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(record review) SETBACKS-DED.RECKONING(Morning Wood Records)

We already wrote about Setbacks here in this zine when we reviewed their last record. Now, the new full length is upon us and in Europe you can get it through Morning Wood Records. Here is the review.


When we talk about this band we can safely say that we deal with a kind of punkrock supergroup. Featuring ex members of Pridebowl, members of Double Negative, ex Lowprofile to name a few, the members of this band live scattered in UK, South Africa and USA, they are living proof that music really has no boundaries and continents are no problem if you want to play and record music. The album contains 15 songs of fine melodic fast punkrock with a lot of technical prowess, reminding me a lot of some bands that Bird Attack used to release couple of years back. It is fascinating how this band stands with one foot in the melody and heartwarming catchy tunes and at the same time they are hard enough to appease even tough hardcore kids. The guitars are even metalic I daresay, but having catchy punkrock riffs that are all used really clever in the song structures. The songs are mainly fast, drums are fast paced and everyone who knows me can confirm how much the vocals are important to me in such bands. This band has awesome rough voiced yet sung vocals and great used harmonies on backing vocals that fit perfect in the songs. The last record was great, but this new one is just awesome. There are some guest performances on the record by Dennis Jagard from Ten Foot Pole and ex Ignite Joe Foster along with Paul Stevenson. This is a strong record, totally energetic and fast, with lyrics that are not shallow but hit their mark along with music. Recommended songs: Where Is Our Hero, Just Words, New World Order.







(record review)Slenders-Angry Youth(This is Core)

Italian scene always has awesome bands that create vast and strong network of bands, friends, promoters, zines…One of such bands is Slenders. I listened and reviewed for our zine the new record out on This Is Core.


The new album contains 10 songs of awesome melodic punk with a lot of hardcore influences. I read somewhere that they categorize this band under pop punk, but believe me, this is pure melodic punkrock with a lot of hardcore, played from the heart with heart. The lyrics are in English langauge and they are fine mix of anger, politics and personal stuff like love, loss and inner darkness. Being a sucker for faster, more aggressive side of songs, I somehow like most the fastest songs on the album like ZAH or Young Blood being my favorites. The vocals are very important in bands such as these, I love the vocals which are being sung, but sometimes screamed at the top of lungs and the vocalist of this band somehow reminds me of one of my favorite singers that is Koca from Croatian band Fat Prezident. The guys covered The Cure´s Boys Don`t Cry and they did it perfectly. Love this album.






(record review)SYMPHONY OF DISTRACTION/69ENFERMOS-They Came From Faster Space!(Morning Wood Records)

I was really happy when I heard that this split release by Symphony Of Distraction and 69enfermos is coming out via Morning Wood Records. It is finally here and I am happy that I was able to listen and review it for this zine.


Symphony of Distraction side of the record contains 5 songs of fast, melodic and energetic melodic skatepunk with some hardcore influences. These guys are from the upstate New York and I never heard of their music prior to this release, so I am happy to discover their awesome songs. As I understood their lyrics are more on the political side of things and I love Call It Off and Fall From Eden as in my opinion stand out songs, but all five are fast, dramatic and beautiful. I love this band.

69enfermos from Brasil have already been represented in this zine with the review of their last full length and I met Dalin when they toured Europe and saw them play live at Punk Rock Holiday, also did an interview for this zine. These guys are from Brasil, although they originally hail from Columbia and they exist for more than 20 years now. Their side of the record also contains 5 beautiful songs of 90-ies melodic skatepunk with Dalin´s recognizable voice and nice melodies. What I really love about this band how they achieve atmosphere of nostalgia and drama in their song structures, the thing that not many bands manage to do nowadays. In my opinion the best of their songs here are Don´t, Memories. This is a great record.