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(review) Blindspot-Final Allure(Pee Records)


Australian scene is alive and well, triving and pulsing with excellent bands and Blindspot from Perth released their long awaited second full length album with Pee Records. The new record offers ten beautiful songs of energetic not too fast melodic punk done with heart and soul, the material reminded me a lot of Face To Face, especially one of my highlights called Zuckerpunch. The vocals and harmonies are great, sharp but melodic, some great song structure solutions like fantastic Dark And Stormy get under your skin and just refuse to leave from your head long time after listening. These guys have done a superb record, I am sure it can safely enter top ten best records released this year in melodic punkrock scene. Check out songs like All Fall Down or Middle Class if you don˙t believe.



(review) Authority Zero-Live At Rebel Lounge


Time flies, who would have thought that this is already 25th birthday of our favorite Arizona sons called Authority Zero. What better way to celebrate than with live album which represents practically all parts of their career, hits that made them loved and respected by hordes of fans in the world. What I love about this live record that it captures all the rawness of hardcore punk this band provides in their basics added with all the melody and reggae parts and of course tight musicianship making them one unstoppable force to reckon with. The non stop singing along by the crowd made goosebumps on my skin while listening to this one. All the older hits like One More Minute, Over Seasons, Mesa Town, Revolution are here, but also new hits like When We Rule The World and Broadcasting To The Nations. This is a great document celebrating the birthday of this much loved band.

(news)Punk Rock Holiday added Bad Religion to the line-up! Festival celebrates ten years!


Punk Rock Holiday added Bad Religion to the line-up for the tenth festival birthday. Who would think that this festival would become one of the nicest and best festivals in the world. The line-up looks fantastic, so go get your ticket while you still can!

FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/2376391189116763/


(record review) Stone Lions-Necking On And Kicking Off


Stone Lions from Australia recently released their new record with the help of Thousand Islands Records, Pee Records and Disconnect Disconnect Records. Australian underground punk and hardcore scene never ceases to amaze me, so these guys are no exception to that. The trio plays melodic skatepunk with a lot of emotional pop punk influences, the song structures being melodic, fluent, shiny and sweet, yet at the same time causing melancholy in many song parts which is great. The musicianship is tight and I really enjoyed the whole 11 songs and this album really brought smile on my tired face hehe. With songs like Don`t waste your time, Party like Kate Moss or Therapy you will love this record like I do.


(gig report) Lagwagon/Satanic Surfers/Alo Stari/Fair Do´s-Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia-16.11.2019.

I love melodic punk and this zine is practically full of such music that I love and cherish above all. When I heard about this gig a while ago, it was a must go, because this package is indeed Punk Rock Holiday mini fest hehe, almost like winter edition. The three of us traveled from Zagreb in Irina˙s car, because we went there a day earlier on Friday evening to check out Inteliber in Zagreb, the biggest book fair in these parts.

We arrived in lovely Ljubljana around 5 pm and the gig was not scheduled to start until 7 30 pm, so we had time to eat something, so we found great little Mexican food restaurant and ate some delicious spicy food there.

When I entered Kino Šiška I was amazed with this gig space, it is a former cinema with a lot of space, what is more important, there is no smoking inside, so you don˙t feel like smoked salmon after gig and it is spacious, vast and totally great sounding venue. We greeted friends from Slovenia and Croatia and it was about time to enter because the first band was about to start. FAIR DO´S from UK are no strangers to the pages of this zine, because we reviewed their excellent record out with Lockjaw records some time ago and I was eager to hear the guys play live. Despite going on early they delivered fantastic half an hour set of neckbreaking fast and musically skilled modern melodic hardcore punk with some modern metalcore touches in one new song they presented to us. They reminded me of a mixture between Propagandhi and The Human Project, but they are deliciously fast and I saw such strength emanating from them while playing. Definitely fantastic band to check out live.

ALO STARI from Maribor, Slovenia were on next representing the local scene and I must admit that I am amazed by melodic, energetic pop punk they played with super frontman and lyrics in their own Slovenian language. I was later told that three of the guys played in Trash Candy, so they are no strangers to the scene although this band is relatively new, on scene since April this year with no album released yet. But they definitely showed why are they on tonight`s bill, because I am eager to see them play live again.

I saw SATANIC SURFERS play live a little more than year ago, when we witnessed their great set at Punk Rock Holiday and interviewed them there. It was cool to meet familiar faces again and talk to the bass player Andy and guitarist Magnus again, those guys are so friendly, down to earth and full of positive force. As for their set, the Swedes delivered 45 minutes of energetic fast hardcore punk with Rodrigo doing the drums again as well singing like in old times. The set was made of hits from their still latest album Back from Hell, like Catch my breath, Usurper and couple more, also old hits were in the set although some of the gems were missing due to limited time on stage. The communication with the full house was super, all of us really enjoyed their energy and music. They triumphantly ended their set with Head under water.

It was my third LAGWAGON gig in three years, so I knew that I was in for something great. The new record Railer is for sure one of the best releases this year. They opened their set with one of my favorites from that record being The Suffering. Joey Cape was singing okay, what he couldn`t manage, bass player Joe Raposo covered with fantastic backing vocals added by Chris Rest and Chris Big Bitch Flippin. It was nice to see the band smiling and enjoying their set of oldies Sick, Sleep, Coffee and Cigarettes, but also fantastic new songs like Surviving California, Bubble and Parable. The hits like May 16 and After you my friend were sung by all of us louder than band. This evening was special because it was Joey Cape´s birthday, also Andy from Satanic Surfers too, so they received two fantastic cakes on stage after regular part of the show finished with Razor Burn. Joey tasted cake, took guitar so we knew what was next. The evergreen anthem Alien 8 which we sang like there is no tomorrow and I wanted this show never to end. Such amount of love, good energy, great music, friendship and vibe bands returning to us fans and vice versa. Lagwagon ended their set with Making friends and Stokin the neighbours and I was smiling the whole time with joy after being there, witnessing the gig I will remember as long as I live. There is only one question remaining, why there is no such gigs in Croatia? But maybe it is better that way. I love Slovenia. I love gigs there.


(review) Not Now Mark-My Revolution(Lostdog Records)


Lostdog Records is a small diy label from Italy promoting punkrock bands and this time they released the new record by Not Now Mark. The record contains 6 songs of nice and melodic punkrock done in the vein of pop punk bands like Descendents or a little bit of Ramones too can be heard in the song structures. The vocals are nice and fit perfectly, backing vocal harmonies too. This is nothing new, nothing unheard, but it works every time for me if done properly and this record is great. The lyrics are in English and deal with everyday personal themes to which we can all relate to. This band could fit perfectly playing at Punk Rock Holiday and would do good at the Beach stage and it would be great to see and hear them play there because it is such music. The songs that I somehow liked the most on this one are Apathy, My Revolution and Stop Your Lies.


(News-new video) Start your weekend with Colorsfade new video!


Canadian skatepunk unit Colorsfade has revealed the music video for “Obedience”, a song off of their debut LP “In Real Time”. The video, filmed and edited by Julien Vallée, is comprised of tour footage shot during the band’s latest Quebec tour with label mates Wolfrik, check it out below.

“In Real Time” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Vincent Côté and released last year via Thousand Islands Records. It’s available via most digital stores and on CD right HERE.

Colorsfade Bio:

Hailing from Gatineau, Canada, Colorsfade has been around since 2015, but carry an impressive pedigree with members issued from bands that was active 20 years ago. After self-releasing their debut EP “State Of Mind” in 2015, the band joined Thousand Islands Records the following year for the release of Scream In Silence, a three track EP that left the fans eagerly wanting for more. It’s not until 2018 that a debut full-length album saw light of day, skatepunk fans from around the world were left speechless the moment In Real Time hit the streets. The album received many praises and ended up on multiple “Best Albums Of The Year” lists. Since the release the band has shared the stage with bands such as Good Riddance, Ten Foot Pole, Belvedere, The Fullblast and Ignite, just to name a few. With a sound halfway between skatepunk and metal, Colorsfade is frequently compared to Strung Out, MUTE and Implants.

Colorsfade: Facebook

Thousand Islands Records: Website