(review) Body Count-Carnivore


Ice-T and legendary Body Count are back with the new record. When I was a kid in highschool and Copkiller came out, I was starstruck and we adored this band, being so rebellious, so streetwise, blending thrash metal and hardcore. I came from metal into hardcore punk, so I always had my metal roots and love for metal until these days. The next album Born Dead was a blast too, later albums were good but never reached the level and mythical place of first two albums in my eyes. Those newer records were probably as good if not better, but you know, when something is myth in your head, it is hard to leave it or change it. Let˙s talk about the new one. The title song which came as a single was not something that I liked a lot, because it is too slow and too one way roadlike. But, fortunately this album has some standout blasting songs which hit you like fist in the eye and slap on your cheek. Point the Finger(featuring Riley Gale) is an anthem against cop violence for all of us who were harassed by the cops in our lives. Body Count still does what they do best, mix thrash metal with street hardcore to get the best of both worlds. Bum-Rush is a groove metal hymn that reminds me a lot of nineties. This time the band pays hommage to Motorhead and Lemmy covering Ace of Spades and they did it nice, reminded me of those Exploited medley covers which Ice did with Slayer on Judgement Night movie soundtrack. Hatebreed˙s Jamey Jasta is a guest on Another Level, slow and strong song with great lyrics. Remake of old hit Colors is a right one for this millenia so new kids can hear it, it reminds me of that fantastic movie which is one of my all time favorite movies. I miss faster songs, the groove is still here, the lyrics are here, Ice-T˙s dramatic voice is still here, also charisma, but there are just too many slower songs. When I˙m Gone is most emotional and melodic song of the record featuring guest vocals by Amy Lee. Not to discover just all, you will have to listen for yourself. This is not the best BC album, but it is damn fine.



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