(record review)Live Your Gimmick Volume 1-Tuna Forsushi Records

Tuna Forsushi Records released this four way split record featuring four bands from Maryland. I listened and reviewed this record for our zine.


The Drivin´Beats are featured with five songs of almost rock n roll sound with some garage punk influences even surf rock in Vampire Girl which was number one song for me on their part of the record. The music of this band was just not my cup of tea because I am oriented towards more punk stuff and I am not fan of music such as this band plays.

Sourpuss part of the record, also five songs are a bit better, but also not really my cup of tea, being too rock and roll and sometimes even too grungy, too biker hardrock for my taste, with way too many guitar solos and too long songs. I can`t dispute their musicianship, but I just don`t like such music.

The Downstrokes part of the record was right one. I love their dirty Dwarves reminding punkrock with enough energy and melody with also punk audacity and this was the best band on this record for me. Punk Rock Lolita is the song which I listened to on repeat for couple of times in a row. Great stuff.

The Xiles somehow reminded me of 77 punk bands like Sex Pistols and all those early UK punk bands with the raised middle finger in the air and not giving fuck about anything. Their five songs were just great to hear because I haven˙t listened to some old school punkrock for some time now.

So in all, this is a decent record with four bands for everyones taste, so full suport to the label and bring ´em more.







(record review)Press Club-Late Teens

I love Australian underground scene. It is far away on the other side of the globe, but the music unites us in a wonderful way. This time, I listened and reviewed for our zine the debut album by Press Club.


Hailing from Melbourne, Press Club released a strong debut record containing 11 songs. The music they play could be put into melodic pop punk, but they have so much more influences in their music, from indie to even noise. The musicianship is tight and the record is marked by strong vocals, courtesy of singer Natalie. Lyrically, Press Club heads into personal territory, but they also raise some socially aware subjects if you read through the lines. In all, we are dealing here with one hell of a strong debut. Top songs on the record for me: Headwreck(check out the video), Ignorance, Trading Punches.




New Teenage Bottlerocket Album! New Song! Pre-Order!


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The day has finally come! We could not be more stoked to share with you a brand new Teenage Bottlerocket song. Head to Spotify and listen to “I Wanna Be a Dog,” your first taste from TBR’s ripping new full-length, Stay Rad! Recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, produced by longtime collaborator Andrew Berlin, and mixed by Jason Livermore, the band’s eighth studio album will be released on March 15th.

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