(record review)CLOSED SPEECH-Rookies

Closed Speech are haling from Italy, city of Rome and I listened and reviewed their new record for our zine.


Italy has one of the best punkrock hardcore scenes in Europe and  I am always glad to discover new bands. Closed Speech play melodic punkrock with hardcore influences and their new record contains intro plus 14 songs. Their music leans more on hardcore roots with a nod of respect to the historical value of Italian and Roma hardcore, but also sounding fresh and strong for the 21st century. The lyrics are mostly personal, but I also noticed some political and humour issues between the lines, and these guys have their hearts and minds in the right places. The musicianship is tight, and the vocals are beautiful, spiteful and punk sounding but melodic, backing vocals also nicely done. The songs that are the best in my opinion: Same Blood(check out the video guys made for this song), Write This Song, No Words No Name.