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(review) Banane Metalik – No Surrender


Banane Metalik are back with a new opus! French purveyors of gore n roll are again spreading their gore soaked mixture of hardcore punk, metal and psychobilly. New line-up has been around for a while and it seems that the chemistry in the band is perfect judging by the musical approach. New e.p. contains hits like No Surrender being up tempo straight forward anthem of horror with perfect matching video from Hellfest. My personal favorite is Rock Out, a hymn dedicated as tribute to Motorhead and legend Lemmy. Dance is a track somehow most reminding of old school Banane Metalik when they leaned more in horrorbilly than metal and punk. Singer Ced sounds superb and rest of the band is strong and convincing. I can only imagine how this new stuff sounds live, I saw Banane Metalik only once, in Ljubljana back in 2013 when they played their re-union show. Let There Be Rock is a nice horror tribute to AC/DC hehe. Go get this one and support the horror scene.

(review) Pathfinders – Ares Vallis

Pathfinders are hailing from France and this is their debut full length album. This band was formed in 2018 and they called themselves after NASA´s space probe Mars Pathfinder. Like their namesake, these guys are not afraid to explore the outer fringes and expand the limits of modern metal. It is thrash metal with progressive and groove metal influences but it is so much more. This is modern metal, although I cringe a little still when I hear this term. Pathfinders play metal. Period. Guitar work is harsh, heavy and not to be joked with, but there are enough melodic and catchy guitar hooks with some atmospheric parts, almost melancholic, but then again it returns to harsher side of metal. Vocals are story for themselves. How easily they transform into screaming, return to melodic beautiful clean voice then back again to almost thrash angry shouting and growling. I love it. Songs are aggressive, yet so varied and so imaginative and well written. At times music of Pathfinders reminds me of Croatian band called Core System, yet Pathfinders are more hard and more metal and I love it. My personal highlights are: Damned Earth, Precious Star. This is a very strong debut album.


(review) Dark Wooden Cell – Undying stories of a fallen world


Since I was a kid growing up like twenty five or thirty years ago, I have always loved hard and extreme music, metal and hardcore was my choice. You know, when you are a defiant outlaw kid, all other music and listening to other music is considered poser and treason. But, now when I am closer to forty five years than forty, I learned to enjoy other dark music and one of the genres is also dark folk. Dark Wooden Cell are hailing from Tours area, France. This entity is comprised of two individuals, namely Mike Gory (guitar-vocals) and Bruno Marmiroli (sax/trombone). This is their sophomore album containing nine songs. The music is dark folk with neo folk and even blues influences in the song structures with rich and darkened Mike´s voice carrying us listeners through the apocalypse and ghosts that roam our surroundings and other soundscapes bringing us kind of catharsis of a darkened heart after listening to the record as a whole. Songs are orchestrated in pairs offering a unique concept and aural journey. Acoustic guitar and sax in some songs, trombone in some add to the overall melancholic feeling prevailing through the whole album. My personal favorites are: The radio, The night. If you are a fan of such music, go grab this one.