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(band of the week) Dungeon synth from Ecuador – URKU LLANTHU

URKU LLANTHU is a solo musical project originating from the city of Quito-Ecuador, which was born in 2018 and in turn formally comes to light with audio and video material for the year 2020, full disc in physical format that is available since November 2020. Album contains 8 unreleased tracks (1 intro + 7 songs) and bears the name of the musical project URKU LLANTHU accompanied by its official video-clip.

The musical trajectory of the only multi-instrumentalist member of the URKU LLANTHU project (Pablo Mesías) dates back to 1998 when he was part of the band ACRACIA, a period that lasted until 2004.

After this project from 2005 to 2010 he was a member of NEKROPSIA also from Ecuadorian capital.

After a few years in the period from 2013 to 2016 he sang in BLASFEMO shortly after forming ALKITRAN project also originally from Quito-Ecuador; from 2016 to 2018.

2018 was the year when an idea that existed for a long time was born and came to light in 2020 in a totally independent and DIY way under the name of URKU LLANTHU – darkened music adding string instruments, percussion, harmonics such as piano, wind instruments etc. … and thus getting to musically capture the ideas and compositions of its only member Pablo Mesías (Atuk Urku Llanthu – pseudonym) trying to capture the atmosphere of attachment to the Andean worldview and the rescue of the ancestral language Quechua, typical of many indigenous peoples, it resides within the genre Dark Ambient/Dungeon Synth/ Folk Metal in an instrumental way expressing feelings and thoughts of the person who creates this musical framework and the project, under the proprietary seal by the same composer and author named TAKIRI PRODUCCIONES INDEPENDIENTE.

At the moment, audio-visual production in video format is available on YouTube platform official channel URKU LLANTHU:


(movie) Belzebuth is an undiscovered horror jewel


I didn´t watch Belzebuth(2017) for quite some time because I thought that it is some possession Exorcist clone or something. Boy, I was wrong. This one is brutal! Tired and traumatized police inspector Ritter (excellent Joaquin Cosio) investigates the school massacre which looks pretty clear to solve in the beginning. He discovers that there is something totally different and sinister underneath and that nothing is as it seems, especially when priest Vasilio Canetti (Tobin Bell) mixes in his work and they begin desperate race with time.

Now, everything in this movie is just right. Story, acting led by Cosio and legendary Tobin Bell (Jigsaw of Saw movies fame, eh?), dark, dark story with almost no happy ending in sight, sadness, atmosphere, melancholy, topped with brutal death scenes that spare no one not even babies. There is a twist at the end of the movie which was not unpredictable and a little bit clicheed but the movie is done so good, that everything is forgiven. If you love horror, you will love Belzebuth.


Some things never die – a tribute to j-sin trioxin.


I never knew or got to meet Jason in person to thank him for being there for me. Not being there for me personally but through his music and lyrics.

Like many kids I got into horrorpunk through The Misfits. Afterwards I learned about Blitzkid and all that wonderful extended family around that scene, bands like Darrow Chemical Company, Cryptkeeper Five, Shadow Windhawk and especially one band, Mister Monster. When I first heard one of their songs it was Amy Sue and This Night I Call Bad Luck. I immediately fell in love with this band. Why? Because they are unique. Jason´s voice was so beautiful, so emotional, combining doo wop which I love so much and punk rock into one gripping combination. The melodies, the lyrics, the lifestyle, it was something which helped me through dark times of twenty year long lasting depression which I fight to this day. Every day is a struggle for people who fight with depression. You must always be at least half a step ahead of it, otherwise you will lose the battle and that might mean you lose war, believe me, I lost couple of battles and also couple of times being an inch to lose war if you can read what I mean by that.

All that time Jason´s music and lyrics were there for me, expressing through all that horrorpunk imagery and lyrics in fact the horrors of real life we all must fight and experience every single day. These horrors are more scary than every movie, story, legend or song. I buried my brothers with his music, loved laughed and smiled with his music. I still smile when I hear his songs. They remind me of what he has done for me and I love to believe his music and legacy made me a better man, that I am today, 43 years old and being in this scene for 28 years now.

I wanted to express my gratitude with this column in my zine, because I will never get to meet Jason and tell him in person all that. His legacy lives on!