(review) Crossed-Barely Buried Love(Zegema Beach Records)


Thanks to the loving people at Zegema Beach Records, I was able to find out and listen to this fantastic band from Spain. Crossed play an apocalyptic mixture of hardcore punk with dirty crusty influences and also screamo, even black metal stuff, combined with some d-beat and good old hc punk. This 13 songs are fast, hit in the head, but also have some lighter atmospheric parts like great song Swallow, one of my personal favorites besides Colored Pain, Barely Buried Body and Ghost. The vocals are so varied, from shouting, black metal screaming to some ominous whispering, so they add dynamics to the already interesting song structures and arrangements. I would recommend this stuff as one of the best albums of this kind of music that I have listened in the last couple of months. Go get this one, you will not be sorry.


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