(review) The Stone – Kosturnice


Serbian black metal institution The Stone released brand new, ninth full length opus. Existence of this band goes back to 1996 when they were called Stone To Flesh but let us speak of this new opus. It contains eight songs of pure and merciless black metal with some thrash and death metal influences in some songs, but mainly it is black metal, fast, atmospheric and without gothic or sympho parts, only pure black metal evil the way it should be done. Most of the songs are in Serbian language and since we basically speak the same, I understand all of it. Lyrics are not your typical in your face, but rather deep and personal, dealing with inner evil and fighting your own demons and darkness. Besides blast beats and speed, there are some slower melodic and melancholic parts that add to the drama, emotions, anguish and aggression. My personal favorites are: Okamenjen, Kosturnice and Jebes pero dodaj mac. For sure one of the best black metal releases this year.


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