(record review)Reel Big Fish-Life sucks…Let´s Dance

Reel Big Fish, Californian ska melodic punk legends have released their first full length studio album in 6 years. I am glad that I was able to listen and review the record for our zine.


Formed in the 1990-ies as one of the many Californian bands that came out at that time, they differed from the others with their ferocious live shows, excellent blend of melodic punk, ska and reggae and persistence and hard work. Now, almost 25 years later, led by original lead singer and song writer Aaron Barrett the guys released this, new album.

The album contains 14 songs of melody, great fun, anthemic choruses, catchy verses and above all fun. I love listening every second of this record. From the more straight reggae ska songs like I´d Rather Get It Wrong accross playful Walter´s Highlife to the mighty enjoyable title track, this record just brought smile upon my tired face and made me forget all the troubles for a while making me dream of Summer, festivals, my friends, beer and dancing in the warm Sun. I hate winter. This record is making it easier during winter, and then when Summer comes it will serve as a perfect soundtrack to sunny punk days.





(record review)THE THIRSTY CROWS-Hangman´s Noose(Batcave Records)

The good hardworking people at Batcave Records constantly surprise us with excellent new releases, so here is another one from their hellish kitchen! I listened and reviewed The Thirsty Crows new record for our zine.

The Thirsty Crows Hangman's Noose Cover

This band comes from Los Angeles and they are relatively new band on the scene. I must admit that I have never heard of their music prior to this record, but now I am glad that I have and am wickedly grinning after listening to this little piece of darkness. They describe their music as psycrowbilly. This record contains 14 songs of awesome psychobilly with many punkrock and some rockabilly and americana influences in the song structures. If I must compare their music to some bands, it would be the sensibility of Rezurex mixed with ferocious melodic attack of Koffin Kats and the atmosphere of Ghoultown in there somewhere too. I love the singalong almost horrorpunk parts of Heart of Rust. There is a lot of old school rock n roll in the song structure of Good Juice, giving it old school road vibe. For me, the best songs on the album are definitely De La Muerte and especially Anchor˙s Up which was on repeat a couple of times how good it is. This is a great record for everyone who love modern psychobilly punkabilly music. Nice job!