NEWS!!! Born From Pain released new video


‘New Beginnings’ new Born From Pain Video online.

Born From Pain released a new video to the song “New Beginnings”.
The song has a feature by Chris Robson from TRC.
“New Beginnings” is taken from the upcoming record “True Love”
which will be out On February 15th via BDHW Rec.

Watch the video here:


Born From Pain
BDHW Rec. 

(book)James Herbert-48

Do you love your horror in written form? I sure do! I love the movies, the tv series, horrorpunk but the best for me are still horror short stories and novels. The late legendary James Herbert happens to be one of my favorite horror writers of all time, so I read his books with joy and fear.


48 is one of Herbert´s more sf and fantasy and less horror novels. As the title implies the story takes place in 1948. At the end of Second World War, defeated Reich in its death throes shot rockets with deadly virus and the whole world became ravaged place. In empty London, full of corpses, lunatic survivors, American pilot Hoke tries to survive and escape the army of British nazi blackshirts who want his blood to make an andtidote to the sickness. Sounds familiar? Richard Matheson´s I Am Legend first came to mind with some segments of this story, but insted vampires, here we have lunatic nazi soldiers. But, there is enough of action, excitement and breathtaking turning of pages to make this one interesting novel. It is not one of my favorite Herbert´s books that I read, by far not, but it is a decent one to make your winter evening great reading. The ending is okay, the story evolves nicely page by page, so worth your reading, but if you would love to check some of Herbert´s stuff, better read couple of his better works before this one.