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Ink Bomb are about to release another charity cover song. This time it is Bad Religion´s song!


Photo: Matthijs Mekking

Melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb from Nijmegen (NL) will once again be selling a cover for charity this year. The foursome will release an entirely unique acoustic version of the song Cease, originally by punk rock veterans Bad Religion. It will be released on December 18. The band will donate all proceeds to Brigada de Alter, a volunteer fire brigade that tries to extinguish the forest fires in the Amazon.

Instore tour in Nijmegen
To garner more attention for their annual charity cover Ink Bomb has scheduled a number of
instore tour performances in the city center of Nijmegen on December 22. “The great part is that people then cannot only donate online but also in real life,” says bassist Arina Banga. “We are big fans of books and records, so we are looking forward to perform our acoustic set in the midst of these things!” The locations of the instore tour are library De Mariënburg, record store De Waaghals and comic store Señor Hernandez. The schedule will be announced later.

Brigada de Alter is a voluntary fire brigade, partly consisting of member from an indigenous tribe living in the Amazone. Since the election of new Brazilian president Bolsonaro the rain forest is
more under pressure than before. “The funds we collect with the Cease cover will be used to buy safety gear, oxygen masks and helmets, so that the volunteers can protect themselves,” according to Banga.
“We discovered this organization through Minor Operations Bookings,” adds singer Joost Hoedemaeckers. “These are people who organize punk shows in the Dutch city Haarlem, one of which we got to play last November. They also have a fund raising organization that collects for several different charities: Minor Operation Donations. In the last few months they have been collecting for Brigada de Alter. We wanted to raise money for an environmental charity so we are happy we could work with them. It is also important to us that the proceeds are used in a very concrete, direct way so we can show people who buy the single how their money is being used.”

Earlier donation covers
This is the fourth time Ink Bomb is selling a cover for charity. Last year the Nijmegen band covered Black Me Out by Against Me! for the LGBTIQ+ organization Outright Action International. In 2017 and in 2016 the proceeds went to the Surf Project and Kledingbank Nijmegen respectively.

When the members of Dutch melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb stepped in their practice space for the first time in 2015, they never met before. Fast forward a few years later and the band released two EPs, three singles for different charities and finally their debut album Fiction (August 2019). Fiction is the culmination of their hard work over these past few years and showcases the band’s trademark sound: fast, aggressive songs that might not always follow standard song structure, but always features great melodies with a healthy dose of melancholy.

The release of the EPs Invincible Summer (2016) and Swim (2017) piqued the interest of people from many corners of the earth, leading to shows in multiple countries as well as praise in a variety of magazines, websites, radio shows and podcasts. The band has been compared to scene veterans such as Bad Religion, No Fun At All, Pulley and Ten Foot Pole.

Another defining trademark of Ink Bomb is their preference to do everything themselves: recording and mixing songs, writing press releases, booking shows and releasing records. This might originate from the DIY ethos in the punk rock scene but is probably a result of their stubbornness. The effort that the band puts in creating Fiction, resulted in a record that is above all a perfect representation of everything that is Ink Bomb.

(review) Blindspot-Final Allure(Pee Records)


Australian scene is alive and well, triving and pulsing with excellent bands and Blindspot from Perth released their long awaited second full length album with Pee Records. The new record offers ten beautiful songs of energetic not too fast melodic punk done with heart and soul, the material reminded me a lot of Face To Face, especially one of my highlights called Zuckerpunch. The vocals and harmonies are great, sharp but melodic, some great song structure solutions like fantastic Dark And Stormy get under your skin and just refuse to leave from your head long time after listening. These guys have done a superb record, I am sure it can safely enter top ten best records released this year in melodic punkrock scene. Check out songs like All Fall Down or Middle Class if you don˙t believe.



(interview) Alo!Stari:Elitism should not exist in punkrock!

We recently witnessed fantastic set by Alo!Stari from Maribor, Slovenia when they played with Lagwagon in Ljubljana. It was about time to talk to the guys for our zine. Enjoy this interview like I did.

You guys are relatively new band in the scene, as I heard you exist from April this year. Could you describe your name, music and the background story to the readers of this zine who didn´t hear you yet. As  I understand you guys played in Trash Candy before this band? What´s up with that?

We are new to the scene in this band, but we play or played  in Trash Candy, Happy ol’ McWeasel and some other projects also as you mentioned. So yes, the band is new but the band members are old and we played in various combinations throughout the years.  The thing is, the dialect where we come from is often portrait as funny and stupid, but we tend to change that with great lyrics and catchy riffs. The name Alo!Stari is basically a hello. It’s a hello we use in our daily lives.

Regarding the last question – all our other projects live except for Trash Candy that is currently on hold as we are focusing it all to Alo!Stari.

You recently played with Lagwagon in Ljubljana. How was that for you? I think it was a fantastic show. Two guitar players really give power to the band drive. How many shows did you play until now?

Playing with the music that you loved growing up is always something special. We’ve seen Lagwagon play tons of times, we even shared the stage with them at one point, but for us that day it was two things: Satanic Surfers (duuude, Rodrigo playing and singing at the same time is priceless) and our own gig, which was a first in Ljubljana and that city is a tough crowd to get moving, especially if you’re from Maribor, but we managed to do that, so mission accomplished. Until now we’ve played 4 shows, but there’s a lot more being booked everyday. Every week is more or less full in December.

We tried to buy your record on your merch after the show in Ljubljana, but the girl there told us that the album is coming out soon? What´s up with that? When is the record coming out? Is it going to be only digital or also physical copies? Is it the full length or the e.p.? Tell us something about that, how many songs, how was the writing and recording process? Do you think merch is important for promoting band and where can people find your merch?

We know records are something people still enjoy, but majority listens to singles nowadays. What we tend to do is release 3-4 more singles and then release a full album afterwards (somewhere in late 2020). Times have changed and even though we personally love having records (Jernej and Matej have huge collections at home), we’re going the singles way. Merch is the most important thing in your band besides the music. This is your bands opportunity to get the word going. You can get our merch from our FB site and soon from our website alostari.si

I saw your videos for the singles you released. You sing only in Slovenian language or do you also have English lyrics, do you plan to go international or concentrate more on this region?

This is a regional thing only. We think that the main problem of punk-rock music is that everyone tends to sing in English to be able to tour, but we forget that people relate to the native language way more than they do with a foreign one. We are way past that mindset and we’ve done quite a lot of touring with TC and HOMW all around Europe, so this time is local only – we need the scene here.

Concerning lyrics, do you guys think that punk has somehow stopped being a threat? Did it stop somehow being a rebellion against the stupidity and is sailing more towards safe waters? How important is the message in the lyrics and not only having fun?

Man, not having a message is the biggest problem in music today, because what gets pushed to the mainstream nowadays is either some depression-related lyrics or you know the usual, chicks, party, sex, drugs… I think punkrock delivered itself a fatal blow because of the elitism. This is a complete and utter bullshit. We are the biggest promoters of equality, openess, freedom of speech but deep down inside we’re doing just the opposite, you know what I mean? Scene is too closed. How do you expect to get a following if you don’t let kids join the party? That’s why we need to get back to the roots – heavy, straight in your face, but heavy lyrics in local language but with a catchy twist and party-like attitude to get the kids excited.

You guys are from Maribor. How is the punk scene there? I know Brez Vprašanj are from there, Malo Morgen which I don´t think are active anymore and are there more bands? I know Pekarna is the place to play gigs, my former band played there in 2015.and I remember great times I had there in the 90-ies at No Border Jam festivals. Are there more venues besides Pekarna? I read that there was some hooligan attack there, that someone was beaten or something. Is there a lot of violence nowadays?

Punk scene is at its lowest point at the moment, there’s just not enough bands to keep the scene rolling. Sure there are some bands but none of them are working towards the same goal, which is keeping the scene alive. There were some festivals in the past like No border Jam but those are now a distant past. Festival Scena is trying to help the local bands and get them to perform but it’s not on the same level as were the old school festivals. There are some other venues where you can play, like Štuk, Satchmo… Everywhere you go in the world at one point or another you are going to bump into assholes, so Pekarna is not immune to that but I wouldn’t say there is anymore violence nowadays.

What do you think of the so called immigrant crisis? I saw on tv that some kind of right wing extremist paramilitaries are strolling on Slovenia-Croatia border with guns in their hands. Do you think that media should ignore those lunatics and not give them any space in news and newspapers and portals, or should people be warned about their existence?

The immigrant crisis is very real and should be addressed properly. At the moment it is not. If we (I mean Eu and Usa) wouldn’t go there and start wars for them and then leave them to pick up the pieces, believe you me there would not be an immigrant crisis. Who doesn’t want a better life for himself and the people close to him? Would a mother cross a fuckin Mediterranean sea on a dingy boat with a child if it were this great in their country?  So they go on this perilous journey leaving their home and loved ones behind. Sometimes you have to look at things from a different perspective and the world seems a little nicer.

As everything else around us, everything is blown out of proportion so the media is having some content to report about. I mean does anyone takes these guys seriously? Bunch of low IQ kids and men with nothing to do on the social welfare playing soldiers in the forest is not the most important issue we have here. Bigger issue here is why doesn’t the state or province or whoever arrest those morons and send them to jail? That’s the issue. I don’t believe this is freedom of speech if you are intolerant to others and want to do them harm!

Back to the music. What´s next for the band after the record release? Gigs, tours, what´s up with booking summer festivals? Punk Rock Holiday maybe?

Hopefully to play a lot more gigs and get our message across. We won’t be touring as much as is normal for touring band mainly due to Slovenia being so small and we don’t have a reach in other countries due to the Slovenian lyrics. But we can guarantee you that you will be seeing a lot of us this year, maybe even on PRH, who knows? Stay tuned on our channels and page where we will update any news we will have.

Slovenia always had great melodic punk scene, since the 90-ies and nowadays too, with so many awesome bands playing, maybe not big, but tight and compact. Do you guys get along? I can only tell from our perspective, I have been part of the scene here since 1992.and I can safely say that nowadays the scene is great here in Croatia with so many fantastic bands, kids organizing gigs etc…the only thing that we must work on more is gig culture, attending and supporting more gigs and quit so much talking and start more working. How is Slovenia with that? I love that most of your gig venues are non smoking areas hehe. You don´t smell like smoked ham after the gig hehe.

We grew up in the mid 90s when bands from Epitaph, Fat Wreck etc… were at their peak, skate culture was at it’s peak, but nowadays we cannot talk about the scene anymore. There are two reasons. First – punkrock elitism. It’s what killed the community and the second thing, we are really small. But none-than-less there are a nice number of great punkrock bands from Slovenia that keep the music alive. What we now need are bands with Slovenian lyrics. People tend to feel the native lyrics much more than English for example. Hopefully we are giving some younger kids some inspiration to go and start a punkrock band.

As for the non-smoking venues – it’s awesome, but we remember the days of smoked ham parties.

This is is all for now. You guys watch after yourselves and I am looking forward to your record. Thank you so much for answering all these questions hehe.

Thank you for interviewing us and supporting the scene! All the best dude!


The Deadnotes Releasing New Album ‘Courage’ on February 14th, 2020 via 22Lives Records. New single and tour dates are here!


Freiburg, Germany-based indie-punks THE DEADNOTES are pleased to announce their new album ‘Courage’ will be released 14th February 2020 through their own newly-established label 22Lives Records.

To celebrate the news the band have shared a new single from the album, titled ‘Hopeless Romantic’, together with a spirited new tongue-in-cheek music video which sees the band perform on a chat show where they are joined by a panel of dubious personalities.

Watch it HERE: https://youtu.be/u-R6rOOMENY

Album pre-sales are available now via their label shop https://22livesrecords.com/

Courage Tour 2020:

27.02. Oberhausen (DE), Druckluft

28.02. Bremen (DE), Tower

29.02. Münster (DE), Sputnikcafé

01.03. Cologne (DE), Tsunami Club

03.03. Stuttgart (DE), Juha West

04.03. Frankfurt (DE), Nachtleben

05.03. Leipzig (DE), Conne Island

06.03. Berlin (DE), Cassiopeia

07.03. Hamburg (DE), Astra Stube

09.03. Munich (DE), Feierwerk

10.03. Vienna (AT), Rhiz

11.03. Prague (CZ), Rock Café

12.03. Lucerne (CH), Schüür

13.03. Freiburg (DE), Waldsee

16.04. Glasgow (UK), Bloc+

17.04. Manchester (UK), Gullivers NQ

19.04. London (UK), The Old Blue Last

(review) Face To Face-Live In A Dive(Fat Wreck Chords)


Fat Wreck Chords just released brand new Live In A Dive series album and this time it was Face To Face who recorded their live set. California melodic punk veterans recorded live and explosive greatest hits set similar to the one I watched them play at Punk Rock Holiday in 2017. This album captured all the melodic energy mixed with primal rawness of punkrock which Face To Face deliver for decades now. I love that all the live feel and talk interaction with crowd is recorded here and I still get goosebumps when I hear fans singing the songs almost louder than band plays. With hits like Bent but not broke, I won˙t say I`m sorry, Disappointed and legendary Disconnected you get more than you bargained for.



(review) AIRFLIP-Neo-N


Time for some melodic pop punk from far East to grace the pages of our zine. Japanese Airflip released their new record. There are 11 songs on this one and I can safely say that overall vibe of the record is for me positive, feelgood music to make my day brighter and happy. Uplifting guitar melodies of midtempo pop punk mixed with some faster more skatepunk even hardcore stuff is sure to win you over. The vocals are sweet but not too cheesy, just the way they should be for this kind of music. The lyrics are personal and deal with love, friendship, relationships, happiness and similar themes. This band is musically very tight and deserves your listening because here in Europe there are not many Asian bands reaching to our ears and this one is definitely worth it.

(review) Audio Karate-Malo(Wiretap Records)


The long awaited third album by Audio Karate is out now with Wiretap Records. The record contains 8 songs of melodic, emotional punkrock. The music of this band can be put into same drawer like for example The Menzingers, Nothington or Flatliners, but Audio Karate is specific because they somehow managed to keep their own signature brand style like great emotional voice in the vocal lines, some almost spacy melancholic and atmospheric parts like for example in Sin Cuchillo guitar lines. I am glad that they got back after they went to hiatus and did some other music projects because this new album proves that the guys still have dynamite in their bones. If you are into indie influenced and almost sad pop influenced great melodic punk then the songs like Get Mendoza or Room Down The Hallway are sure to become your favorites and I would recommend that you listen to this album couple of times and every time you will discover something new and cherishable for your pleasure.