(review)Nathan Gray-Live in Wiesbaden/Iserlohn(End Hits Records)

Nathan Gray is better known to some people as the singer of BoySetsFire. He is also solo musician and artist and as a celebration of his solo music and the gift to fans, he recorded a double live record which I listened and reviewed for our zine.


2018.was the year of many acoustic punk releases, some better, some not so good. My personal taste is a bit harder steming from hardcore punk and I am not such an avid fan of acoustic punk records, but this one is a beautiful record. It was recorded on Gray˙s sold out solo tour on two beautiful locations in Germany.  The record contains two gigs, the setlist being made of Nathan˙s solo record songs, but also BoySetsFire songs that you rarely or ever hear played live by that band. It is interesting how the same songs on two locations can sound different but raise goosebumps on your skin in both gigs. What is lost in live hardcore punk records nowadays is the talking between the songs and explaining the meaning of the songs and the ideas and philosophy behind the songs and hardcore movement itself. This record has Nathan talking and explaining the meaning of the songs for him and you can feel the vibe all over this record behind the melody, behind the lyrics, that there is something more in our music, in our scene, in our hardcore punk philosophy than mere importance of music. There is also the message, the lifestyle and hope and respect and I love it. Every single day, every single song, every single second.





(record review)AM Taxi-Shiver By Me

AM Taxi finally released their second album, the much anticipated follow up to their debut We Don’t Stand A Chance from 2010. I listened and reviewed this record for our zine.


AM Taxi are hailing from Chicago, and they play a mixture of melodic punk with sensibility of pop melodies emphasized with awesome melodic voice by the singer Adam Krier. The album contains 11 songs of great melody, that relax you and take you to some other place and dimension, only to uplift you again with great anthemic singalong choruses and give you spirit strength to get through the day, and that is why music is the greatest medication of all, in my opinion. I love almost rockabilly intro in Swim Before You Sink, then turning to beautiful melodic chorus with lots of singalong parts. Also, one of the standouts on the album for me is Shaken Over You being for me probably the best song on this album, but like I wrote before all of them are worth your time and listening. I love this one!