(record review)SAME AS YOU-Coffee and pills/The lies we told(PCT musique)

Same As You are relatively young band from Montreal, Canada and they recently joined forces with PCT musique to release both of their ep-s. I listened and reviewed both of the records for our zine.


Every record contains 4 songs, so 8 in total. The music this band plays is melodic mid tempo energetic punkrock with interesting deeper vocals which really got into my ears and I love the vocals of this band. The melodies of the songs are awesome, I love the nostalgia that Seven Years somehow brought up in me, it almost reminds me of punkrock version of a doowop song and all the readers of this zine know how much I love doowop hehe. The songs have enough personality, enough energy and charm that not one of them gets boring while listening. I love the anthemic, emotional chorus of Promise Me that takes me back to the day of my punkrock youth.


The Lies we told record is a bit more rawer sounding, but still shows all the force this band provides with their melodies and song structures. I love the title track in all its melodic but enough raw punkrock splendour.







Unwritten Law Self-Titled on Vinyl For First Time Ever Via srcvinyl

Unwritten Law’s “Unwritten Law” will be pressed on vinyl for the first time ever via SRCVinyl in celebration of the album’s 20th anniversary. The album has been mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray, Cohearent Audio and pressed at RTI.

Vinyl Details:

Vinyl Color: Fire Orange (Limited to 500, SRCVinyl Exclusive)

Pre-order: https://www.srcvinyl.com/unwritten-law-unwritten-law-orange-lp.html

Vinyl Color: White

Pre-order: https://www.srcvinyl.com/unwritten-law-unwritten-law-white-lp.html

Constant touring and the support of fans have enabled Unwritten Law to rise above the glut of rock and punk bands that have saturated the scene since Green Day exploded in the mid-’90s. Songs like “Harmonic” and “Teenage Suicide” show a depth …of songwriting and arrangement that few other bands of the genre obtain. Scott Russo sings tight vocals over an extremely impressive killer rhythm section. “Cailin” became a staple on modern rock radio stations. Outstanding tracks include “Coffin Text,” “Lonesome,” and “Holiday.” UNWRITTEN LAW is a strong record from an extremely talented outfit.

Track List:

Teenage Suicide
California Sky
Coffin Text
Close Your Eyes
Before I Go