(record review)SYMPHONY OF DISTRACTION/69ENFERMOS-They Came From Faster Space!(Morning Wood Records)

I was really happy when I heard that this split release by Symphony Of Distraction and 69enfermos is coming out via Morning Wood Records. It is finally here and I am happy that I was able to listen and review it for this zine.


Symphony of Distraction side of the record contains 5 songs of fast, melodic and energetic melodic skatepunk with some hardcore influences. These guys are from the upstate New York and I never heard of their music prior to this release, so I am happy to discover their awesome songs. As I understood their lyrics are more on the political side of things and I love Call It Off and Fall From Eden as in my opinion stand out songs, but all five are fast, dramatic and beautiful. I love this band.

69enfermos from Brasil have already been represented in this zine with the review of their last full length and I met Dalin when they toured Europe and saw them play live at Punk Rock Holiday, also did an interview for this zine. These guys are from Brasil, although they originally hail from Columbia and they exist for more than 20 years now. Their side of the record also contains 5 beautiful songs of 90-ies melodic skatepunk with Dalin´s recognizable voice and nice melodies. What I really love about this band how they achieve atmosphere of nostalgia and drama in their song structures, the thing that not many bands manage to do nowadays. In my opinion the best of their songs here are Don´t, Memories. This is a great record.