(record review)Crash-11-Surrounded by Misantrophy

Crash-11 is a one man band from Wales, UK, playing melodic skatepunk. It was time for me to listen and review the new record for our zine.


The new record contains 6 songs of awesome melodic skatepunk just the way I love it, old school 90-ies melodic skatepunk with some technical song structures here and there. I love fast paced Condition To Believe with anthemic chorus, just made for singalong with awesome harmonies. Done With You is great mid tempo punkrock song with awesome melody and great guitar solo in the song. Lost Faith is very technical guitar oriented song, reminding me a lot of Strung Out and also having great atmosphere in the song. Forsaken Me is very emotional song, at least I understood it like that and it reminds me a lot of Tony Sly˙s songs, I love it! Is It Fair? is political song with smart lyrics and nice chorus which I still hum after listening. The last song No One is blistering fast and what an energetic way to conclude this awesome record. Excellent!