(book)Benedict J Jones-Hellship


Benedict J Jones is a UK writer and this is his first book that I read. It came out via awesome The Sinister Horror Company.

The book is a horror novela set in the time of World War Two. I love horror movies and books which take place in world war, so I was pleased to set my paws on this one and read it in two days, better say nights. The story starts on the Japanese Imperial warship where Japanese soldiers and sinister priest execute prisoners of war and as a reader, you immediately have bad feeling that something is going to be wrong.

We move the story couple of weeks further and join the few desperate survivors of torpedoed ship as they struggle with the elements, hunger and thirst. They find the abandoned Japanese ship, board it, and then strange things start to happen.

This is a really short novella which has too many characters and my main dislike about this story is the not enough charaterization of the people involved, main protagonists. The gore and action scenes are really awesome and nicely done, but it all ends too early and leaves us with too many question marks over our heads. Was there limited number of pages for this book, asked by the publisher? Was there some rule that the book should end so early? I don´t know. It is a decent piece of wartime horror novela with action and movie like scenes in there, but it could have been so much better.


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