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(review) Tvivler-EGO


Tvivler means one who doubts and this is their debut full length album. The record contains 15 songs and the music of this band from Denmark is very interesting. It is basically hardcore punk, but has a lot of different influences in the smartly done song structures. There are classic d beat apocalypse songs, mixed with screamo atmospheric parts, evolving into almost atmospheric and gentle post punk parts of the songs. The lyrics are in Danish language, but I got the translations and English explanations of the songs, and the themes are forgiveness, fear, love, desire and basically all the feelings we as humans can experience and through which we can relate to. There are lots of fast upbeat hardcore punk songs with fast drumming, cutting guitars evolving into almost sad melodies and melancholy pure. The vocals are superb, also experimental weird saxophone parts fit perfectly to the songs they participate to. This is a strong debut album and I only wish to find out how this stuff sounds live on stage.


(review) Cro-Mags-In The Beginning


The first real Cro-Mags new full length record is out and the wait is finally over! Harley Flanagan, one of the iconic men and legends of New York hardcore scene is back in big style with this one. I will not venture into talking about all the hardships Harley had to endure with band splitting up in two camps, all the problems and fuck ups he had in his life. I just listen and let the music speak for itself.

On this record we get 13 songs in the best NYHC way, metalic and nostalgic in a way, reminding me a lot of Best Wishes, my personally favorite Mags album, but also sounding fresh and ready for the 21st century and Harley´s angry deep voice spitting rage in the lyrics with song titles like One Bad Decision, Don´t Talk About It or PTSD. The album is very dark, fast and almost apocalyptic in its vibe, being great soundtrack to the anger, anguish and despair, but also hope, never giving up and fighting the world. The musicianship is fantastic, that can especially be heard in all the awesome guitar hooks and solos, also in the instrumental song called Between Wars. I knew by the e.p. that came out prior to this record, that we are in for a treat. But, this is great, energy filled street hardcore. Welcome back, Harley and the crew!



(review) Junkowl-Making Out With My Death


Montreal˙s Junkowl are releasing their very first album and I had the honor and pleasure to listen and review it for this zine.

There are 10 songs on this record. The music of Junkowl is a mixture of hardcore, metal and sludge, stoner and doomy influences thrown in here and there for good measure. That means uptempo songs, groove, fascinating vocals which easy transform from screaming at the top of the lungs to speaking, whispering and singing clean voice and it gives more power to the already powerful music song structures. The guitar riffs are gritty, strong and sometimes have melodic hook here or there. Drums are superb, with awesome rhythm changes, rolling doom and sludge, faster punk song parts equally measured to make this record interesting listening experience. For me the songs that are highlights on this record are Quarantine Us All, Dead Hooker and Sickness Lives. This is a great and mighty debut album.