(record review)Lazy Class-Interesting Times

There is a vast and moving underground punk hardcore scene out there just waiting to be discovered and found and maybe just today you will discover your new personal favorite band and stick around their record for long. I know I did after I listened and reviewed for our zine the debut full length by Lazy Class.


This band comes from Warsaw, Poland and after e.p-s, compilation songs etc this is their first full length album. The record contains intro and 13 songs and after listening for couple of times I can only say I am amazed. Lazy Class play streetpunk/oi with a lot of hardcore influences but at the same time enough melody to appeal to all of you who love your punk more on the melodic side of things.

The lyrics are in English and they are awesome, with street smart attitude but at the same time keeping the punk rebel edge through some more personal themes and topics like friendship, love in the broken world, antifascism, hope and their lyrics really got me going and the music of this band gave me more strength to believe in the cause and keep on fighting on the bad day.  All of the songs are real anthems, with speed, melodic hymn choruses, gang backing vocals, it is all there. It is really hard for me to tell which songs I like the most, but I will try, that would be: Songs Of The Anger, The Time Will Come, Made It Out Alive.

This is superb record, check this one out!