(record review)SNIPER 66-Annihilator

Sniper 66 are hailing from Austin, Texas and I listened and reviewed their new record for our zine. If you like no holds barred hardcore streetpunkrock then this one is the right one for you.


The record contains 15 songs of aggressive and explosive, yet enough anthemic and melodic streetpunk with hardcore influences. The vocals are angry, yet singing and the songs like the title song or Why´d You Have To Die just make you pump your fist high in the air and circle pit around the room and I can only imagine how awesome these guys sound live when the deliver this bombs of the songs. Rarely some album brings emotions that make my batteries full and give me strength to fight on and strive for more and keep the flame of this scene alive and well. This album is definitely one of such albums. If you like bullet belts, mohawks, fast angry punk and singalong songs, check this one out because it is a keeper!