(record review)JuJu Hands-“Most Likely Hate You e.p.”

JuJu Hands are a garage punk n roll trio from Belgrade, Serbia and this is their new e.p. that came out recently.


The e.p. contains 5 tracks of garage raw but also melodic punk n roll with an edge. What I liked upon the first listening was that they use some samples between songs and I love that. The material is very varying from one song to another and the opener “Are you Moses?” sounds more like some 60-ies garage rock and to be honest it did not impress me much. That improved with the second song “All alone”, sounding more rockabilly and country combined with dirty rnr and devilish melody on the chorus. Definite hit! “For the lonely”, the third track of the e.p.brings some 50-ies vibe and as I listen to it, I imagine living on Elm Street in some small American town where people are afraid to go out when darkness falls because there is a serial killer on the prowl. “Crush on you” is the song for which the guys made a video, you can watch it below. This is an energetic straightforward tune to move your booty to and throw dirty looks all around you as you prowl the club with beer in your hand heheh. The finishing song “Howl” is a horror rnr story packed in dirty riffs and crackling guitar energy. This e.p. rocks literally, so get yours. You can do it for free, but also you can throw in some dime. Dont forget to throw a word or two to the guys if you like their band, I am sure it will mean a lot to them.


Follow JuJu Hands: https://www.facebook.com/TheCultOfJuJu/

Listen to the music: https://jujuhands.bandcamp.com/album/most-likely-hate-you-e-p


Back to back books with Pantera history, Rex Brown book vs Zac Crain book. Which is better?

I was really happy when I finally put my paws on the long awaited Rex Brown autobiography regarded as an inside story of Pantera. We all know Pantera. They were and still are one of the milestones and legends of American metal scene and worldwide extreme music scene.

After the years of success and extensive hard working tours and partying, the band broke apart and imploded in itself in 2001., with the final ending being brought with the tragic murder of Dimebag Darrell on stage in Ohio by a madman in 2004. Since the band was and still is a big part of me, because it was Pantera who brought me with a couple of other bands in my formative years on the extreme music  scene, I was eager to read how bassist Rex Brown saw all of the turmoil, music, heartbreak and tragedy.

Now that I have read the book, I am kinda disappointed. I was expecting to read the more in depth story about the whole thing and the whole story behind Rex book is very thin like some paper ready to float in the mist of memory. There are no juicy party stories included in the book, and I was expecting some knowing that Pantera was a party juggernaut in full sense of the word. Also, the whole breakup thing is kinda vague, like Rex really could not guess or knew not why did it happen. The one part of the book that brought tear to my eye is the part where Rex describes the funeral and in memoriam for Dimebag, the man whose loss still impacts the scene and me as a person a lot. Although the book is kinda let down, it is by no means something to avoid, so get it and read it. The fans of Pantera will be satisfied but for us who expected something like Nofx Hepatitis Bathtub book, we will be disappointed with this one.

The other Pantera book is written by Zac Crain and it is in fact concentrated on the life and times of Dimebag Darrell through his formative years as a guitar player and then with Pantera until his untimely death at the hands of a madman during the opening of Damageplan show in Ohio in 2004. This book has many more stories and fun but also emotions and was really nice to read it. It is not better then the book by Rex, but offers interesing side view to all of the road Pantera went together. What bothered me in this book was that it was way too much idealised and too subjective to read. Rex Brown book was much more objective although the guy was a co founder of Pantera and brother with these guys for the most part of his life.

In the end, the only thing for you remains to read both books and form your own opinion about the story of one of the biggest metal bands of all times.

(record review)THE SHELL CORPORATION-“Fucked”(La Escalera Records)

The Shell Corporation come from Burbank, California. The band is pretty hardworking and they released tons of 7 inchers and ep-s, toured a lot and this is their second full length album.

The Shell Corporation - Fucked album cover art

The album consists of 12  tracks of melodic punkrock played with a lot of energy and heart. When I started listening to the album I immediately liked “Make it Rain”, being very lyrically engaged but also very melodic and anthemic. Kinda reminded me of Ignite which I love very much. The music of this band is very melodic and energetic but also very angry in lyrics having that political side that a lot of newer punkrock bands lack. One of the highlights of the album is “Waters” being straightforward melodic fast punkrock anthem. I loved the No Use For A Name vibe of “Rooftops”. What I really love about this record is that the guys somehow managed to reach the perfect measure of political vs personal in their music, but both of those go hand in hand in real life anyway dont they? Also, they managed not to sound like anyones clone and that is also a rarity. Would love to see and hear them live sometimes. Awesome record.


Pre order here: (US) http://laescaleradistro.com/product-t…

(Europe) http://shop.gunnerrecords.com/

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/TheShellCorporation/


BEDNJA-the album is finished, the new lyric video is out! Hear it here!

Bednja, excellent Croatian black metal band from Varaždin area, finally finished their long awaited debut album called “Doline su ostale iza nas”(eng.The valleys stayed behind us) and as an appetizer they released the lyric video for one of the songs.

In their words, this is the first song they ever made together. Enjoy and crank it out on max volume while we wait for the whole album!

(record review)SPIDERCREW-“Sounds of Hatred”(WTF Records)

I discovered Spidercrew from Vienna, Austria, about 15 years ago after I listened a lot to their fellow countrymen Only Attitude Counts and Bust The Chain, whose members formed Spidercrew.


For those of you who dont know, Spidercrew is hardcore band from Vienna, being the true representative of Vienna style hardcore family. I used to listen to a lot of European hardcore bands like Rykers, Brightside, Only Attitude Counts, Right Direction….and still love those bands very much, some of them still playing, some are defunct.

With this record, Spidercrew are continuing where they left in 2014.with their last record, meaning 12 uncompromising pumping hardcore, with some faster energetic stuff and some mosh parts thrown in for good measure. What I love about this band is that in their song structures they rely heavily upon street and oi punk making their songs catchy unforgetable street hardcore anthems. Dual vocals fit in very nice, sounding a bit like AF/Madball and it is no problem for me, since I love both of these NYHC legends. In all, this record is the solid proof that European hardcore is alive and well and as long as there are bands as Spidercrew, hardcore will never die. Top songs: “Time to Prove”, “You Aint Lived It”, “We Dont Need You”.






(record review)SUNTRACE-“Skate Fast Eat Ass”(Melodic Punk Style)

I rarely hear some band from Finland playing melodic skatepunk hardcore and Suntrace are playing just that.


“Skate Fast Eat Ass” is their new record that came out on Melodic Punk Style Records. There are 8 songs on the record and what I like about it is that this band sounds like all the bands I loved in the 90-ies when I was a kid and that I love still right now. This means fast forward melodic hardcore punk without modern influences, only melody and energy with some melodrama thrown in for good measure and also some tounge in cheek humour. All of the songs are short and sweet and it is tough for me to say which one are my favourites but I will try. That would be “Idiotpond”, “For You” and “Possessions”. This album offers nothing new and revolutionary but that is just what I like about it. Cool.