(record review)NO QUARTER-“Freedom”(Melodic Punk Style)

I have already said it million times on the pages of this zine, but I will say it again. Australian punk hardcore scene rules! There are so many great bands coming out like Clowns, Toe To Toe, not to mention others because this time we will concentrate on the new album by No Quarter.


Hailing from Hunter Valley area, these guys have been rocking for circa 15 years now, with some lineup adjustments here and there.

The new album contains twelve songs of melodic hardcore played with heart, soul and balls for us to enjoy while we skate, drink beer, wander around on a sunny day and do whatever the fuck pleases us to do, because that is the point of freedom isnt it? Lyrically, No Quarter cleverly mixes personal issues and funny themes with some subtle political undertones. The title track lulls us with its slower beggining and then opens up in a beautiful fast paced melodic anthem. These guys are really tight with their instruments and know how to play their stuff, that is evident throughout the album. What I cant stand on the melodic punk records is cheesy, snotty, singing and lousy back  vocals. No Quarter did everything right in this compartment too! Great singing, great harmonised back vocals made me enjoy this record very much. I loved the metallic influenced chugga chugga guitars in “Second Rate” turning into nice melodic chorus. This is a great melodic hardcore punk album made by the fans of such music for the fans of such music.


Buy; https://melodicpunkrecords.bandcamp.c…

Follow band at: https://www.facebook.com/noquarterpunk/

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