(review) Zombies No-All You Can Hate e.p.


Zombies No were originally rooted in Venezuela, yet now from Paris, France. This is a very strong e.p. containing 5 song of energetic, protesting melodic hardcore punk, sounding fresh and modern, technical yet having that old school vibe and lyrics that are rebellious yet all of us can relate to. The beauty of No Surrender made me jump all over my room, then Into The Wild blew me away with even more speed and melody making goosebumps on my skin while listening to that Maidenesque part of the song hehe. What Went Wrong is a punkrock anthem made for pumping fist in the air evolving from slower verse to superb fast chorus. Burn speaks about importance of eternal rebellion, keeping the flame of freedom alive in your heart. Falling Back is the last one I am listening and am longing for full record. Awesome!


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