(record review)BY ALL MEANS-“Cultivated Rhetoric”(Felony Records)

By All Means are the band from the Los Angeles area and when we talk about them we can safely say that they are a veteran band in the melodic punkrock scene. Their path began almost 20 years ago, in 1999. After three full length releases and some lineup change the trio delivers this new record.


The new album contains 12 songs of powerful melodic punkrock played with experience, knowledge, heart and soul, not necessary in that order hehe. The songs are not over the top fast aggressive hardcore punk stuff, they tend to gravitate more towards pop punk, but the melodies, backing vocals, guitar hooks and lyrics are first class. In fact, one of the most calm songs on the album, namely “Old Friend” is for me the best on the album, having lyrics that make you emotional and give you goosebumps. All of the songs are worth the listening and doing it again and for good measure, spin the fucker one more time to be certain you heard all of the great music on this record. Some more highlights songs:”Stiletto Stars”, “No Longer Yours”.






About vladkraykulla

Active member of alternative underground scene and culture since early 1990-ies, always thinking and searching how to make the world we live in a better place. Hardcore is a way of life! Dont forget the struggle, dont forget the streets!
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