(record review)Ça tire!-Melting Punk

Long time passed that we reviewed some compilation record in our zine. Now is the time for compilation by small diy label from Canada Ça tire! We listened and reviewed it for our zine.


The record contains 20 songs and I can say for sure that I didn´t listen to any of the songs and bands apart from Greg Rekus prior to putting my paws on this record. Shame on me! Acoustic punk and folk punk is usually not on my playlist when I listen to the music on everyday basis, but I love to listen that stuff from time to time. As it˙s usually the case with compilations, some songs are better,some less good. I must mention the songs by Greg Rekus, Drunken Dogs, North Alone and Frank Custeau being outstanding from the rest of the material on this record. This is worth your support, so you can download the record for free, but at least write to them and tell them you like it and I am sure they will appreciate your support.