(review) Trap Hill Collision – Monsters From Another World


Trapp Hill Collision are coming from Virginia and this is their new e.p. This record contains 6 excellent melodic horrorpunk songs done just in a way I love it. Uplifting, melodic, energetic and with emotions. Freakshow Infection is one of the most catchy songs on the record with beautiful vocal lines and backing harmonies on choruses. The vocals remind me a little of Ray from Teenage Bottlerocket in some parts of the songs. Zombie Killing State is more harsh and classic punk rock sounding songs, straight on for pogo and moshing in front of the stage. Pony Shark has some fast hardcore punk influences and screaming vocals which fit perfectly to the song. Demonic Noises is the most brutal song on the record being death thrash metal in its roots with some raw hardcore punk, even sludgy parts. Skull Crushing Demons From Space has some nice guitar hooks and it is also one of my favorites on this record. Why? Because it is again more melodic side of the band, what can I say? I love my horrorpunk more anthemic and melodic and this one is a keeper. Indeed this song is a nice mixture between old school horrorpunk and metal influences. In Mortality is an epic atmospheric ending to this nice e.p.


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