does not stop them to be energetic in their live performances. Lots of jumping and frolicking with fast music. Then it was turn to see PARKWAY DRIVE, very popular metalcore from Australia, especially among the younger generations. Performance was great, with a fire show, flamers and explosions (sincerely I did not expect that). I was generally astonished.

The highlight of the first day to me was CULT OF LUNA, one of my favourite metal bands. I was really really thrilled to see them live. Cult of Luna are Swedish metal band, with post-metal, progressive, doom and sludge influence founded in 1998. The played a few times at Brutal Assault, and always gave a great live performance with their long, slow, heavy sections of distorted guitars and crushing aggressive sound. They played a few songs form their upcoming album “A dawn to Fear” that will be out in September. Their music is about anger with modern society, negativity of politics, propaganda and governmental control of people, problems with self-perception and individual freedom with spiritual themes. During their performance there was a lot of headbanging, general immersion in their music and feeling of something wonderful. Their played for about 1 hour and for me it was too short. Cult of Luna is one of the bands I would like to see more live more often and I hope I will soon, since they are on European tour this winter.

And with Cult of Luna, the first day of Brutal assault has finished. It was a long day filled with great music, good friends and beer. We returned to our place to relax and gain energy for rest of the festival.

DAY 2 (Thursday)

Second day of the festival started with a slight hangover and general pain in my whole body, which was expected after a great first day. After input of some nutrients to sustain me during the day, we went to local Vietnamese shop for some beers and to discuss our plan for the Second day. We decided on DECAPITATED. Polish brutal death metal, ideal for getting some adrenaline rush for the start of the second day. Their performance was angry, loud, with a lot of energy. People moshing, screaming and enjoying themselves. Very “calming” experience and great intro for WALLS OF JERICHO. USA hardcore, trash metal legends with powerful female vocals, the one and only Candace Kucsulain. She trained boxing, she lifts weights (Raw: Squat 270lbs, Bench 203lbs, Deadlift 335lbs. In Gear: Squat 420lbs, Bench 280lbs, Deadlift 440lbs), and she can kick some ass. As always Walls of Jericho is a great band to see and through the years they have not lost their energy, they just keep going harder. It is important to mention at this point that we lost our friend Human Barrel 😀 but found him later a bit drunk and he paid a round of beers, and everything was ok.

Next on the metal menu was a hard choice. Either to see LIONHEART or SODOM. So we decided to split up. Pajdo the Dominator and Shagec went to see Lionheart (they said that they were great and that their performance was superb –I have to believe them on that), so me and Peter went to see German trash metal pioneers SODOM. They have been playing their crushing metal since 1981! Almost my whole life. I saw them a few times already, and they never let down. Soul crushing, loud, trash metal. What else to expect from legends.

After crushing trash metal, some hardcore was on the menu with NY based SICK OF IT ALL. This band was first hardcore band I have ever heard, somewhere in the middle of 90ties. Songs “Step down” and “Scratch the surface” are always on my playlist. I saw them a couple of times, from big open air festivals to small venues. They have been playing since 1986, and still they have energy that never goes out and are an inspiration to a lot of bands. Their live performance was as always energetic with lots of jumping, moshing, circle pits and wall of death. During the performance they they had some trouble with sound but that did not spoil the experience.. And as they always say “Hardcore still lives”!

TESTAMENT was the next show I attended. Trash metal from USA, the do not need a lot of introduction as they are well known to any metal head. They have been active for over 30 years, and still haven’t lost their trash metal sound. They were big influence to many other bands and are credited as trash legends alongside Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Exodus and Metallica. They did a great show but sadly I had other plans so I only stayed for a little bit.

The day passed quickly, it was evening already, and I needed a break from trash metal. I went to Obscure stage to attend DAUGHTERS show. This band was something different from the rest of the bands I saw that day. Daughters are USA based mathcore, noise rock band with a mixture of other sub-genres such as electronic music with a dash of grind (they started off as a grind-core band but changes their music during time). I discovered them by recommendation and was impressed from the start. Their last album “You won’t get what you want” has a different sound from their other albums and with the name they send a message to their fans. Latest album was greatly approved from reviewers/critics and fans alike. The band practically reinvented themselves with their latest album. It is not for everyone (as the say – “There is a name for people like you”), but I highly recommend them to anyone. Their performance is something out of this world. The whole crowd was surprised and after the initial shock, everybody was dancing and jumping. Frontman’s energetic performance contributed greatly to the whole ambiance, as he was jumping around on the stage and singing almost half of the songs with a crowd.  Their live sound is different in comparison to album, more energetic, more metal and vocals are harsher (maybe because the frontman chugged like half of bottle of votka before he started to sing). In general, their live performance is perfect 10 for me. I enjoyed every second of it, it was like seeing metal version of early Depeche mode. After seeing them live I am a bigger fan now :D. I would like to finish report on their performance with their lyrics: “Don’t tell me how to do my job. You carry on like a son of a bitch. They got a name for people like you. But I didn’t take the time to write it down, though “

Best way to finish your second day is with some complicated, complex, extreme, progressive, avant-garde, trash, death metal, The fathers of Djent? MESHUGGAH. Meshuggah are known for their ground-breaking musical style, complex, polymetric song structures and polyrhythms. And their performance always delivers. It is something one must experience, in full immersion, surrounded with thousands of people, transfixed in rhythms and headbanging. As day was cumming to an end, we stopped for around half of ANTHRAX show. This band does not need any special descriptions, they are trash legends that are playing for almost 30 years, they never stopped thrashing. And that was it for second day.

DAY 3 (Friday)

On day 3 we arrived a bit later. We took a lazy afternoon, did some merchandise shopping, hanged out with fiends and friends, and enhanced our culinary experience with different foods that were available. Theme of the day was Black metal and wizards as Emperor was the headliner. Lots of people were wearing corpse paint, showing their inner demons and futility of life, screaming Satin, sinners everywhere worshiping false gods, people offering a sacrifice in shape of fire burned shredded, chopped, crushed and minced dead flesh of innumerable animals, devoured in voraciousness and gluttony, never satisfying the burning hole in their guts, never satisfying the endless thirst for beer, you get the picture. So, after a few beers and some sustenance for our decaying, deteriorating living corpses we went to see ABORTED. Death metal from Belgium. Their raw, serious and savage performance was ideal for an afternoon. They have been playing for 20 years or something, and always offer something wicked and brutal. Next was WOLFBRIGADE, hardcore punk/crust from Sweden. To surprise my ears and to experience something completely different, I went to see ANATHEMA. As this was my first time, it was quite special, filled with love and it made me feel delicate and adored afterwards. Anathema are emotional, depressive, alternative rock with a lot of artistic expression (sincerely I do not know what this means, this is a description from “the mighty internet”). It was ideal time for a bit relaxation, hanging around, and preparing for 4 hours for three bands of black metal.

Black metal number 1: AU- DEUSS. Lithuanian black metal band, they released a full-length album in 2017, did a tour across Europe, even played in my hometown Čakovec. They put Lithuanian metal scene on the map. Incorporation of sludge and post hard core in their sound augments the overall experience. Their stage performance is interesting and has a lot of spirituality. Mythology is the main theme in their album, they said in a recent interview : The idea (for the album cover) deals with mythology: in order to reach afterlife, one had to cross the Styx river on Charon’s boat and had to pay for this service with the coins left on his/her eyes. The full artwork depicts this story in three images: life/death/the river. It has a symbolic meaning for the band – a chapter of youthful innocence comes to an end and a more mature one begins. I recommend seeing them perform live and give them a listen.

Black metal number 2: ZURIAAKE, or “Lake of buried corpses” in Chinese or as the band said the name Zuriaake is a distorted portmanteau of three words: Zu (the Sumerian god of wind and clouds), bury, and lake, thus roughly encompassing the meaning of the Chinese name. I discovered them by accident, researching Chinese metal scene for my friend. I didn’t know that black metal even exist in China and was quite surprised. After first listen of their latest album I felt in love. Integration of Chinese mythology, ethnology, and traditional music with raw black metal gives a unique sound of atmospheric, epic black metal about autumn, sadness, desolation and nature. They envisioned their music through their own history and culture and that gives beautifully dark melancholy to the sound. Also, they perform in medieval traditional outfits that you can see in old Chinese martial arts movies, and this with the unique stage decor gives them a distinctive layer of mysticism in their performance.

I managed to see last part of HEILUNG show. They play spiritual music inspired from northern European iron age and Viking period, with very interesting stage performance that incorporates running water, human bones, swords and shields, ancient drums, mystical invocations and chants that were taken from ancient runes and scrolls. Their music is meant to heal people’s spirit and body, thus the name. Everything looks as some dark age shaman healing ritual. Nice intro for Emperor.

Black metal number 3: EMPEROR. The one and only. Band that incorporates arsonists, murderers, hatred toward churches and Satanists is great example or TRV raw original Norwegian black metal. They are so black metal that they abandoned corpse paint because it is too mainstream and TRV evil black metal does not need visual interpretation that they are truly TRV black metal. They were and still are great influence to many emerging bands that want to be evil incarnated. Lots of famous black metal musicians played in Emperor and had their own (mostly successful) careers after that. Because why not, SATAN means freedom (you have to say this while sipping red wine). Their performance was eagerly expected by most of the Brutal Assault visitors. Crowd was in element, weather was ideal for this kind of music, people were under influence of various mind enhancing substances. And then they started to play. Everybody was screaming, selling their souls to evil and enjoying themselves. Delightful way to spend around 1 hour of your life.

But this was not the end of the day. There was still time to see some entertainers that love drugs and murder, in fact their moto is: “Legalize drugs and murder”. Lovely doom, stoner, sludge, occult band from England ELECTRIC WIZARD. Many people think their musical themes are Tolkien books, spells, magic, dragons and such. but no. They sing charming 10-minute songs about occult, drugs, horror, murders, cannabis, smoke and fun stuff you can do under influence of various mind enhancing chemical compounds. Nice change in thematic after 4 hours of black metal. They have fat sludgy riffs, slow, teeth clattering, head banging evil music. And this shows in their performance. The stage was a little bit hard to see from all the “smoke” in the air so I did not take any pictures. Listening to Electric wizard was a pleasant way to end day 3 of the Brutal Assault.

DAY 4 (Saturday)

The last day of the festival started with rain. A lot of rain, mud and a smidgen of cold weather. So we put on our raincoats,

boots and went to relish the day. After arrival we attended ANIMALS AS LEADERS. Instrumental progressive metal from Washington USA. They are prominent in the djent scene. Complicated rhythms by solo fingering from famous Tosin Abasi is interesting experience. As rain persisted to pour down, we went in a covered bar that is incorporated in walls of the festival venue. There we took a little break, drank some quality beers and had a few laughs. Then the time arrived to go and see VED BUENS ENDE, Norwegian true avant-garde metal (I sincerely do not know what this means), with diverse instrumental sound, that has slow pace and with jazz influence that is intersected with aggressive black metal elements and vocals. Ved Buens Ende means “By the end of the bow” referring to the mythological rainbow Bifröst. Do not be confused by the name, they do not sing about rainbows, that is for sure.

After seeing a band that does not sing about mystical Nordic rainbows, we went to main stage and saw ROTTING CHRIST.

Greek trash, black metal from 1987. They essentially made Greek underground metal scene. As their name indicates, they mostly have religious, spiritual themes with clean melodic baritone vocals, doom, gothic metal and industrial music traits, and male/female Benedictine chants. They say for themselves: “I think everyone should have the right to call religions as he/she wants. We in fact simply believe they are “rotting”! We are not a “satanic-crusader” type of band but rather one of the many bands that represent the dark side in nowadays Metal music”.

After Rotting Christ to kill some time, , we wandered around, bought some merchandise, chillaxed. Suddenly realisation came over us that soon everything will be over, that life has no meaning, death and decay is inevitable, we are all walking, breathing, pieces of flesh. So, to repel this sobering thoughts we ate some food, drank some beers, wine and absinth and life had meaning again. We were in the mood for some NAPALM DEATH. Extreme metal band formed in Meriden, West Midlands, England, in 1981, pioneers of the grindcore genre. They incorporate elements of punk and death metal, noise-filled sound with distortions, down-tuned guitars, grinding bass, high speed tempo, blast beats and incomprehensible growls or high-pitched shrieks.

Songs are short and have socio-political lyrics. I saw them quite a few times, and I am always amazed by their performance. Loud, raw, brutal, violent metal with a message. As Napalm Death ended their performance, we started to drink some water, coffee and hot herbal tea to sober up, and warm ourselves because our friend Pajdo the Dominator, although he has a lot of love to offer didn’t want to give us nothing. But we still love him very much. Filled with hot beverages, we gained some energy to see our last band for today, black metal from Poland MGLA. Band has a lot of controversy regarding their “right” affiliation. They published a new album this year and are on tour through Europe. Majority of their concerts are sold out, and reports of their performance are greatly positive. At the festival they played great music, dark atmospheric black metal, perfect for concluding our BRUTAL ASSAULT experience. And that was it. We slowly walked towards the exit, above us there were big letters SEE YOU IN HELL. Tired and exhausted I dragged my feet through mud-covered pathway, I contemplated  return to reality, everyday life, but I was smiling, my heart full of joy and metal and beers and wine and beautiful people.

See you in Hell my beautiful Brutal Assault, see you in hell some other day.

(in memoriam) Ivan Antolić-sjeti se, ne zaboravi, tko smo to bili mi!

Prije nekih pet godina 2014.prvi puta sam slušao tvoj bend i album Nedovršena priča. Na prvu loptu sam postao fan tvog benda, tvojih riječi, pjesama, melodija. Mogao sam se pronaći u tvojim pjesmama i pomagale su mi da se borim dalje, ne predajem se, da živim i da ne posustajem.

Kada ste prvi puta svirali u Sloveniji na Tepih Na Paleti festivalu, prišao sam ti nakon giga kao fan da se upoznam s tobom i da ti kažem koliko volim tvoj bend i koliko sam uživao u vašem gigu po prvi puta. Ti si se nasmiješio onim svojim lagano šeretskim osmijehom i pitao me: A, je li? A koji bend? Pa rekoh ti ime tvog benda pomalo zbunjen, kako si me u šali testirao da nisam neki pijani tip koji ni ne zna s kim priča. Kasnije smo se godinama smijali toj situaciji i mojoj zbunjenoj faci.

Dan nakon toga čuli smo se online, često se čuli, a vidjeli smo se poslije još puno puta na tvojim koncertima i na koncertima drugih bendova koji su nam dragi. Sjećam se Hoodoo festa u Kutini kada si bolestan otpjevao svoj set, a kasnije smo rame uz rame pjevali uz Debeli Precjednik i želio sam da ta noć nikada ne prestane. Na Tepih Na Paleti, jednom od zadnjih izdanja, družili smo se i pod toplim noćnim ljetnim nebom uz pivo dugo pričali privatne stvari, o snovima, željama, budućnosti. Nikada nismo znali da će se kao neki ružan san sve uskoro završiti. Odavno smo prestali biti fan-član benda, već iskreni prijatelji, braća.

Zajedno smo se radovali konačnom izlasku drugog albuma tvog benda i nisam mogao skriti oduševljenje pjesmama, često smo dugo pričali o nekim od njih, kako su napisane, što znače, koliko nam znače.Na zadnjem koncertu u lendavskoj Mansardi, pjevali smo zajedno na bini Oprosti i toga ću se sjećati dok god sam živ.

Najvažnije, što ti nikada neću zaboraviti dok god dišem, je da si bio uz mene u jednom od najcrnjih perioda mog života prije dvije zime. Kada god mi bilo teško javio sam ti se, razgovarali smo, bio si uvijek tu, uvijek si me svojom pozitivom i svojim toplim riječima iz srca i svojim primjerom vratio natrag. Ne usuđujem si ni pomisliti gdje bi bio danas da nije bilo tvojih riječi tada. Ne želim da ovo bude patetičan tekst, želim se na neki način oprostiti od tebe nečim što ti nikada možda nisam rekao, ili jesam, ali ne dovoljno, brate moj, uvijek ću te voljeti. Šok je ovo, boli, znam da nisi namjerno slomio naša srca, ali jesi, slomio si i nikada neće zacijeliti.

Koliko god zvučalo sjebano i nemoguće, na neki način tvoj odlazak nije bio uzaludan. Obećavam ti jednu stvar brate, živjeti ću zbog tebe od sada punim plućima, voljeti, udisati, jer život je samo jedan, sve je tako krhko, da nemamo vremena samo sjediti i čekati nešto što možda nikada neće doći, nego voljeti se i živjeti odmah i sada. To si me naučio u svom kratkom životu i ovih nezaboravnih pet godina koliko smo braća. Ima jedna želja koja će zauvijek ostati neispunjena. Da čujem još jednu tvoju novu pjesmu, da te zagrlim još jednom i da zajedno se nasmijemo, popijemo pivo i da mi se onako šeretski nasmiješiš. Ali, pamtim te zauvijek  Osjećam kao da si još uvijek s nama. I jesi. Počivaj u miru brate Ivek, jednog dana ćemo opet biti united as one!

Sjeti se
ne zaboravi
zavijek mlad ostani
sjeti se ne zaboravi
tko smo to bili mi

In memory of Ivan Antolić-Ivek(1987.-2019.)



(column) In memoriam Rutger Hauer

When I start this feature, I remember times when I was a kid back about 30 or little less years ago. I went to the movies on a Sunday morning.


There was a cinema in my hometown called Dom(Croatian for Home) and it showed all those 80-ies horror movies, Hong Kong kung fu, Italian Mad Max and Conan clones and various action and soft porn erotic movies. As I write this line, I still remember the uncomfortable seats, stinking hall, the ticket lady and the posters for upcoming movies which I love to see until this day. As a kid I spent a lot of happy moments in this cinema, discovering the magic of the movies that still today take me to some better and other worlds making me forget daily grind and trouble.

The Dom cinema disappeared in the turbulent times when communist regime fell in our country and all the robbery, war and death became everyday routine in the dark beginning of the 1990s in Croatia. The building which was cinema was returned to the catholic church and it serves their purposes now.

Let us return to that Sunday matinee. The movie that I watched as a ten or eleven year old kid was The Hitcher by Eric Red. I still don´t know why they played it as a Sunday matinee for mainly kids, because the movie about mad psychotic killer that hitchikes cars in the middle of nowhere is definitely not for little kids. I was awed by that movie, especially by the actor who played the psycho, namely Rutger Hauer. I became fan. When I got home, my Dad told me that if I liked Hauer, I should see Blade Runner and I did. I cried my eyes out on that roof scene and words that Hauer´s replicant said combined with death and white dove. It moists my eyes now. With time, Hauer was always with me in my cinema experience, from Blind Fury, Ladyhawke, Turkish Delight to newer cult classics like Hobo With A Shotgun.

Whenever I watched some movie, the guy was always there, being cool, quiet and legend whether he played a villain, or our main character good guy. Whether action, fantasy or drama, his face was tattooed on my brain and will always stay there. He was one of the actors that inspired me to love movies, write about them, watch them and he is an inseparable part of my culture upbringing.

Rest in peace brother, your role on this Earth is written in the ending credits, but I hope your role in an eternal movie has just started and will never end.

(column special)Blair Witch throwback, marketing and the rise of found footage horror!

Everyone who knows my obssession with horror movies and horror culture knows that two of my personal beloved horror subgenres are slasher and found footage horror. Today, we will talk about found footage horror and phenomena that started it all, Blair Witch trilogy and the impact it had on me as a fan and the horror scene in general.


In Spring 2000.I saw the documentary called Curse of Blair Witch and it was released on tv prior to the first movie being distributed in cinema and becoming grand blockbuster from 30 000 dollar indie little horror to 140 millions hit and launching the directors and screenwriters Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez to horror scene stardom. This documentary was just awesome, especially the part when they talk about Coffin Rock and massacre of the search party who went to the Black Hills woods to search for the missing child. The documentary was so convincing that most of my buddies and me decided that we just had to go to the cinema and see the movie. It was a blast! I was so awed by the movie that I couldn´t sleep from being scared although I was a 22 aears old kid back then, not some little snotty mewling child.

I learned of course that it was all a marketing hoax, but what a grand plan, what a grand screenplay and it proves that with a great idea, you can manage almost anything. There never was real Township of Blair, but Burkittsville became pretty popular and hordes of fans and paranormal enthusiasts went there to find out where all three missing students Heather, Josh and Mike were and where the witch was. The name of the woman who is supposed to be the historical witch is derived from known alchemist Edward Kelly like an anagram and also the supposed hermit turned serial killer in the 1940-s Rustin Parr is in fact an anagram derived from Rasputin, as the authors stated later in one talk with the journalists. Some of the Burkittsville residents profited from that hysteria, some were just plain angry because they thought all those people destroyed their privacy.

The first part of the movie is quite boring when three of our main characters get to Burkittsville in order to make a documentary about the local legend concerning a witch in the Black Hills Woods. They are asking local residents about the legend(all of them fakes, none being the real resident of Burkittsville) and that part of the movie is not so interesting. The action starts when they get to the woods and little by little they get lost, strange things begin to happen, up to the very quick, murky and sudden end. What I love is the gradation of anxiety and horror that authors managed to create with the movie, from merry bunch of kids who enter the forest, accross starting to be disoriented, but still happy, to becoming hysterical, hungry, miserable, frightened and hunted. The actors were just awesome in their roles and I certainly managed to sympathize and connect with all three characters, especially Heather with the moving part when she talks to her Mom with only a little handlight being sorry about everything and you just know something terrible will happen. So, it was a tense experience to see the characters becoming more and more doomed.


The second part why I love this movie are scary parts. No monsters, no zombies, no gore scenes, but only sound effects during the night in the woods. All those rock heaps, figures made from wood, part of bloody shirt in the bundle was enough to make my skin crawl with goosebumps. The part of the movie I remember and was most impressed is when our students heard children laughing, running and shouting in the forest dead of the night. Then, their tent starts to shake and we hear distant children´s laugh that was enough to remember this movie forever. The ending was tense, but a bit disappointing with lots of running, we are not really able to see what is happening and all of that just gives the viewer some food for thoughts and all of us can imagine and create our own ending in our heads, the authors gave us directions how it ended and every one of us created in our heads the perfect scary ending. That were some found footage horror subgenre defining postulates. First, setting the task in the movie introduction, whether the protagonists go to film a documentary, explore the abandoned hospital, investigate alien abductions etc. Then follows the traveling to that place where the story is situated and talking with survivors/witnesses/random people etc etc. Then nothing happens really until the last twenty or thirty minutes when usually the movie ends in a mix of running, shouting, screaming, sound effects, and occasionally some final glimpse of horror caught in the eye of the fallen camera or something similar. Those are the postulates for found footage, and I saw at least hundred of them and some were plain bad, clones, but some where awesome and I still love this subgenre the most in horror, but this one started it all and I will always love this one. I saw it yesterday, twenty years after it is made and it withstood the test of time.

The most important for found footage horror in my opinion is having a good story/fake or real urban legend that you can work your tension and story on. If that is not the case, you  are failed and the movie is doomed from the very beginning. Myrick/Sanchez did a mighty fine job and this movie is for sure one of all time horror movie hall of famers.

The second movie, entitled Book Of Shadows was a big let down. Riding on the money wave made by the first movie, Artisan decided to make a sequel. Myrick/Sanchez didn´t want to do it, because they wanted to wait for some time for all the hype to settle down. So, the Company recruited new director, Joe Berlinger, otherwise the director of real documentaries, who also wrote the script for the sequel along with Dick Beebe(House On Haunted Hill remake, some Tales From The Crypt episodes…).


The premise of the second movie was interesting, because they wanted to go more with the human factor behind all the mythical and paranormal. The sequel is also not a found footage hand held camera horror, it is conventional horror movie done like so many other cinema horror movies and it is everything what the first one was fighting against. The budget was also a lot bigger, some 15 million dollars, it made some success with income circa 46 or 47 million dollars, so it was not a total bust.

The other thing is, the fans buried it with a vengeance, critics also, but they don´t really matter. Blair fans felt betrayed, I also had the same feeling watching the new movie. Starts promising, with interviews made with the citizens of Burkittsville who are either confused, happy or angry with all the fans of the movie invading their town and privacy. It was supposedly filmed with real Burkittsville citizens and Berlinger was supposedly booed and chased away there when he explained to them what he wanted to film in their town. So, our protagonists led by Jeff who organizes Blair Witch tours come to Burkittsville and Black Hills forest and judging by some flashbacks Jeff being in the psychiatric hospital, we can assume that not everything is right with this picture. I loved the idea of movie within a movie, but it was just not explored the way it should be. The protagonists crew is very varied, Jeff,  gothic girl Kim, Wicca witch Erica portrayed and written totally wrong from the real Wiccan religion and Tristen and Stephen, a couple expecting a baby. In the first part of the movie, they arrive to the ruins and foundation of the Rustin Parr house(hermit turned serial killer in the 1940s in the Blair mythology) where the tapes from the first movie were found. They camp there, drink and party, meet the other tourist party led by two guys for a few minutes and then wake up confused about what happened and where they lost couple of hours, equipment is destroyed and only tapes are left. Tristen loses a baby, they all rush to the hospital where the doctors clean her up and let her from the hospital in too quick time, that is another failure from the Berlinger/Beebe screenwriting team. They all go to some abandoned factory/warehouse turned Jeff´s house in the woods, where they start to lose their minds and tragedy strikes soon…

The characters are too shallow or too obnoxious, so I just couldn´t relate with any of them and sympathize. The children´s ghosts in the woods are cool, I am a sucker for that and it scares me, but bad make up, bad use of the ghosts in parts of the movies where they just don´t belong ruined that idea. Kim banged the van lightly, but later on we see the van practically ruined and afterwards the screenwriters just forgot about it. Who smashed the van? The deaths, dramatic parts and the great finale in the police station when the survivors and supposed mass murderers are questioned by the police are just done so amateurish and so unconvincing that the last third of the movie just sinks into total oblivion. I saw it again these days, for the third time and it still leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. This sequel is one of those that should not have been done and sometimes greed for money can be lethal for the horror movie franchise. That was the case here and the franchise was left dormant for many years after this failure.

Come 2016.and the mysterious new horror called The Woods. That was another marketing trick for making third Blair Witch movie under fake name to avoid all the internet hassle and theories about it. This time Adam Wingard, young horror rising star was chosen as a director, known for his work on The Guest, A Horrible Way To Die, V/H/S and You´re Next. Also, Simon Barret(Dead Birds, A Horrible Way To Die, Temple, The Guest) wrote the script for the third installment of this franchise. This one was made to be the direct sequel to the first movie, avoiding and not mentioning the debacle with the Book Of Shadows.

The story revolves around James, brother of Heather from the first movie, who gathers a new crew and they all go to the Black Hills forest to find Heather after seeing video which convinced James that Heather is still alive and lost there. Upon arriving there, strange things start to happen and something picks them off one by one.

What I love about this movie is the return to found footage style and being much more action filled and more tense than the second one. But, also, the sound effects that were so scary in the first movie are here over the top and just too much of them like all of the woods walking at once. Also, the characters are much more hysterical and more screaming and running through the woods. Some modern times novelties are here, like the crew is not only armed with cameras, but also with drone and old mysteries like time lapses, loss of hours, Rustin Parr´s house are here.

That last twenty or twenty five minutes of the movie is just perfect. When James and Lisa arrive to the old Rustin Parr´s house and the rain relentlessly falling which adds to the drama and the inside running like first character horror game with something chasing them and tension is just great until the end which gives some answers but provides more questions for a possible continuation of the series. The attic scenes are great, but what is with that lights, like alien movies? I didn´t get that! Also, in some scenes, at least one we get a possible witch for a few seconds and see at last how she or it looks like. The acting is okay with James Allen McCune(Jimmy from The Walking Dead) as James and awesome Callie Hernandez(Alien Covenant, La La Land) being above all of others from the cast, giving me actual feelings for them in their panic, fear and desperation. The third one is way better than unfortunate Book Of Shadows but is in fact only reboot of the first movie with some interesting moments.

In the end, Blair made me worship found footage horror. My list would be: first and legendary, third one and then the weaker second movie.

Who knows? Maybe one day the fourth movie arrives and we get more answers.

(horror movie) Lucio Fulci´s Voices From Beyond, a hit or failure?

I love Lucio Fulci, I consider him a horror movie visionary and one of the most important Italian and European horror movie directors and authors of all time.

But, I can´t say that I love all of his work, because there are some of his movies that I just can´t digest. This is one of those movies. The story surrounds a murder of one wealthy man and his spirit tries to connect with his daughter to help her find and bring his murderers to justice. This is not bad story, but the realization is a disaster. This one was absolute slow and boring movie, I caught myself watching the clock asking myself when it is finally going to end. The acting is bordering between total wooden characters and just plain bad. The music is decent like in most Italian horror movies.

What I love about Fulci is that he was never afraid to show some shocking and brutal gore scenes in his movies. Unfortunately here are almost no kill and gore scenes apart from one autopsy scene and couple of visions of zombies eating a guy and that is it. The characters are too poor written and some of them, including the main antagonist are too sleazy becoming almost too charicature of themselves. The ending and motives for murder are not so clear and it all ends like it started, rather plain and bad and you feel cheated after watching this one. Why cheated? Because you expected something more and greater from Fulci. But, all is not that black, because there are still more legendary and great Lucio Fulci flicks than the bad ones.

Try with House By The Cemetary, The Beyond or City Of The Living Dead and discover the whole beauty of his classic works. Don´t Torture A Duckling and Zombi 2 are not to be missed so take your time, dear fiendettes and fiends and dive into Italian master of gore giallo and horror movies.

(column) Why Graham Masterton should be a must read for every horror fan.


I love horror literature, I love to read. Also, I love war books and occult literature and history, but horror novels and stories are still my number one love. I don´t know how I could have missed Graham Masterton and his works, but I am now trying hard to make that mistake right by reading his intense horror novels one by one.

The Devils Of D-Day is the first one that I have read. The story starts in 1944.when 13 black painted tank broke through the German lines and wreak havoc on their soldiers killing whole companies in most horrible ways. No one knew who came in that tanks, who drove them and how they disappeared afterwards. Now, the story takes us to 1970-ies when we find out that one of the tanks was left in France and sealed with cross not to be returned. Strange things happen if you pass that tank in the night, you can hear the crew whispering, milk curdles and animals die. As it usually happens with stupid people, they open the tank and weird things happen and the battle for the future of humanity starts…

Not to spoil everything, this is all I will tell you from that story, the rest you must read yourselves. The book is easy to read, very intense, makes you go more and more and the killing gore scenes are nicely done mixed with scary spooky atmosphere and parts which made goosebumps on my skin and that is not an easy thing to do nowadays, when I have watched hundreds of horror movies and read hundreds of stories and novels. This one is a keeper. The names of the 13 demons and their boss are really powerful and the incantations in this book are realistic, so grab this one and treat yourself with horror.