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Throwback black metal Saturday: Immortal

Here is the little throwback for you. Norway´s Immortal are for me one of the greatest black metal bands of all times. Their frost rimmed vision is sure to inspire and bring Northern darkness to many creatures out there.

Theirs was the blast beat, theirs was epicness in later works, also their was great songwriting that still brings chills and goosebumps to my skin

Here is their first e.p. Sadly Immortal are battling in court about name and rights to the music. It should never have ended like that.

(review) Satyricon – Satyricon & Munch (Napalm Records)

Norwegian black metal legends Satyricon prepared an interesting project merging their music with paintings of Norwegian legendary fantastic painter Edward Munch and the result, as a soundtrack to the exhibition and project is this opus containing just one song in time of just under one hour. Any fans who are looking for songs or black metal here like they are used to from Satyr and Frost will be disappointed here. This is an art album, or rather album supporting art and music which serves to add up to the atmosphere of paintings and I am sure it fits perfectly with exhibition, but I lack the seeing of paintings here so I will have to concentrate on music only. There is a lot of perfect synth darkened minimalistic melody here with some dark ambient influenced passages marking the musical landscape. When guitar kicks in, it delivers black metal riffs and parts but somehow in connection with synth parts they hit even stronger and more grandiose than your average black metal tremolos. Acoustic guitar passages accompanied by dungeon synth melodic dark ambiental music brought me to some other dimension. Sometimes calm, sometimes angered black flame burning parts are the mirror to ones own soul and black heart. I love this one. Not for everyday listening, but a black gem indeed.


(review) Al-Namrood – Worship The Degenerate

Al-Namrood are hailing from land not known for the appreciation of extreme music, namely Saudi Arabia. These guys have been in the scene since 2008 and this is their brand new e.p. containing 6 songs of thrash metal influenced black/death with many oriental music folk parts thrown in the song structures thus bringing a superb vibe of desert, relentless nature, ancient times and demons. Songs are in English language so my personal favorites are Guerillas and Sun of Liberation. Vocals dwell more in the black metal oriented screaming, with guitars and drums at times delivering real groove metal parts besides already natural blast beats and fast thrash metal drumming. I listen to this band for couple of years now and I am fascinated how good they sound and how mighty their message is, also music is something that can cross any border, any so called state and hierarchy, connect true underground creatures into a network. Good one.