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Laughing In The Face Of release new single ‘Running With Coffee’


Skate-punk veterans Laughing In The Face Of excel in tight melodic hardcore, riddled with hooks, riffs and head-banging breaks. This is fun, fast punk with rock and metal influences, played by four broke dudes who just love doing it for the hell of it.

‘Running With Coffee’ is the band’s first video single since 2011. It’s an anxious, sarcastic and fun shredder of a tune, showcasing some of LITFO’s adrenaline-drenched race to rush through life.

Formed in the summer of 2009, Laughing The Face of have undergone a number of line-up changes but have stuck with Lockjaw Records since their debut album ‘Lubrication of Social Anxiety’, released in 2011. This CD has been greatly received by many – fans and critics alike – and has become a bit of a must-have amongst fans of the genre.

“[Running With Coffee’ is] about rushing through life, trying to fit everything in and not necessarily looking after yourself enough in the process,” say frontman Steve Lowry. “Feeling run-down yet pushing on, fuelled on caffeine and what can often seem like a constant manic rush which ultimately wears you down. Daily routines, minimal sleep and then finally things you enjoy in the remainder of time.

It’s one of maybe a few songs on this album that I think, behind the main subject, have an underlying theme of being very aware of how quick time flies. It’s also taking the piss out of the very idea that these kind of issues could even be considered as real problems. Bullshit comes in many different flavours, but you have to sing about what’s real to you and what bothers you, or some cases keeps you going.”

Keep your eyes peeled for new singles and an exiting new release from Laughing In The Face Of in the coming months.



The Band are:

Steve: Vocals / Guitar
Jon: Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jim: Bass
Andy: Drums / Backing Vocals


(review) PENSE-Realidade, Vida e Fe(Mud Cake Records)

Mud Cake Records reissued the 2018. Pense third album and this is a great endeavour to bring this fantastic record to wider audience in Europe.


Pense are Brasilian hardcore punk band formed in 2007.in Belo Horizonte and this is their third album having intro and ten songs. The music these guys play is technical melodic hardcore punk with lyrics in their language meaning Portuguese and Spanish. They played this year at Punk Rock Holiday but unfortunately I missed their set at the Beach stage, hope they will come to Europe again because I would love to see these guys deliver the goods live. The songs are mainly fast, uptempo with enough force and aggression backed with melody to make your little head nod in approval and smile comes to your face. The vocals are harsh, yet screamed and sung at the same time and fit perfectly to the music. Guitars are catchy and imaginative with awesome rythm section backing the whole thing up. I read the English translation to the lyrics and they are a fine mix of personal and political where everyone can find themselves and hold on to the songs. Recommended highlight songs in my opinion: Corpo, Mente, Espirito, then Existencia and Matrix.



United Defiance join Thousand Islands Records, announce new single “Cool Kids Club”

California punks United Defiance are thrilled to announce that they’ve joined the ranks of Montreal-based independant label, Thousand Islands Records. The quintet is getting ready to enter studio this fall to begin recording of a new album which will serve as a follow up to Safe At Home, released in 2018 via defunct label, Heliarc Records.

But before locking themselves in the studio, United Defiance will provide everyone a taste of what’s to come on September 6th with the release of a brand new single “Cool Kids Club” with the accompanying music video created by Charged Heart Productions, teaser clip available HERE.

The band will hit the road next month for a short run of Canadian shows in support of “Cool Kids Club”, including a performance at Music 4 Cancer Fest.

About United Defiance:

United Defiance is a 5-piece punk rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Playing a mix of skatepunk and melodic hardcore, their sound harkens back to the iconic Fat and Epitaph bands of the mid-90’s. United Defiance has shared the stage with numerous headlining acts including Strung Out, No Use For A Name, Swingin’ Utters, Agent Orange, Guttermouth, T.S.O.L., Mad Caddies, Unwritten Law, The Real McKenzies, and many others. Most recently they played the Red Bridge Fest in Quebec with Face to Face, Ten Foot Pole, Authority Zero and others. After years of touring and recording, United Defiance released Safe At Home with the help of Heliarc Records in January 2018, which was enthusiastically received by critics and fans alike. United Defiance cordially invites you to join them for some tasty, tasty punk rock…

United Defiance is:

Noless – Vocals

Danny Tuggle – Drums & Vocals

Jeff Williams – Bass

Sasha Mereu – Guitar & Vocals

Renoops – Guitar & Vocals

United Defiance: Facebook | Spotify

Thousand Islands Records: Website

Charged Heart Productions: Facebook

Photo by Scott Remmers


(interview) Useless Id interview at Punk Rock Holiday

Ok guys, you obviously tour a lot around the globe, when you come home back to Israel, do things at home change a lot, I mean the scene, new bands and stuff, do you still love to tour after all these years? How do you coordinate touring with your daily jobs if any?

Ishay:For me, I started to work the job I am working  13 or 14 years ago. When I started to work there, they knew I was playing in a band and they knew that I am touring and I have been going on tours ever since I started working, so it will always be cool with the people where I work for me to go on tour and this is why I also enjoy the work there because it helps me when I need to go touring. It is like a cycle, you know, work, tour, work, tour which I guess is natural for a punkrock band.

Yotam: For me, the past few years being on the road I enjoyed it so much, instead of going to work, I just kept touring and touring and touring, I kinda lost my mind on the road there, so I am at the point where I am trying to balance all these things, like a fresh new start right now.

I read somewhere that you are planning to do a movie about Useless ID. Are you still collecting the material or is it done and ready?

Ishay: Times change and so does it for our band. For example, we wanted to put out the dvd as a band, but when we decided to put out the dvd, people really weren´t buying dvd-s anymore and I think that the media is changing, we may use some stuff for a different and maybe we will do a movie eventually, who knows?

Yotam: Yeah, we´re mostly gathering a lot of stuff right now and we have one very good friend working on it but it´s good to take time with these things, we don´t wanna like make a half ass movie and we will rather take time and release something that is worthwhile.

Ishay: I know a bunch of bands that have been working on a movie for at least ten years., so like a punkrock band, we are not the fulltime operation, you know with an office who works it and operates it, I think it is quite natural to do a movie and kinda do it as you do your band. Maybe one day it comes out. But, sometimes the movie sounds to me like being a closure, like when you are going away. But that is not the case with us, even if we are not right now in a serious songwriting mode, we should save our energy for that. The movie sounds to me almost like an obituary sometime. We like to be spontaneous.


You collaborated and did a split record with TARAKANY!, how come, they are from Russia, you from Israel, are you friends with them? How did it come to that?

Yotam: Yeah, a guy sent us an e-mail a while back if we want to be guests on Tarakany!´s record and normally we say yes to this things, we always like collaborating with people all over the world, so we did this collaboration and like two years later the same guy, Dima came to me after Useless ID show and introduced himself, I was like this guy is very nice and I thought we should do something together again in the future, maybe do like a split, so we came with an idea of them doing Useless ID songs in Russian and we were doing Tarakany! song in English.

Ishay: I just love hearing our song in Russian. I hope it has the same effect on the other band when they hear their song in English..

There was a fascinating change in your material from Symptoms to State is Burning, from emotional almost No Use For A Name-like songwriting to more angrier, more political yet melodic approach on State. Was the change drastic for you or was it more natural, more normal transition?

Ishay: Natural as fuck, man! We can be couple different bands now at the same time. Imagine you take a room, and you put drums in there. Then also guitars and a microphone. You bring Sisters Of Mercy, you gonna get one sound. You bring Angel Dust, you gonna get a different sound. You bring Useless ID and we have a few tricks because we are the hardcore kids, but we are also indie kids and we are also like pop kids and we are bunch of things and whenever we press a button, something different is gonna come out.

Yotam: We love No Use For A Name and we love all those band on Fat Wreck Chords and we started the band and then we didn´t know about lot of those bands. When people say and ask us do we like this or that band, sometimes we never heard of those bands when we started our own and I think we are different because other bands maybe have to go play fast all the time, but we did a full album that does not have a single fast song on it and after that we did all those fast songs and that was not a problem for us. If I can add that for me personally as a writer I was always writing emotional songs, about my feelings the relationships and stuff. When we wrote State Is Burning, even before we wrote the first note for that record, me and Ishay spoke about it one Summer and thought maybe we should write about the place we live in, write about something that many people can relate to and see we give a different take from the place we are coming from. You know, we are a band from Israel and it is such a weird, little spot on this globe and it is okay to sing about feelings and about women and all this, but when you are singing about struggles and what you as a citizen go through, I think it makes people listen to it.

Ishay: Tel Aviv is a very hot, very crowded and very uptight. People honk all the time, people will bump into you, people have a lot of nerves and it is a sweaty place and I think this album, it has that smell, you can smell like getting shoved in the supermarket. Like that song Creation, it is about standing outside of the Israeli musical industry where everybody wants to be a star, but stardom is quite a joke, because it is such a small place and all the efforts towards being a star are futile and we are from outside of that business, we really gave up on that whole concept, to us those guys just look funny, no passion, no imagination, no drive, that music scene is only about likes. Hearing the lyrics of some of Israeli pop stars, you just don´t know what to do with it, even your seven year old daughter can´t listen to that, if you have one.(laughs)

Not yet!

Ishay: Doesn´t matter, even that little girl can write better lyrics than that!(laughs)


Is there such a thing as collective guilt? I am asking this regarding Israeli state and expansion. My friend and his band, who play political antifa hardcore punk played in Germany and they have a lyric translated into flag of occupation meaning Israeli flag and the occupation of Gaza territory and the promoters cancelled their tour in squats and they were never able to play there. Is there a thing like in Germany that is a collective guilt?

Ishay: For me a lot of that stuff is…I really like to feel that doesn´t exist you know? In punkrock we have like a bubble inside bubble, we are outside of the world and I think it´s safe to say that we are kinda all together in one room. There should be no racism, fascism, attitudes like I owe you something because my country did something to your country and similar, like there is no debts and no owes. We come to play a good show and I want to be treated nice. We are very straight up  people and we never get extra attention because we are coming from Israel. For sure we don´t get extra money.(laughs).

The last time you played here at Punk Rock Holiday in 2016.you had a NUFAN/Tony Sly song in your setlist. Did you know Tony, how much his songs affected you as a band?

Yotam: We go a way back. We met hm in 2002.at Warped tour when we were looking for a producer for our record and when we hit up Tony he was so nice and cool about it then he just started inviting us to the No Use tour bus every day. Man, that guy was giving us so much of his time and he really appreciated our willingness to write better music and choosing him. That started our friendship with him. Once we put out that album we just went on tour with No Use for like a whole year all over the place.

Ishay: Canada, Europe, Usa…

Yotam: Pretty much when the band started you can say No Use For A Name was somewhat our influence when we discovered all these bands, kind of like hardcore Fat records, the beginner bands like Lagwagon, Propagandhi Strung Out, we got to know them all like in one shot, so right away we knew we wanted to do that sort of music.

What are your plans for the new record?

Ishay: I think individually we both have a bunch of ideas.

Yotam: I have some music on the side, I have some lyrics like subjects I wanna write about but we still didn´t get to it yet, but I think it is safe to say that the new record is in the talking phase right now.(laughs)


Yotam, you also did a One Week record and go solo touring?

Yotam: Yeah, I did One Week record, but less of the solo touring now. I took a step back cause I don´t think I can be on the road all the time anymore.

Any surprises for tonight´s set, any specialties?

Yotam: Not On Tour will be with us on the side of the stage, so this is special.

I am going to shorthen this one for you. Have you ever wanted to play Croatia, know any bands, we have like a great punk hardcore scene in our country?

Ishay: We know 5 Minutes To Steve, we used to play with them.

Oh yeah, they were great!

Ishay: You know them? One of the guys is also called Davor, like you.

Davor, yes! And Sergej, he was kinda the main man hehe!

Yotam: Yes, Sergej, we know him, he is a cool guy!



(record review) QUESTION MARK-Inner Call


Dutch hardcore punk band Question Mark have a new record out. There are 15 songs on this record and I can safely say concerning the music of this band that this is not your typical skatepunk but a mixture of quality fast melodic punk, hardcore, smart lyrics and even some rock n roll undertones underneath it all. At least that is how I hear it. The opener Brickwall is fantastic song structure of above mentioned, making the record sweet and interesting. Hierarchy has a catchy start melody played in unusual way turning into straightforward hardcore punk anthemic song. This band found a way how to handle and play new school of melodic hardcore punk with a respectful nod towards the old masters. One of the songs that I must also mention as highlight of the album is Fail to rise, with catchy nice guitar main melody and being a very cool song. Super guitar harmonies of Back from the dead will sure make your day better and bring a bit of goosebumps on your skin. I will not write here about all of the songs, because the beauty of underground punk hardcore scene lays in discovering your own new favorite bands and favorite songs for yourself. I am total fan of this band and I am sure glad I discovered them.



(review) GOOD RIDDANCE-Thoughts And Prayers(Fat Wreck Chords)

The new full length studio album by Good Riddance is out with Fat Wreck Chords and I listened to the record and reviewed if for our zine.


After returning from eight year hiatus with Peace In Our Time in 2015., this new record is ninth studio full length for the band. When the first note plays and the drums start to thunder what immediately comes to mind, meaning ear is another fine job with the sound done by legendary Bill Stevenson. Every record he does sound better and more better, I don´t know how he manages to do it, but the sound is crystal clear, yet it doesn´t lose any of the ferocity of hardcore punk.

What I also love about the new record is the continuation of melody in the song structures, it seems to me like the band decided to go into more melodic hardcore waters while writing songs and it nostalgically brings me back to the legendary first three albums being a milestone in my growing up in the scene. But, don´t be afraid, there are still hardcore short rapid fire outbursts on the new record like fantastic Rapture. The title of the album is significant, because of the political situation in their country, and also the world, this band has a lot to say in their songs. The musicianship is tighter than ever, Russ Rankin delivers fantastic vocal performance and lyrics both in fast anthemic songs like one of my favorites being No King But Caesar which I listened for at least five times in a row, also slower songs like Wish You Well. It is hard to highlight songs from this record, because all of the songs are just fantastic and make you wanna listen to the album again and again. The whole material delivers an aural impact on the listener and maybe some would say this band repeats itself on the albums, but that is just not true. This is a tour de force in melodic hardcore with a strong political stance done by one of the best bands in the genre. Surely the favorite for melodic hardcore punk record of the year 2019.


(review) A Part Of Us-Different Stories On The Same Road(This Is Core)

A Part Of Us are melodic hardcore band from Verona, Italy and they just released their new record on This Is Core. I listened and reviewed the record for our zine.


The record contains 8 songs of beautiful fast paced melodic hardcore/skatecore. The music of A Part Of Us is in the vein of more technical bands of the genre like A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out and even Propagandhi but without metal influences. Yet, the guys retained all the energy of punk, rebellion of original hardcore force and I just love this record. One of the album highlights is for sure the single Fake (Social) Stars being fast melodic anthem just made for singin along at the gigs. The vocals are sung, sometimes screamed yet melodic and I just find them beautiful. The musicianship is very tight bursting with lightning energy. I don´t have a lyric sheet, yet as I understand the lyrics are mainly personal and have some social undertones beneath the layers. Other songs that I must recommend as a highlight to the album are This Time Of and Change but all of the songs are just fantastic. This is a great album, so go get this one and support the scene!