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(review) Jodie Faster-Blame Yourself


Wow! This is the only thing that I can say after listening to new Jodie Faster record. My friend Karlo told me last Summer about these guys, but somehow they went  under my radar until now. Jodie Faster are from Lille, France and this new release contains 17 songs. The music of Jodie Faster is old school fast hardcore with screaming shouting vocals and fast drumming, coupled with great hardcore songs with some melodic catchy parts here and there. Add to that great lyrics and you get really super band and I can only imagine how this band sounds live, pure fuckin hardcore energy to feed on. Songs like Punk Police, Gloucester`s Finest and Your Gods=Outta My Way, also No Gain Just Pain are my personal favorites. This is fast hardcore old school the way I love it.



(review) Higher Power-27 Miles Underwater(Roadrunner)


Higher Power from Leeds, UK are starting to be more and more important wheel in the machine of rising UK hardcore scene, with their new album being out with Roadrunner. The album offers eleven songs. The music of Higher Power can be categorized as modern hardcore with lots of groove and metalic moshing parts, but from all that brutality the music quickly transforms into gentle and melodic clean sung chorus, with charismatic vocalist J Town having such perfect beautiful voice. I don˙t know, sometimes the music of Higher Power reminds me of more melodic version of Snapcase, band that I listened to a lot when I was a kid, and still listen to. Sometimes they dare to tap into almost indie and post hardcore influences in parts of the songs, making them more interesting listening for me. This is great modern hardcore. Personal favorites: Seamless, Low Season, Staring At The Sun.



(review) Grind-Songs of Blood and Liberation(Dedication Records)

Album - Songs of Blood and Liberation

Grind from Germany are releasing their brand new album with Dedication Records. The album contains 10 songs and it is a lesson in brutality. The music of Grind can be described as a mixture of fast and energetic hardcore punk and noise/grindcore with some melodic hook and post hardcore bit thrown in for good measure. The album is brutal, yet somehow very nice for listening especially Empthy Things, one of my highlights from the album. Vocals are superb, growled, screamed and shouted, depending on the song and fit perfectly to the picture. I would love to hear and see these guys destroy live on stage, I am sure this band kicks ass live. With songs like Liberate, Even Death May Die(another favorite of mine) or Necklaces of Death you just can`t go wrong. Members of Grind have more than twenty years experience in the extreme music scene based in Flensburg, northern Germany, so this album is definitely a proof and making them a band to watch out for and I am so lucky being able to listen to it now as it is fresh. Great album.





Crossed Keys (ex Kid Dynamite/Good Riddance) released new lyric video!


Philadelphia’s own Crossed Keys released their Hellminded Records debut, Saviors, on October 4th. The melodic punk quintet features former members of Kid Dynamite, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, and The Curse. Saviors is comprised of seven songs that offer a fresh take on the melodic punk-hardcore played in the tri-state underground scene of the late 90’s and early aughts. This release will certainly resonate with fans of Samiam, The Bomb, and The Loved Ones. The band put together a lyric video for the track “Times of Grace” which is made up of a joyride around various neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Fall in love with the City of Brotherly Love and with Crossed Keys by watching the video now at The Bad Copy.



“Set fire to all that you hold dear, so you don’t have to face your fears,” sings vocalist Joshua Alvarez (Halo of Snakes) in reflection of moving past the things that hold us back.  After playing in numerous bands around Philadelphia over the years, the members of Crossed Keys bring their varied experiences together to create a unique, driving melodic sound.

Alvarez is joined by drummer Dave Wagenschutz (Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance), bassist Andrew Wellbrock (Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer), and guitarists Beau Brendley (The Curse, Kill The Man Who Questions, R.A.M.B.O.) and Dave Adoff (Step Ahead, Jackie Thousand).  “Saviors” was recorded over a weekend in May 2019 at Noisy Little Critter in Downington, PA by Mike Bardzik (Joyce Manor, Kill Your Idols, Spraynard) and mastered at West West Side Music (The Misfits, Converge).

From the wistfulness of “Times of Grace” recalling shared times in basements and firehalls to the frustration of inaction voiced in the title track, “Saviors” is seven tales of gratefulness for all of those moments and people in our lives that led us to this point.

Crossed Keys has played venues all over the tri-state area, supporting bands such as H2O, Dave Hause & The Mermaid, The Lillingtons, Good Riddance, Shades Apart, and Strike Anywhere.

Purchase: http://www.hellmindedrecords.com/shop
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Bandcamp: crossedkeys.bandcamp.com
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Bandcamp: www.hellmindedrecords.bandcamp.com

(review) Turn Against-Memori


Italian underground scene is vast and rich with great bands just waiting for you to discover them and listen to their great music. Turn Against have been existing since 2010. but I discovered them just now with their new e.p. This diy hardcore punk band from Comacchio, Italy released 5 song e.p. Three of the songs on the record are pretty long, approx seven minutes long and two are shorter. The title songs hits you in the head with slow, rolling, almost sludgy rythm evolving suddenly to faster punk energy and back again to anguished, shouted, yet melodic vocals. This is not your usual hardcore punk clicheed song structure, but complex and smart hardcore, with style and emotion. The shorter songs called Interlude A and Interlude B, serve as kinda pause between crushing songs, like a bit calm intro before another storm hits you. Giustificazioni is a mixture between epic melodic post hardcore riffs, anguish, depression and aggression at the same time, almost mathematically played drums and bass and great ending to the song. For sure, my favorite on this record. Qiueto Vivere is crushing heavy song, I really don`t understand Italian enough to know what Turn Against are singing about, but I guess the lyrics are about inner struggle and battling your own personal demons, which I can relate to. Good record!



(review) .Gif From God-Approximation_Of_A_Human


.Gif From God are hailing from Richmond, USA and this record contains 12 songs of heavy, chaotic, metalized screaming hardcore punk, very close to grindcore and screamo in some song structures. The vocals are screaming their lungs out, sometimes growling the music is very noisy riffs and fast almost inhuman fast drumming. What I love about this band are the weird song titles like No dude…he still likes to spray, but the absolute winner for me is  the song called When you yell at me, make sure you hurt my feelings. There are some atmospheric, almost post hardcore parts like in Whats the BP2BB song, but mainly it is crushing and noisy fastcore sreamo grind. Good one.



(review) From Today-From Today


From Today are coming from Poland capitol Warsaw and this their debut album. Although the band was formed in 2016., the members have been active in many bands in Polish hardcore punk scene throughout the years. They changed line-up and stability came, so it was time for debut full length to see the light of day. This record contains 11 songs of street hardcore in the vein of all those NYHC bands we love so much meaning Madball, Agnostic Front, but also Rykers, Brightside and similar Eurocore bands from the nineties I love so much. That means faster and more aggressive material, with songs like Energy Gain, Stay True or This Is Our Mission being my favorites. If you love your hardcore fast, at times moshing hard and with singalong gang backing vocals, this is the right one for your. Nothing new, nothing revolutionary, but done with style.