(record review)Ninetynine-Wasteland(Dead Serious Recordings)

Ninetynine are hardcore band from Erfurt, Germany, founded in 2014. I listened and reviewed their brand new record for our zine, the record is out with Dead Serious Recordings.

Cover Preview

The record contains 11 songs of modern European hardcore with respectful nod to old school 90-ies influences. The songs are fast enough to be great for skating like S.K.A.T.E., one of the best songs on this record. There are also anti war lyrics in strong messaged Going To War, antinationalist stance and you know that these guys wear their hearts in the right places. The groove of As One tells the hardcore story about unity and friendship and coping in this hard, cold world. I still love the message of hardcore after being on the scene for more than 25 years now. It still makes my heart sing and goosebumps on my skin. The other songs on this record that made an impact strongly on me are This Is My Youth and Statement. Good one!