(new single)UK Punk/Folk Band Jake and the Jellyfish Release New Single and Video “Reading List”; ‘Long In Winters’ LP Out Now


Leeds, UK punk/folk rock band Jake and The Jellyfish have released a music video for the track “Reading List”off their most recent album ‘Long In Winters.’

The band says, “Reading List is about confidence and learning how to deal with change. Lyrically this one was really personal to me, but I tried to write it so that it could be as relatable to others as possible, we all deal with change in our lives, whether it’s things getting in the way of seeing the person you love, loosing somebody close or even not spending enough time reading as much as you’d like. I approached our friend Claudio to do the video and he did such a great job of portraying the exact vibe of the song to the video he produced, he’s such a genuine guy and I think his input and enthusiasm for the project really gave the video an extra dynamic.”

Armed with foot-stomping, beer-soaked folk tunes and ‘sing your heart out’ punk rock anthems, Jake and the Jellyfish write dance-able, sing-along songs about the frustrations of daily life, 9 to 5 jobs, environmental concerns and more. Who knew being grumpy could be so much fun?

Social commentary is a key part to J&TJ’s music, an overall sense of dissatisfaction resides underneath the surface of very relatable, catchy lyrics. Whether it’s a fuck you to lad culture “I won’t follow your lead, and I’m not one of the lads”, or being aware of your own flaws “We’re all hypocrites, just to greater or lesser extents” they wear their emotions on their sleeves and it’s evident in their live show.

5 years of touring in a beat up old postal van has added plenty of experiences to their sound. From breaking down in a small town in France with no breakdown cover and no money to get home to accidentally headlining the Woodlands stage in front of thousands of people at Kendal Calling; it all adds to the community spirit of the Jellyfish, they just want to have some beers and play some tunes at the top of their lungs.

Originally just Jake playing punk folk songs by himself, the band met at uni in Leeds, and quickly became a unit rather than a one man show. Deciding to play as many shows as possible, as quickly as possible, they met many friends along the way. And what’s more fun then travelling the world and hanging out with your friends? Over the years their sound has gained more and more energy and yet has still matured.

In addition to performing shows all over, the band has played festivals like Rebellion, Mighty Sounds, Boomtown, Bearded Theory, Kendal Calling, Beat-herder and The Fest, and has shared stages with bands such as Red City Radio, The Skints, H20, Random Hand and Beans on Toast, which has enabled them to carve their own foothold in the DIY music scene.


Upcoming shows:

FEB 1 The Peer Hat, Manchester, UK

MAY 24-May 26 Call of the Wild Festival Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

AUG 6-Aug 9 Punk Rock Holiday 1.9 Tolmin, Goriška Statistical Region, Slovenia







(record review)Peste-Peste(This is Core)

Peste is a new punk/hardcore project with members of Tutti I Colori Del Buio, Haram, If I Die Today and Papazeta. I listened and reviewed their new record out via This Is Core for our zine.


When we talk about Peste music, we talk about gritty, dirty sounding darkened hardcore punk like Integrity and similar bands with a dose of black metal influences like in my favorite song on this record called Coffins. Besides that in other four of five songs we get the overall vibe of despair, death, decay and all other desperate feelings that man can feel. No hope, no light at the end of the tunnel, only anguish, guilt, no compromise and death. Besides classic punk and blastbeat parts, this band loves to sail in murky waters of sludge, like sailing through the mud and swamp of this life towards total void and nothingness. Utter void and no afterlife. This e.p. is not for your everyday life loving hardcore hugging bro fan. This is them music which can be used as the soundtrack to the end of the world, with no new begginings and no new starts. I love it.






(record review)NEGATIVE VIBES-Broken Mind

Poland has an awesome underground hardcore punk scene, just waiting for you to discover all of the beautiful bands out there. This time, I listened and reviewed the new Negative Vibes record.


These guys are hailing from the Polish capital, namely Warsaw and play their vision of angry and fast hitting hardcore punk. Knowing the political situation in Poland, which is similar unfortunately to our country, there is a lot of reason for punk hardcore bands to be angry and make energetic music full of rage.

This album contains 12 songs, one being cover by old great Polish band Homomilitia. The music reminds me of Resist, early Poison Idea and similar bands. No philosophy, just plain in your face hardcore punk with shouted lyrics, mix of personal and political issues and short but sweet songs. This album made me hungry for more, so I turned it around and listened to all of it once more. And once more afterwards. Great stuff! Best songs in my opinion: When I´m Dead, Like An Ash.