(record review)BeerBong-“Future Behind Us e.p.”

Italian skatepunkers BeerBong are back! They just released their new e.p. and I think that this is their first release in circa 12 years.


The e.p. contains 7 songs of crushing very fast and energetic skate punk hardcore played with speed, heart and melody just like we loved it in the 90-ies.  The opener “Feed forward” just blew me away with its speed and ferocious melody. “Shocking Wave” reminded me on the best Good Riddance days when you moshed with your friends and nothing else mattered in the world. Production wise the e.p. is crunchy and reminds also nostalgic on albums 20 years back. The title song is an anthem like no other and I listened to it a couple of times in a row. For me the best song of the record is “One more chance” but you might think otherwise because all of them are awesome. Get this e.p. and catch these guys play somewhere live because I am sure that they are pure blast live!


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(horror movie)THE BABADOOK-Psychological drama cleverly packed into horror

Hallucinating beautiful  piece of horror movie. Dreamy and melancholic. These are only couple of descriptions used to describe and experience watching Australian masterpiece.


Mom and son live together after the tragic accident in which father was killed. Mom fights insomnia, depression and nightmares at night and during daytime works in an nursery home and tries her best to cope with son Samuel and his behavioral problems. Loneliness prevails and sorrow is a constant until Samuel brings home the book for kids about the creature called Mr Babadook. Strange things begin to happen and the border between reality and madness becomes more and more blurred.

This move is a psychological drama cleverly packed into a horror movie. Story about single parent trying to keep your mind sane in the life struggle of the modern world which crumbles around you. The gradation of the scary and absolute lack of gore and death make this one a true gem. Why? Because not many modern horror nowadays base their fright on an atmosphere, instead they only use gore and special effects along with cheap tricks. Essie Davis is great in the role of dismayed mother Amelia and Noah Wiseman played little Samuel awesome. I am sure that we will hear more of the director Jennifer Kent as well in the years to come. Great movie!

Perfect song inspired with the movie by master Argyle Goolsby himself:


(record review)KRANG-“Singalong”(Bird Attack Records/Melodic Punk Style)

Krang are melodic hardcore punk band from Czech Republic and now is the time to review their awesome new album, so lets see whats this one all about.


The band was formed in 2014.and this is their second full length album that came out on Bird Attack Records and Melodic Punk Style. The album contains 10 awesome tracks of melodic hardcore skatepunk plus one cover of The Beatles. The lyrics are in English language and they cross various themes like violent dancing at gigs, killing for politics, slave workers, over some more lighter and funnier themes. I really loved to listen this album. Why? Because it deals with melodic hardcore punk like it was played in the 90-ies. Straightforward, in your face, energetic and melodic. The vocals are great, not cheesy but rough, and at the same time nice melodic singing. For me, the backing vocals are important part of bands and records like these, these guys deliver excellent harmonies which adds drama to the music. One more plus is engaged lyrics and Krang really deliver the message within their music and I loved every bit of it. This is for sure one of the candidates for album of the month. Top songs:”Life is like a Mortal Kombat”, “King of a dance floor”, “Fuck fast fashion”.


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(record review)WE WERE SHARKS-“Lost Touch”(Victory Records)

We Were Sharks are a six piece melodic punk band hailing from Ottawa, Canada and this is their new album that came out on mighty Victory Records.


The band formed in 2011.and since then they have gathered a lot of miles of relentless touring and playing their tunes to armies of fans. Since then they have released one album and one ep and this is their new full length album first for Victory. The album contains 10 tracks of melodic pop punk with energetic drumming, anthemic choruses and excellent harmonies and melodic guitar hooks. The lyrics deal with becoming alienated and disconnected from this hectic modern world, relationships, losing friendship and similar themes. Vocalist Randy Frobel sings excellently and the production of the album, courtesy of  Silverstein guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau and producer Sam Guaiana, is just the way I love it. Naturally, I am the fan of the faster and more straightforward hardcorish songs so “Ashley” and “Late Bloomer”, the latter featuring guest vocals by Ollie Baxxter of Broadside are my favourites on this album. The guys are starting the new tour, so get the album, learn the lyrics, go to the gig and sing along.


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(record review)MBURNS-“More To Life Than This”(NOTA BENE Records & Publishing)

MBurns from Croatian town Crikvenica, Rijeka area have a new album out and it was about time to review it in this zine.


The guys were formed in 2006. and played an impressive list of gigs throughout the region and European countries, gathering experience what we can hear in their music. This is their brand new studio opus of 12 tracks.

Everyone who knows me can tell that I dont like metalcore very much. MBurns play that vision of modern metal, with some groovy riffs, aggressive and fast forward songs and a lot of memorable melodic hooks. The melodies and clever use of clean, almost atmospheric vocals is what sets Mburns apart from similar bands making me love their music on this awesome album. Production wise the album sounds world class and if the guys were from Germany or USA they would sell 10 000 discs and play the largest festivals in the world. Almost every song on the album has a unique atmosphere making it aggressive but almost sad and desperate at the same time(for example excellent “Come Meet Us At The Bottom”). Another highlight of the album is in my opinion “Burn It To The Ground” which is an absolute hit. Last weekend the guys played at the gig near my hometown but I made it just in time for last song because they played first of three bands that evening and we were late. I am usually sceptic about bands and albums of this style but this one is a world class album by the world class band!


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Get the album: https://mburnsofficial.bandcamp.com/album/more-to-life-than-this


(sf horror movie)Starship Troopers:Traitor of Mars-could have been better?!

The first Starship Troopers movie by Paul Verhoeven back in 1997.was for me one of the best sf horror movies. The war between humanity in a kind of totalitarian regime against the giant space bugs became one of my favourite movies. The sequel and the third part were weaker but still enjoyable. The fourth installment in the franchise was the first to be the full animated cartoon movie and it brought back my faith in this franchise because I liked it a lot. I was eager to see this fifth installment, again in the form of animated cartoon movie.


I was happy when I read that Casper Van Dien returns once more giving voice to the main character of the series, now colonel Johnny Rico who is now training raw and green Martian recruits in shitty backwater sattelite of Mars. He is not happy with it, but being the good soldier he is, he does his job and keeps his thoughts to himself. Mars colonists strive for independence from the rest of the Federation and political tensions rise up…His old friend Carl Jenkins, now a fugitive has a mission for Carmen Ibanez and all three old friends find themselves between the two fires when the bugs attack the planet and the brilliant Sky Marshall wants to destroy the planet…Well, thats it for the summary. The story is a bit political thriller, a bit old school war sf horror and the movie doesnt lack action, but there is just somehow missing. You know the feeling when you eat a plate of plain pasta without anything, without even salt, it is edable but not tasty. This movie is like that. For me, this is by far the worst rendition of the five movies. I dont get the hallucinating Rico parts on the planet with Dizzy Flores and the somehow too naive and quickly ended movie. Could have been a lot better.


(album review)NOT SCIENTISTS-“Golden Staples”(Kidnap Records/Rookie Records)

Not Scientists are coming from France, Lyon area and are relatively new band in the scene but the members gathered enough experience in their older bands prior to deciding to form this one.

Not Scientists - Golden Staples cover art

The new album contains 10 songs of epic and beautiful melodic pop punk played with heart and soul. It is hard to stay untouched by warm beauty of the first single “Perfect World” for which the guys made a video that you can watch below in this article. There are some emo influences that I heard in “Sky on Fire” and listening to that song made me think of warm Sun carressing my face and warm breeze hugging me in the meadow somewhere. I dont know if the guys from the band meant it, but this album has such positive and nice energy surrounding me when I listened to it, that I got goosebumps on my skin still while writing this review. “Orientation” is a bit faster song made for dancing through the room and humming along. But, it would not be right if I revealed just everything. You will just have to get and listen to this awesome album. If you are a fan of similar music, you wont regret it.


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