Music reviews:Downfall, Nuclear Altar, The Real McKenzies

Downfall-Punishment For The Infidels(Memorial Records)


This is the first album by the Italian trash metal quartet from Ancona. The band exists since 2007./2008. and after two ep-s and several lineup changes they released their first album through Memorial Records . The album contains 11 songs in wild old school trash metal style. “The Torture” is an excellent opener which reminds me musically and vocally of old Sepultura  from “Scizophrenia/ Beneath the Remains” era. Of course, Downfall brought their own style in their music and they are in no way only empty hearted clone. It is a vast amount of energy and aggression that kept me high through listening to the tracks. Another highlight of the album is “Pleasure for Murder”. The songs are so good that I hardly kept myself from moshing all through my living room under influence of this full blooded trash metal jewel of the album. Get this album and enjoy the aggression, energy and joy that this band carries in the songs. Top songs: “Corrupted in Black”, “Pleasure for Murder”.



Nuclear Altar-Mankind in Decline


If you enjoy soundtrack for apocalypse you came to the right place. Here is the new output by Nuclear Altar, band from the town Požega, Croatia. Požega used to be fertile scene with many bands/projects varying from metal, across crust punk and hardcore. Nowadays there are not many bands left, but some of the stubborn individuals still persist in creating beautiful underground noise. This incarnation of the band consists of two guys(Kktz and Gera) and one girl(Nani). The people involved in this band were creating noise in a few dozen bands/projects and I will name just a few like Antitude, Bad Justice, Fight Back, Nonsense, Hell Back, Masakrist…There are 13 songs on this album including some covers by Hellkrusher, Dislike and UBR. The music is excellent dirty and raw hardcore punk with angry vocals , d-beat and metal influences. The way that the album is recorded and sounds reminds me on golden age of Croatian hardcore punk scene in the 90-ies. There is some unbreakable and wild diy spirit lurking over this album, maybe that is why I love it so much. This album is not for modern hardcore thrill seekers, but true underground dwellers will love it.



The Real McKenzies-Two Devils Will Talk(Fat Wreck)

2017 - Two Devils Will Talk

2016.was great for punkrock scene because many bands like The Descendents, NOFX and others released their new albums. This year is just continuing the fertile new album ground with releases of Cock Sparrer and this band coming out in the early part of Spring. We became kinda used to new album of McKenzies every two years or so, and here it is. The new 14 songs are here, celebrating 25th year of this band and what an album this is! Everyone who knows me does know that I am not keen to listen Celtic punk bands, or as a matter of fact I am not fan of folk influenced punk whatsoever. But, this band is an exemption. The album opener “Due West” is one of the best songs on this album and really lifts the spirit. The whole album is filled with punkrock anthems, great twin guitar melodies and over the top bagpipe passages. The vocals are melodic and the choruses are anthemic, just made for gang singalongs in the front row of the gig. Unlike the awful Dropkick Murphys album, this one is a keeper! I really want to  see this band live for the first time in my life and I can hardly wait! Get this! Top songs: “One Day”, “Due West”, “Northwest Passage”…




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