(record review)FASTFADE-Happy If You Aren´t

Fastfade are from London, UK, they have a new record out and I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


The record contains 14 songs. UK punk hardcore scene is thriving and pulsing with awesome bands, people working nice job to keep the scene alive and promote the underground subculture and punk. Fastfade play neckbreaking fast melodic hardcore with punkrock slower parts thrown in for good measure. I love the speed of this guys, I am sucker for fast and melodic bands and I will never have enough of those! The songs are energetic, with great vocals, backing vocals, anthemic choruses and just make you want to jump around, pogo, fool around and bring back smile on your face. I would definitely want to check out Fastfade playing live because I am sure they sound even faster and better live than on this great album. It is very hard to tell which songs are better but I will try those that are the best in my opinion: Passtime, Slingshot, Time Stuck. This is a phenomenal album.