(review) Red City Radio – Paradise (Pure Noise Records)


Red City Radio are back with new full length album with Pure Noise Records. This Oklahoma based band grew steady and big fan base throughout the world with their vision of punk rock.

This new record contains twelve songs of beautiful melodic punk rock done from the heart and soul, delivering rebellion, but also emotions and heartache, just like our beloved genre should. The songs are mainly mid tempo punk rock with lots of nice and sweet guitar work and harmonies in vocal lines and backing vocals just the way I love it. I am usually more fan of faster skatepunk, but this album suits me just fine. I grew goosebumps on my skin on that melody of 100 000 Candles and Did You Know, those two being my personal favorites on this record besides the title song too, but all of the songs fit just perfectly to the picture of the whole concept around this record, which takes you to some other listening soundscape and offers rescue and delivery from all the misery and depression of this year which is one of the worst ever. But, as long as bands like this one deliver such fine records, we will be able to survive because the scene will not die and it will only grow stronger in ties and bonds after we all get together again and feed fire to the flames. For sure, one of the best punk rock records this year.

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