(record review)WANK-White Knuckle Ride

Orange County veterans WANK are back in action. After an e.p. in 2016., they released their new full length record and I listened to the music and reviewed the record for our zine.


Formed in 1995.at the height of mid nineties melodic punk frenzy, Wank released the debut record and played many shows with almost all the big bands of that time but in 2000.bassist/vocalist Bobby Amodeo fought the disease and the members played in other bands. Now, reunited and stronger than ever, they are back with the new record.

The record contains 11 songs of melodic punkrock and when I say punkrock I mean just that, lovely punkrock, maybe not fast as I love, but indeed with awesome song structures, beautiful choruses and tunes that make you hum them long after you finish listening to the record. There is a reggae influenced punk in We Wanna Rock, heartwarming lyrics in all songs, especially in my favorite It Was You. All the lyrics are personal but I can relate in all the songs with themes like not giving up, love, heartbreak, coping in this world, hope, in fact, these guys remind me a lot of Descendents but maybe less frantic than Milo and crew and more ska in song structures. Won`t Let Go is also one of my personal favorites on this record, besides Salvation, the song guys chose for the single. I love this record. If you are a fan of great, heartfelt punkrock, this one is just the one for you.





(record review)AFI-The Missing Man

AFI have just released new e.p. with the songs on that they wrote during the last tour and I listened and reviewed the new record for our zine.


I remember this band in the 90-ies and their early days when they still played melodic skatepunk with hardcore influences and in the meantime when I recollect on their early times, they evolved into world known stadium filling melodic dark punk band with pop influences.

This new record contains 5 songs of darkened seductive melodic punk sound. This band you gotta love or you don˙t like them at all. I first wasn`t really a fan of their music, but in time I grew to love their stuff and understand what are they doing and where are they going with the band. I was intrigued with the title track of this record, which has more to do with Depeche Mode and similar darkened pop than with punkrock, having beautiful melodies in the verse/chorus and sung with awesome Havok˙s voice. Trash Bat is similar with the material off the last two studio full length albums and this is for me the best track on this record besides the title track. Breaking Angels and Back Into The Sun were somehow similar for me and I didn˙t notice them passing in my ear. Get Dark is a decent track with uptempo beat and apocalyptic little lovely melody. This e.p. is okay, but it is just that, okay, nothing more. Let us wait for another full length.